“Callie has been such a great addition to our lives…”

November 8, 2014
We wanted a furry friend for our apartment (Barbara has been waiting for years to finally get a cat of her own!) but we weren’t sure if we would ever find a cat that could withstand an endless onslaught of cuddles and hugs. After meeting many cats, it was starting to seem impossible. Then we went to visit KittyKind and met Callie Girl. She loved being petted and picked up all the time (so much so that she drooled), so we knew we finally found the right cat. We put in an application, and while it was processing, Barbara went to visit Callie at Petco every day for the rest of the week. Callie was in a great mood every day, and we only became more excited about bringing her home.
We had heard that cats get anxious in new places but not Callie – within minutes of arriving, she demanded to be allowed to check out her new home, hopping on every chair and rubbing up on every corner. She became fast friends with the red couch, and mortal enemies with the red vacuum. Since arriving, she enjoys sampling new flavors of food every few weeks, taking naps in uncharted territory, and posing for pictures for her insatiable paparazzi humans. She avidly continues to pursue the world record of purring for the longest amount of time while being petted.
Callie has been such a great addition to our lives. Our friends love her excellent manners around strangers too! We are very grateful to the rescuers, fosters, and volunteers that made it possible for Callie to end up in our home.
Barbara and Kevin
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“How Domenic came into our lives…”

October 15, 2014
As I do every week, I was visiting Petco on 14th street.  We had a sick cat, Max, at home and were considering a companion for him but were unsure of how he would react to a “new” friend.  Having just lost his sibling, Ralph, a month earlier, we could tell he was not liking being alone.  So as I walked around looking inside the cages, I came across an unruly cat who wouldn’t let any of the volunteers handle him - Dominic.  I snapped some pics of his shenanigans and sent them to my husband.  He immediately responded and said he wanted to bring him home, but our little guy was sick and we didn’t want to stress him out. I told him if it was meant to be, he’ll somehow be ours, but just not at that moment.  Unfortunately our little guy passed away about a week later, July 18, my birthday.  We were heartbroken.  My husband, who never takes the train, took the train in and was eager to meet Dominic in person, and discuss the next steps with the adoption counselor.  His biography listed him as very playful and hands on…too hands on to be a solo cat, according to the counselor.   My husband fell in love with him right away. He found a cat he could rough-house with but at the same time help him through this grieving process.   We had a home visit later that week and “Domenic” (we changed the I to and E) was home by week’s end on a “trial” basis.  For us there was no trial, he was home with his family. He wasn’t going back to being a shelter cat. From the moment we brought him home, he adapted so well to us and his surroundings.  He was already sleeping between me and my husband that night.  He’s been a wonderful edition to our growing family.  He’s playful, rough if you let him be, but just a great cat overall…loving, friendly, silly and most importantly, he has helped us feel like a family again. He spends a lot of time with my husband.  His hobby is painting miniature figures and Domenic is just mesmerized when my husband sits at his desk.  He’ll sit and watch him paint for quite some time before finally tiring himself out.  It’s very cute.  My husband and I don’t have children, so for the past few years, our cats have been our kids, so after losing our boys back to back (both were 15), there was a major void which Dom filled.  Then we realized he had way too much energy for one cat and decided to add two kittens as his siblings.  They all get along, play well and I find they look for each other for trouble or just for company.  It’s been a pleasure having Domenic and adapting to him and his quirks.  It’s been quite fun.
Mariella & Dan Capuano
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Mo:” playful, cuddly, and has the funniest little chirp of a meow.”

August 10, 2014


I emailed one of the wonderful KittyKind adoption coordinators expressing interest in adopting a “cat with character,” and she sent me a picture of Mo (formerly Elmo). The picture, taken at a vet visit, showed a visibly upset but adorable polydactyl tabby with big green eyes. Poor Mo had been moved around a lot and was finding it difficult to get comfortable at KittyKind or even a foster home. The more we found out about Mo’s story, the more determined we were to give him a chance! The day we met him was the day we were taking him home with us as a foster with intent to adopt. Mo was growling and upset, and no wonder – lots of strange cats around, a new place yet again, and in his stressed out state he wasn’t eating well. When his rescuers tried transferring him to the carrier, there was almost an escape! Luckily the four of us on site managed to get the angry little guy inside and Mo’s next adventure began. It took several long, patient weeks to earn Mo’s trust and for him to feel safe in his new digs but eventually he started to become more relaxed. The more we got to know his personality, the more smitten we became! Mo is playful, cuddly, and has the funniest little chirp of a meow. He’s still often shy, but we know he’ll continue to be a welcome addition to our family. The day we signed his official adoption papers, Mo came and sat on my lap for the very first time; I think he knew he had finally found his forever home.


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Karl & Nicole: “We’re so lucky to have found a beautiful pair of healthy, happy companions for life…”

August 6, 2014


We knew we wanted a pair of young cats who could be playmates and when we walked into Kittykind we fell in love first with Karl who was just the biggest love bug! You could see in the cage that all he wanted was affection and so we knew we wanted him. Then we saw Nicole in her cage – she’d only been brought in that day, and she was just the cutest little thing. Then we found out she had a leg missing and that made us want her even more!!  We felt so sorry for her!  I’ve attached a couple of recent pictures of the little rascals!  They really are the best of friends and have such wonderful personalities. Nicole is so adventurous and playful, AND fearless – perhaps the attitude that got her into trouble with that leg. Karl is really affectionate and chilled out, and retains his timid streak with anything unfamiliar (hiding under the couch when the vacuum cleaner comes out or someone knocks on the front door). He’s slowly getting more confident though. We absolutely adore them both.

We can’t over-emphasize how amazing Kittykind were through the whole adoption process – they really understood the cats’ needs, they were available by phone and email any time for any questions, and we couldn’t have dealt with the complications of Nicole’s missing leg without their financial and emotional support. We’re so lucky to have found a beautiful pair of healthy, happy companions for life – thank you Kittykind!”
All best,

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Our Foster Care Favorite for July ’14: Gigi

July 25, 2014

Gigi FCF 7_10_14

Our Cat of the Month for July ’14: Suki

July 25, 2014

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Pippin “has made some serious paw prints on my heart”

July 25, 2014
After living alone in my new apartment for 6 months, I realized there was something missing. I did thorough research and decided KittyKind was the perfect avenue for me to adopt a four-legged roommate. I arrived at KittyKind excited to meet all of the animals looking for a human. I saw close to a dozen before meeting Pippin, but once I did I knew there was something special about him. Maybe it was his sweet eyes; maybe it was his adorable clipped ear; or maybe it was his immediate need for a belly rub. Either way I knew Pippin was a sweet little man. I put in an application for him, and I truly could not wait to see him again. A week later I was able to pick up Pippin!!

It took Pippin all of ten minutes to make himself master of the house. He jumped onto my bed, couch, kitchen table, coffee table — you get the idea. He cuddled up to me pretty quickly, and we haven’t stopped bonding ever since.

He loves jumping onto my bed every morning before I get ready for work, stalking birds from my kitchen window, and watching re-runs of Law and Order. When I get home from work, Pippin runs to my feet and flops over looking for that belly rub. In the past month, Pippin has made some serious paw prints on my heart, and he is the reason why my apartment feels like a home. Thank you so much for introducing me to Pippin!!!!



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The King and I

July 25, 2014
King Tut has had my heart from the moment I brought him home. Affectionate, inquisitive, and with stately manners – he is the perfect addition to the family. He simply devours attention and is ready to snuggle or chase his toys anytime.  It’s only been four months, but we have already been through a lot together including a transition to a wet diet, many visitors (everyone falls in love with him immediately!), and learning to stay off the dining room table.  He even stayed by my side while I was bed-ridden with the flu for three days.  While I am away at work, he curls up with my favorite sweatshirt and then greets me at the door when I get home. Without fail he wakes me up each morning before my alarm with a headbutt to the face or a very cautious paw to my cheek. I’m not a morning person at all, but who can be mad when staring into those big, green eyes?!
King Tut was 11yrs old at the time of adoption and a lot of people expressed surprise that I would favor a mature cat, but I find his cheeky personality to be the perfect blend of mischievous, confident, and silly. I am so happy that he is happy in his forever home.
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Tigger “is loving, funny, gentle, and pretty much the best cat we could have asked for. “

July 25, 2014
Tigger and I found each other at just the right moment. I’d been going through a tough time, and my husband thought a furry friend might help me cope. Tigger was going through a tough time too–he had been surrendered by his owner of 5 years and then had to leave his foster mom of two months. At almost 20 lbs, he was too big for his enclosure, and at 8 years old, he was older than a lot of the other cats competing for a home. He had stopped eating and had developed a cold. The night after I met him I couldn’t sleep thinking about him, and I knew I was going to find a way to take him home.
We’ve now had Tigger for 3 months, and it’s hard to say who has helped who more. He spends his days following us around the apartment, sleeping on our laptops while hogging 80% of the couch, watching the birds outside, and playing a batting game with his favorite toy, a ping pong ball with a feather on top. I spend my days looking forward to getting home to kiss the top of his head, and whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, knowing that at the end of the day he will be cuddled up next to me, purring and snoring (and sometimes drooling a little bit) instantly makes me feel better. He is loving, funny, gentle, and pretty much the best cat we could have asked for. Thank you KittyKind for our new buddy!

Claudia & Jacob

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Hootie “has a playful, rambunctious, and mischievous nature”

July 25, 2014
When my husband and I went looking for a new companion for our 4 year old female cat, our hearts were heavy with the recent loss of our 14 year old male cat to a sudden illness. We knew we wanted our female cat to have another lively companion, but we were both unsure how much room we had in our hearts for a new member of the family. Luckily, we found Roebling (Hootie), and fell in love with his playful, sweet nature immediately. “Roebles” is everything you could want in a teenaged cat- he has a playful, rambunctious, and mischievous nature, which alternates with a surprising sweet and cuddly side. This cat tears around our house causing trouble, making us laugh and smile, and then recovers his energy by sleeping an hour or so in Mommy or Daddy’s arms. His favorite toy is a “My Little Pony” doll- Roebling tosses “Pinkie Pie” around the house constantly. He is definitely a Brony cat. :) After an initially rocky beginning, the two cats are very happy and playful together, and love sleeping near each other. We will always miss our first cat, but the love Roebling gives us has helped us heal from our loss, and taught us that there is always room for more love in your life. We are so very grateful to everyone at KittyKind who helped us become a family.  :)


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