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Olivia, a Princess in a Big Castle

March 31, 2009


Olivia is the sweetest most adorable little thing ever, we love her, all my friends love her, she always has someone playing with her, talking to her, giving her attention and she just loves it. Of course by now, as I’m sure you have figured it out already, she took over the whole apartment, she’s a princess in a big castle, jumping from couch to couch, bed to bed, running up and down the corridor. She loves to talk and most definitely expects us to talk back, it’s really funny sometimes it seems we’re having long conversations with her after a long day at work.

She’s been a great addition to my family.


Angel, a Very Lucky Cat, Goes Home

March 29, 2009


When our daughter, Eva, met Angel in the Kitty Kind Adoption Center, she started to play with her and immediately they fell in love. Eva asked us to adopt Angel because she was lovely and nobody wanted to take her because of her age.  [Angel is 11 years old and had just been relinquished by her owner, who had her since she was a kitten.]  Eva insisted that I go meet Angel.  I did, and also fell in love.

How was it possible that the adorable Angel did not have a home? … So, she will.

The next day, we returned to take Angel to our home.   So now we are 4 at home …. Angel feels very happy and brings us constant shows of love.

Even though we speak Spanish with Angel (because we come from Barcelona-Spain), since the first second we did communicate perfectly … the real love has only one language and has no boundaries.

We are lucky and happy to have Angel with us.

KittyKoncert to Benefit KittyKind

March 26, 2009

A couple of weeks back Teresa Kubiak, Mary Bopp and Barrett Cobb organized a concert at Jan Hus Presbyterian Church to benefit KittyKind. All I can say is that the space was gorgeous and the music and song were breathtaking and uplifting. Thank you to those three ladies as well as the other musicians who donated their time and talent to make the event happen. Here are some pictures form the concert.


Barrett Cobb

Tersa Kubiak

Teresa Kubiak

Natalia Paruz, the Saw Lady

Natalia Paruz, the Saw Lady

KittyKind Volunteers (Ken, Priscilla, Boni, Lori and Coralie)

KittyKind Volunteers (Ken, Priscilla, Boni, Lori and Coralie)

Nina Finds a Home and Lots of Fun

March 24, 2009


Nina is doing great! The transition has gone better than we could have hoped. She quickly adjusted to her new surroundings as she is quite the little explorer, and she and our other cat Martini are getting along really well. She is so playful and loving, she follows me around everywhere, and it is just amazing how much she can eat! We play with some of her favorites toys a couple times a day because she is very energetic and I wouldn’t want her to get restless or bored. We are so happy we decided to adopt her, she has definitely become part of the family 🙂

Thank you for the information you sent, I will be in contact if anything comes up.



Great Kids Art for KittyKind

March 22, 2009

Thanks to Jacque Wadsworth and the students of Do Art Make Stuff for creating these wonderful, whimsical, and imaginative posters that we will hang at our adoption center in Petco this Spring. We all say thank you!!!!!! -KittyKind



Chloe and Marisa

Chloe and Marisa









McKenna and Catherine

McKenna and Catherine

Slade and Lilly, a Happy Ending KittyKind

March 20, 2009


The kitties are doing great.  We brought them home 2 Sundays ago.  We took them to the vet for a check-up – especially given that Miss Magic is 15, we wanted to just double check that they didn’t have anything contagious.  They did great at the vet.  We made an appointment for their spay and neuter for Feb 12.  The vet suggested letting them get settled for a couple of weeks before having them go through another “adjustment”.  So our focus has just been on love, attention, and play.  I think that they have doubled in size – it seems like every day they get a little bigger.

Slade (whom we’ve taken to calling Jake) is a total lover boy.  He follows us around everywhere, LOVES to be held, and purrs like no tomorrow.  He is so sweet and loves to cuddle.  Lilly is a bit more mischievous.  She comes within arms length, but is not prone to a lot of love and affection – although she is so cute!!  Catching her has become a game (for her) and a test of will for us.  She’s very fast and little enough to fit under things.

And then of course there’s Miss Magic.  She has shown them whose boss through very loud hissing and a growl here and there, but mostly she completely ignores them.  They are curious about her.  At night, they sleep in our den with the door closed so that Miss Magic can roam the house in freedom.  They have separate litter boxes and food locations, and if they venture to her food she gets a little miffed.  They love her water fountain, and everyone seems OK sharing that.  Miss Magic would prefer to remain the only queen of the castle, but she’s eating, sleeping, and using the litter as normal, so we feel that she’s ok – although she won’t snuggle with us when we’re watching television like she used to – probably because Jake is all over us and she doesn’t want to be near him.

It’s so great to have them as part of the family.  As I type this they are running up and down the stairs and chasing their tails on the steps…. so much energy!!!


ASPCA: 17 Poisonous Plants to Pets

March 19, 2009

Anna Goes Home, A Happy Ending

March 18, 2009


Anna is just a love!  She is doing very well and seems extremely comfortable and relaxed in my home.  I have attached a few pictures for you…

Keep up the good work with Kitty Kind and thanks for everything.



Tiddles Gets his Forever Home, KittyKind

March 16, 2009


I saw Tiddles with his brother and sister and fell in love.  As a child, my mother had a Russian Blue, and I remember how loyal and energetic that cat was.  My main concern was that Michael and I have a 10-year old female cat named Symphony.  Would they get along, or would she see him as invading her territory?  The first week wasn’t hopeful, as there was a lot of stand offs and stares with a good deal of hissing on Symphony’s part.  However, I am happy to report that slowly that settled down to the point where now they lay together and even lick and clean one another – they’ve become great friends!



Frost Finds a New Home and Friend

March 12, 2009


Frost is the biggest sweet heart.  Every day when we get home from work, Frost is running to greet us as soon as he hears the key in the lock.  When we sit on the couch to watch television, he just loves to cuddle up and join the party.  His years living on the streets seem to have left their mark.  Beyond the permanent scratches on his nose that attest to his previous life as a stray, the experience also left him with a street smart cool and a deep sense of appreciation for what he has now.  When he meets our neighbors’ cats, even while their cats are terrified and hissing, Frost stays calm and ignores them as he walks past to inspect the new environment.  Those housecats are nothing compared to what he’s been through in the past.  And after the hard times he’s lived through, he always seems so happy to be able to just sit with us and be loved, he’s not at all aloof like many cats.  Hilariously enough, the only thing that seems to really faze him is our rabbit Dao – I guess Frost never saw anything like that on the streets before!  They usually get along well, but Dao likes to go tearing around the apartment at high speeds, constantly on the verge of losing control while he slides on the hardwood floors with his paws wildly flailing and scrambling, and when Frost sees that coming his way he always turns tail and runs!

Mike and Mei