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Volunteer of the Month: March 2011

March 30, 2011

Congratulations to Laquanda F, our March’s Volunteer of the Month. Laquanda is a solid member of the Tuesday cleaning crew and does a great job. She has been volunteering with KittyKind for over 2 years and says: “We have a great Tuesday night volunteer crew”. Laquanda likes all the quirky cat’s attitudes and their cuteness, she used to volunteer at another shelter in the city and stopped once she started working but missed it. Her friend told her that she used to volunteer at KK so Laquanda, thinking it sounded great, gave it a go and has been with us ever since.  Laquanda hasn’t got any cats of her own, however she grew up with them and sometimes when she can she helps out fostering. Thank you Laquanda for all your hard work, you are an amazing member of the KK team – Well done!

***Winners are chosen at random from all nominees.

Bianca: “We are so excited everyday to get home to her.”

March 26, 2011

Bianca is doing great!!!  We love her so much already.  She is totally adjusting, you can tell she’s becoming more and more comfortable daily.  It’s really cute because she sleeps on a chair next to our bed and as soon as I start to move in the morning she snaps up and prances right over and starts meowing.  She loves attention.  I really can’t tell you enough how happy we are to have her.  We are so excited everyday to get home to her.


As far as her health, she is great.  She seems to love living in her new home. It’s nice because we have a very open floor plan, so she can run and play.


Overall, we LOVE having her, and she seems to love being with us.  I can’t imagine not having her now!


Megan & Peter


“Sweet Ladylike”: Logana (Dottie)

March 22, 2011

First and foremost, Logana got a new name, Miss Dorothy Von Pearl. Dottie for short. It fits her sweet ladylike personality much better! She hasn’t actually learned her name yet, but she will.

Some of her favorite activities include jumping in boxes, kicking toys around the house, chasing feathers on a stick, showing us how fast she can run, eating all her food, trying to steal our food, napping, cuddling, getting rubbed, purring, and trying very hard to get her big brother, Oscar, to play with her. Just tonight she got very excited about an ice cube. One of her more charming traits is digging all the used tampon applicators out of the trashcan and hiding them around the house. She and Oscar haven’t totally figured out how to be friends, but they are getting there. They spent the first few days hissing at each other. Now Oscar let’s her get close and chases her around and she isn’t scared of him.

Dottie hid in unreachable places as soon as she got home and stayed hidden for two days. She would come out for some toys, and would eat if you brought the food to her, but we were unsure if we had picked the right cat for our household in the beginning. She was SO scared! Then, out of the blue, she came out and snuggled on the couch with us and has been a sweet, loving, social, funny kitten ever since.


Erin and Luis


Codi (Tammy): “She loves to be where the action is!”

March 13, 2011

We would like to share this picture and note of our new family member Codi (aka Tammy) with the Kitty Kind community.


Codi is extremely gentle, affectionate (likes to sit on your lap and place her head on your arm). She is very playful, loves to paw and toss around her white and brown toy mice.  She seems to always be at our heels, being her usual social self. She loves to be where the action is!


All the best,

Christopher & Andreea

Our Foster Care Favorite for March: Mano

March 4, 2011

Cat of the Month for March 2011: Grandpa

March 4, 2011

Yoda (Ink) is slowly breaking out of his shell!

March 2, 2011

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Yoda/Ink is doing great. His initial sniffles have completely resolved and he’s now eating well and very energetic and playful. For a while he would follow me around and sit at my feet, but be scared if I tried to touch him, but  he’s also slowly getting used to close contact with humans: about a week ago he started to allow us to stroke him, and the last couple of days he’s been rolling over to have his stomach stroked.