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Meet Iggy, only he’s in cat form ;)

December 12, 2011

Iggy is about 1-2 years old, and a complete DOLL!  He is EXTREMELY affectionate, cuddly, and easy-going. Iggy was rescued in the nick of time, as he was living on the streets, starving and blind.  You would not even know that he is blind, though, as he gets around with total ease (including perfect use of the litter box!).  Iggy is a very coolcat (that’s why he’s named after a rock star), and he loves to be around people and be petted and cuddle.  He truly adores attention and affection, without being needy.  Iggy would prefer to be the only cat in your home so that he can have your lap all to himself!!  This handsome sweetheart is full of love and will bring  joy to anyone who gives him a chance.

Sheba: Marusya, my Snowshoe”

December 12, 2011

When I came to USA I was surprised to find stores dedicated only to pets.

 What a nice idea.

  After giving home to a beautiful cat I found on the street and dealing with her loss to cancer in her old age, I was not ready for another one.

 One day, on my usual visit to Kitty Kind and usual donation I noticed young woman petting small cat. I did not pay much attention to it ,but suddenly the cat turned her head, looked into my eyes, moved  her chin up and down  then I could hear her shy “Meow, where have you been for so long!”   I fell in love. A connection was made in that moment and my innocent stop was slowly turning into lifetime commitment. I asked for adoption application and I’ve been told that there is adoption pending. I filled that application anyway.

 I have her home for two month now and she is our joy, with problems and bad habits, but joy. We work on her language now. When she looks into my eyes, moves her chin up end down I can hear her shy ‘Meow, where is my food?”

 “See”, all is going well.

I will always believe that I was chosen by my cat as many of as were, but I am puzzled if she is happy with her choice though.

For these who do not believe in cat’s power to choose,   “Explain me this!”  I always wanted a Tabby.

   I think I speak for most of your visitors of Kitty Kind, if I say. ‘When we come to your location on Broadway and 18Th street, we are mostly swept by beauty of all these cats, but do not think that we do not see you and that we do not appreciate your love and care. We do, we do, because you are caring for our future loved ones and not only for that, we thank you.”


It’s almost 2012….did you get a calendar yet?

December 12, 2011

Why not purchase our calendar? Know a cat lover?  They’d love this! You’ll also help support our cats at the shelter. Get your copy today, it’d make an awesome Christmas gift 🙂

Come join us for the new year for our Extra Special Adoption Event (1/14-15/12)

December 12, 2011

Our Cat of the Month for December 2011: Jasmine

December 12, 2011

Our Foster Care Favorite for December: Emma

December 12, 2011

Our Winter Newsletter!

December 12, 2011

Volunteer of the Month: December 2011

December 12, 2011

Congratulations to Natalia N, our December Volunteer of the Month!!  Natalia provides great care as a HM volunteer on Sundays and helps out with vet transportation, she has been volunteering for about 3 years now.  Natalia has always loved animals so she was looking for a productive way to spend her time and possibly get more experience in the ‘animal care’ field.  She came across KittyKind when she was looking at different shelters who allowed hands on volunteering experiences.  Natalia loves to volunteer, she says its one of the most solids parts of her week and she looks forward to Sunday mornings. When asked about her favorite part of volunteering she shares: “It’s composed of a series of little parts from, walking into Petco early and seeing sleepy eyes coming from the cages, to, the unlimited playtime with the cats and kittens and knowing you are doing all you can to make the feel safe as possible and healthy”.  Natalia has 4 cats of her own, all rescues, they are her family.  She also wants to say, “Thanks to Marianne M and Susan P, I have learned so much and volunteering at KK has made me a better cat owner, I am grateful the organization exists”.  Thank you Natalia for all your efforts, you are a great member of the team!

***Winners are chosen at random from all nominees.

Next weekend is Whiskers in Wonderland :)

December 12, 2011

Come and see hundreds of cute furry friends waiting to get adopted this upcoming weekend! We will be there with our cats. Will you be there? Click here for details!

Still stumped on gift giving ideas?

December 12, 2011

Still shopping for the holidays online?  Why not help KittyKind in the process!  Go to and shop our Cafe Press store, click on through our website and they will donate some of the purchase to KittyKind, buy your SocialPakt T-Shirt, and don’t forget to get your 2012 KittyKind calendar.  Happy Holidays!!