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Broadway Barks!

August 19, 2012

Everything went really well at Broadway Barks.  We raised some money and we did not have any adoptions, however two people expressed interest in Homer and said they may return to the Adoption Center to see him.  Also, Kismet and the two kittens were the ONLY cats featured in the Mayor’s Alliance facebook photos!

The volunteers were fantastic.  Thanks so much to everyone who helped with this event!


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Our Foster Care Favorite for August 2012: Tabby Jack

August 19, 2012

Our Cat of the Month for August 2012: Odessa

August 19, 2012

Chicky “is a very sweet and loving cat…and a cuddler”

August 19, 2012

Chicky is a very sweet and loving cat. She’s definitely a  lap cat and a cuddler. Loves attention and giving attention on  her terms of course. Likes to be close to both myself and  Jingles (her adoptive older brother). She’s a talker too, very  vocal. Chicky is a very observant kitty too, watches everything  jingles does and copies. For example, Jingles only drinks water  from a running faucet, now Chicky likes to drink from the  running faucet. I do leave a full water bowl near their food at  all times. She can eat too, she has an appetite.

So happy I came into Petco in search of a companion for  Jingles. Having Chicky as part of our family has lightened some the pain of losing our Nikki. I was  especially worried about Jingles, he was so sad, and not eating well.

The two of them have formed a bond, chasing each other  around the house, like the cat and mouse routine. Mind you  Jingles is no Spring chicken 17 yrs old, but runs around and  does keep up with Chicky, animals are so amazing.

Feel free to email me anytime to check in on how Chicky is doing.

Regards and thanks,

Lisa & Chicky