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Pinky, the Ruler of the House

October 29, 2010

I am a Kitty Kind volunteer cleaner and at the end of a shift I saw a small black cat with big yellow eyes peering out at me. I immediately had to stay after to give her some attention. As I got to know her I realized she was so sweet but a little timid. I lost my 15 year old cat back in November to heart failure and wanted to adopt a new one but wasn’t sure if I was ready. I told Davy that I liked Pinky and wanted to think about adopting her. I came back the next day right at the time Davy arrived and after thinking about her all night I had a feeling she was the perfect cat for me.

She was a little shy when she first came home with me but now she is the ruler of the house. She loves to sleep on my bed and look out the window. She loves her feather toys and scratching posts. My friend calls her my shadow because wherever I go she is always right behind me. She is very curious and loves to investigate everything. I look forward to our future and we are both much happier with each other in our lives.

Sincerely, Courtney

Jingles, Full of Life and Full of Love

October 27, 2010

Jingles is doing fantastic! I tried to change his name but Jingles just stuck and seems like the perfect name for him. He is full of life and full of love. I love our times when he cuddles up on my chest when he wants to be petted and loved! He still loves my roommate’s cat Zoe and plays with her every chance he gets. Jingles LOVES to play and has come to like stealing my hair ties. He is VERY curious and must be in everything. He has become such a part of my family he is like my son, I love him to death! I am very thankful that this was such an easy transition. Thank you! As you can tell by the picture I attached Jingles seems to be very comfortable as well.


Lajuni, Loved by KittyKind and in His New Home

October 25, 2010

Lajuni came to KK at about two days old and was cared for by myself, Judy, and Nicole (KittyKind volunteers, hence the name, La-ju-ni.)  (Lauren fostered him for weeks, then brought him in for adoption, but two days later, came back and decided to adopt him herself!)  He is now 17 weeks old and is thriving in my home with my other two cats, Pepper and Georgie.  All three cats get along great!


Thea the dog, goat, frog ‘cat’

October 22, 2010

So, how can I begin with my little tale about Thea?  I found Thea thanks to Miriam who was working at [KittyKind] in the PETCO in Union Square.  I had been looking for a cat for a long time and had seen Thea a few times at the adoption centre.  The sealing deal was sticking my head inside her cage to be greeted by an almighty purr and head rubbing session.  Her witchy, green eyes trying to decide if I was obviously good enough for her!  On arriving home, I took great care thinking she’d be nervous in coming out of the carrier.  No, no and no!  Madam made herself quite at home.  She flirted with the boys in the house happily, checked out every room to ensure she had the best sleeping arrangement, and then flicked her tail before settling down in her place of choice.

Now, I have to tell you I have reservations about Thea actually being a cat!  First, she loves water to the point that she tried to jump into the bath I was running; she likes to watch people on the toilet, too.  She also sleeps like a frog with legs splayed out in all glory!  And she LOVES grass!  She will roll in it, eat it, pull it up, jump through it – this is Thea the Goat!  The dog part…well….if you had a well-trained dog that followed you anywhere without command, this is Thea.  She will wait, follow and then howl if you don’t pay her enough attention.

MADAM Thea has another hilarious trait.  She would not drink from her bowl, not at all.  It got a little difficult wrestling her when I or anyone else was drinking a glass of water that she wanted to share, so, Thea now only drinks from a glass!  She has her own (non-breakable) glass.  It is red, as Madam likes anything red to play with or eat/drink from.  She is an adorable cat.  Hilariously scatty and incredibly affectionate.  She comes in for her cuddle in the mornings and evenings without fail, entering every room in the house to make sure she is not missed by anyone!

Nobody had paid much notice to Thea at the adoption centre as she is FIV positive.  Well…let me assure you, it is simply not an issue, if you open your mind, do some research, and understand the nature of this condition.  FIV is much like HIV, a condition that affects the immune system.  If you take care of your pet and make sure she is not exposed to potential threats, then you’ll be fine.  There is still a lot of stigma attached to HIV, as I’m sure you know. The same goes for FIV, due to ignorance.  I do not have to medicate her, she lives a totally normal life. A happy dog, goat, frog, cat.  She is a perfect example of the success of living with FIV.

I love this little creature and she is going to be with me for a very, very long time.  I encourage you to research and open your mind to giving a cat a home.  An FIV cat is like any other.  Having a little tinkle of a bell, a happy face and purring machine heading your way every time you come home, is a pleasure, a joy and the most unconditional, enduring love.


Rhino, Loves to Nose-Kiss

October 20, 2010

I just want to take this time to thank you (Miriam) for all the work that you and KittyKind do.  David and I are super in love with Speedy (we re-named him Rhino because he loves to nose-kiss us!).  He is done with his vaccinations and healed from his neutering [and] now we seem to be in a happy family rhythm.

He is eating well, playing, snuggling, and generally one happy kitty, and I am one happy kitty mommy!  You really made my dreams come true.

Thanks again so so much,


P.S.  Rhino is even learning tricks!  He can do “paw” and “up” so far and he rolled all the way over for the first time today.

We Love Albus !

October 14, 2010

Albus is doing great and we love him.  Thank you for allowing us to give him a home.  He has become an attention seeker, no longer hiding behind bookshelves or under beds, but always rubbing up against us looking for love!  He has become an essential part of this family and I could not imagine life without him.  Thank you and enjoy!

All the best,


Cassie an Inspiring Adoption

October 12, 2010

Cassie was the first cat I saw at KittyKind and we bonded immediately. I was initially just going to foster her to see whether we’d get along and whether she could tolerate being home alone as I work very long hours. However, it took only a couple of days for me to be sure that I had found the perfect cat for me. She was a little shy at first, but warmed up very quickly. She’s an incredibly sweet and loving girl. She always greets me at the door when I come home, meowing, rubbing up on my legs and plopping down on her back asking for belly rubs. She loves to be petted and cuddled. And even as I try to type this, she’s lying right by the computer, nudging me to pet her head. She is not a big fan of other cats, but is friendly with people, even strangers, and always loves to be the center of attention.

Cassie is an absolute joy to have around and has brought me so much happiness. And what’s more, her story has already inspired two more cat adoptions amongst my family and friends.

I am eternally grateful to all the volunteers at KittyKind for all the incredible- and I’m sure often times difficult and heartbreaking- work that you do. Without you Cassie would not have a home and I would not have my companion.


Foster Care Favorite

October 10, 2010

Cat of the Month

October 8, 2010

Chopstick and Thomas, a Love Match

October 8, 2010

I brought Chipmonk (now Chopstick) home from KittyKind last April after falling more and more in love with him each week he was there.  He’s a wonderful, playful cat, but after several months I realized that he gets stressed and anxious, and could probably use a friend.  After looking through all the KK cats for a few weeks, in December I took a chance with Tyler (now Thomas), the cat who was brought in after a pit bull attack.  Chopstick wasn’t keen on losing his only-cat status, but I think he loves Thomas now, even though he won’t admit it.  Thomas is adorable, sweet, well-behaved and friendly to everyone, and he’s definitely helped calm Chopstick down.  They roughhouse and play-fight a lot, but they also nap together and groom each other constantly.  I think it’s a love match!