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Opal- The Story of a KittyKind Foster Family

October 31, 2008

When Bernardo and I arrived in NY from Brazil, less than a year ago, we didn’t think it was a good idea to get our own pet until we settled into our new lives. So we went to KittyKind to learn more about fostering.

We met Miriam at the Petco Adoption Center and she asked us if we were up for a challenge… We were! She told us about Opal, a brown tabby that had been at a vet for 3 months. She had had a mammary tumor removed and was severely diabetic. She needed two insulin shots every day, so at that point she was not adoptable. I met Emily at the vet, where they showed me how to give her insulin shots and educated me on feline diabetes.

We were Opal’s foster parents for about 20 minutes. After that, the apartment became hers and it felt like she was fostering us. She seemed so happy to be out and about! She was rescued from the streets and probably never knew a home, toys, a bed. We spoiled her with cardboard boxes and soft beds, catnip toys and paper balls, a permanent place on the sofa.

Being in a safe, stress-free environment did wonders for her health and soon her blood sugar started to decrease. When I went to Brazil for a few weeks she stayed at the home of a loving couple, also KittyKind volunteers, and during her wonderful time there her diabetes completely reversed–she was even taken off the insulin. We couldn’t believe it! In three months she went from off-the-charts diabetes to total remission.

This meant she was adoptable and ready to find a forever home. Unfortunately, in one of her follow-up visits to the vet another mammary tumor was found, likely developed from the cancer she had when she was found. The chances of her getting better with surgery and chemotherapy were very slim. We were all devastated but agreed to focus on providing her the best possible life for as long as she is with us.

Thankfully, she has been doing great. She shows no signs of discomfort at all, has a wonderful appetite and is as playful and energetic as a kitten. She wakes us up by licking our cheeks, and when we’re on the sofa she sits on the back cushion and licks our heads–apparently we’re always in need of grooming. Having her around is an absolute joy!

Even though we are heartbroken and know it’s not going to be easy, we hope for a smooth ride. We feel truly honored to have the chance to be the ones who provide probably the best life sweet Opal has known. It’s a privilege to be a part of her days–and doesn’t matter what happens from now on, we would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

We want to thank KittyKind not only for this enriching (if difficult) time, but for the support we are receiving. Your calls, e-mails and care make us feel even more confident that we are doing the right thing by watching over this sweet little girl.

Any & Bernardo

KittyKind Mobile Adoption Van 11-9-08

October 30, 2008

Lenny-Happy Ending-Cat Adoption NYC

October 29, 2008


I had some good reasons not to adopt Lenny. My orange tabby, Leo, had died suddenly a month earlier and a few days later, my 11-year-old collie-chow mix, Lady, had ended up at the Fifth Avenue Veterinary Hospital. Three days later, she came home with a diagnosis of severe hip displasia and probable Cushing’s disease. While Leo and Lady had never appeared to be close, the dog became depressed as she convalesced at home alone. I was so worried about losing her that I didn’t have time to grieve Leo.

The same week that both my vet and a neighbor suggested Lady needed a new companion, I began noticing a flyer in my vet’s office about a young cat that liked dogs and needed a home. I called the contact person, Emily, who told me Columbus had been adopted but sent me to KittyKind’s adoption center to meet another cat she had rescued that liked dogs. He and I didn’t “click” — plus he was mischievous and playful and would’ve been bored living with an aging dog. But, thanks to serendipity, that day I also met a year-and-a-half-old gray tabby named Lenny who went belly up and started “kneading” with his paws when I said “hello.” My heart did a flip-flop. KittyKind volunteers called the person who had rescued (and named) Lenny, and were told that he did, indeed, like dogs.

I decided to sleep on the decision to adopt. The next morning, I called Emily with all the reasons I couldn’t do it: I was up to my eyeballs in vet bills ;I hadn’t yet mourned Leo; and I hadn’t cleaned by apartment to make it welcoming for a new pet. “Alice,” Emily responded, “Lenny is living in a cage!” She said he’d be thrilled to have a home, plus I could foster him before making a final decision to adopt. That night, Lenny came to stay.

My dog, who is well known for her winning smile, had not smiled since her hospital stay, but since Lenny arrived, she hasn’t stopped. His attention and antics have made her thrive. My European friends marvel that a cat and dog can be friends. These two will eat out of the same bowl!

The human in the household has begun to smile again, too. As I grieved Leo, I came to understand that his sudden death, followed by Lady’s serious illness, had magnified my grief at losing two good friends earlier in the year. A wise friend pointed out that when the time comes for me to say good-bye to Lady, it will be Lenny who will get me through it. I believe that.

So, thank you, KittyKind. You may not realize it, but sometimes you save more lives than just those of the cats you rescue.

Alice G.

Meet Marmalaid and Dominee- Cat Adoption NYC

October 28, 2008

photos by Jilda Caccavo

Marmalaid, 5 years, female………. This gorgeous 5 year old white with calico head and torso markings is aching to be your trophy cat. She is a total lap cat, is so sweet, and would do best in a quiet home where she can sip tea and listen to the rain with you. Playful and sensitive, Marmalaid is a southern belle – give her the best of your homemade charm – welcome her in to your life.

Dominee has Been Adopted )

Dominee, 5 month, female……….Dominee a brown tabby, is a luxurious, astute cat-apult of friendliness. She just wants to be held. A little shy at first, she warms up like marshmallows around a fireplace – she’s a sweet and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Contact Emily at for more information.

Meet Some of our Cats- KittyKind NYC

October 27, 2008

photos by Jilda Caccavo

Mikey, 4 months, male……….The gorgeous, uniquely patterned coat of 4 month old Mikey is bound to turn heads. Cheetah, Bengal, exotic far-Asian – these are thoughts that come to mind. Mikey is a barrel of laughs! Cute, insightful, and elegant, Mikey will surely become a gentleman cat.

Kim has Been Adopted )

Kim, 1 year, female…..Kind & Impossibly Mushy! This affectionate sweetheart is a total ham and just wants to be held and hang out with you. 1 year old black and white Tuxedo, Kim is a quintessential cat, looking for the quintessential loving, compassionate owner. How about a Kim hug to start your day?

Please email Emily at for more information on these cats.

Bella a KittyKind Rescue NYC

October 26, 2008

Bella, a KittyKind rescue, enjoys a long nap in her new tent from IKEA in Red Hook.

Marcello- KittyKind Adoption Story

October 24, 2008

Here is a picture of the babies. They are both doing well. Marcello/Keifer is still a bit shy but continues to be a sweetie. Sabrina is much more comfortable with him. She doesn’t let him sleep near her but they play and share a lot of window time. He also spends time on the couch with my husband at night when I go to bed, which is making Marc very happy. Sabrina follows me to bed, which is also a new development. Having two cats has made it easier for me to close the door to the bedroom at night so I get my uninterrupted sleep.

Things are really great. We are very happy to have both of them around. It is my first time with two cats and I love it.

Thank you KittyKind!!!


KittyKind at Adopt-a-Cat: October 18/19

October 22, 2008

KittyKind took part in the Adopt-a-Cat at the Garden event that was held in conjunction with the Iams-Cat Fanciers Association Cat Championship at Madison Square Garden on October 18th and 19th. Adopt-A-Cat at the Garden was co-sponsored by The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals.

Miki, Miriam, Cathy and Claudia

L-R: Miki, Miriam, Cathy and Claudia

(Left to right): Beatrix Bondor (8 years old), Clementine Bondor (3 years old) and kitties at Adopt-A-Cat event at Madison Square Garden this past weekend. Photo by Ann Simkins/KittyKind

Claudia, KK Volunteer and Midge

Claudia, KK Volunteer and Midge

Seniors for Seniors at KittyKind-NYC

October 20, 2008

Two weeks ago KittyKind had their Seniors for Seniors event in the KK adoption center inside of Petco, Union Square.

Boogie interviewing Dorothy. Photo by Any Guelmann

Boogie interviewing Dorothy. Photo by Any Guelmann

Grandma who stole the show. Photo by Any Guelmann

Grandma who stole the show. Photo by Any Guelmann

Dorothy and Kitten. Photo by Any Guelmann

Dorothy and Kitten. Photo by Any Guelmann

Pam and Grandma. Photo by Ann Simkins

Pam and Grandma. Photo by Ann Simkins

Luke- Cat Adoption Story NYC- KittyKind

October 17, 2008

The first night Luke arrived; we were warned that he might have a hard time adjusting. The carrier was opened and out popped Luke, right onto Eric’s lap. He immediately nestled in Eric’s neck and began to purr. Within hours, he was following around our older cat, Porkchop, doing everything she did. And trying to play with her by jumping on her. He’s starting to realize the pouncing method was not the best idea and has switched to chasing her. She seems amused and they are beginning to play together.
He also LOVES to be in the kitchen when we are cooking. We’ve given him the nickname “Chef” because it’s his favorite place in the house (see picture attached).
He greets us every morning with a beautiful meow and purring combo, meets us at the door when we get home from work and snuggles with us at night when he’s not busy trying to get Porkchop to play.
We are so thankful that we were able to bring him into our family – We are forever indebted to Kitty Kind for introducing him to us!
Thank you!
Eric and Natalie