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Tommy’s awesome happy ending <3

April 27, 2013


For those of you who remember Tommy, we didn’t even know that he was a pure white cat as he came to us rather disheveled.  But, he was an adoption center favorite, as he’d jump into the arms of whoever opened the cage and Annie, who already had 2 cats and wasn’t quite sure that she was intending to adopt, couldn’t resist the charms of a cat who flew into her arms!

June 1st will be a year since I brought Tommy home.  I was going to wait, but could not resist sharing below images.  Tommy is doing very well.  The dark hair cat is Maxwell, Tommy’s best bud these days. Fran, my 16 year old cat, is doing well too, and Tommy gives her a daily run around the apartment to help her stay healthy!

Thank you for all that you do.

Best Regards,


Husker (aka Fluffball): “It has been a great experience to watch her blossom.”

April 27, 2013


Husker, who is the cat formerly known as Fluffball, continues to be my weird and wonderful roommate. She is very shy and afraid of most everything; I suspect she had a rough kittenhood due to a notch on one of her ears. But she is also very loving and growing (mentally) every day. I had originally chosen her above others, because nobody else was giving her any attention, which is the clear sign of the best choice.

It has been a great experience to watch her blossom. She is still shy, but likes to be near me. Sometimes she comes to me and mews for attention, and to play with the Cat Dancer (which is one of her favorite things in life). Other loves of hers include being brushed, grooming me, dry food and Greenies, and the radiator. She’s also patient, and has not once pulled her claws on me. She does not claw furniture, or get into messes. Really, she is a very sweet girl that just required some time to open up – and I’m sure she will continue to do just that.

I find she also has a number of very cute oddities. Most cats love sitting in boxes and paper bags. She bites them. Most cats like to knead their bed before they fall asleep. She likes to sleep at the foot of my bed and lick my blanket. And if her kitty carrier is open with the door on the ground, she likes to sleep on the door.

The only things she’s asked of me are patience, love, and attention (plus food, every morning. She asks for that more directly), and I’m happy to oblige. A big thanks to Miriam, Dawn, and all the other great people at KittyKind who do great work every day.

One final note: Husker is FIV+. That does not affect how we interact whatsoever. She is a wonderful cat, and I’m happy to have her. It is not transferable to humans, and although it does hamper her immune system similarly to HIV, it is in no way the “kitty AIDS” that people claim it to be. Plus, if you go to an adoption center planning to get an FIV+ cat, you will be immensely popular.


Bucky (Silas): “he’s got the biggest heart you’ll ever see in any creature on this Earth.”

April 27, 2013
In October 2011, my fiancée Michelle and I visited PetCo at Union Square to look for a second cat—we’d adopted Boomer, our first, in April—and knew we wanted someone special. Boomer was a handful, with more than enough energy and mischievousness for one household, and he’d also lived his life without another cat. We’d strolled through PetCo before and never quite seen the “Right” Cat at KittyKind, but October 7 2011 was destined to be a special day—it was the day we met Bucky (then known as Silas)!
At first we didn’t notice Bucky, as he was very shy and in one of the top cages. We looked at a few other cats but once I locked eyes with Bucky, I couldn’t look away—there was a lot of sadness in his eyes, but also a lot of warmth. He clearly just wanted a home where he could not only be loved but also give love to a family. We later learned that this four year old boy was abandoned shortly after his birth at the steps of PetCo. Waiting in line while other folks met their prospective new cats was nerve-wracking, as we’d decided if we couldn’t get Bucky we wouldn’t take anyone that day. We knew that our home needed to be his forever home. When he was taken out of the cage, I leaned over to say hi and he rubbed his face against mine, which only confirmed what we knew—he was our boy in every way that mattered.
We’ve now had him over a year and couldn’t be happier. Though he’s still a bit shy and frightened, he’s got the biggest heart you’ll ever see in any creature on this Earth. He loves to rub his head against us, plop on our laps and wins over every person who meets him. All he wants is to love us and all we want is to love him—he’s the perfect son.
Thank you KittyKind for keeping our boy safe till we found him and making this all possible.

Arune & Michelle Singh