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Congratulations to November’s Volunteer of the Month, Brittany Maher!

November 27, 2015


I have always been an adamant animal lover and advocate. I have made it my mission in life to save and help animals in any way I can. Growing up in Connecticut my family always had dogs. After moving to the city I missed the companionship of a pet so decided to save a cat from a rescuer in Queens. I grew to love my little Wednesday and decided to get her a companion. I saved my second cat, Pugsley, from life on the snowy streets. I’ve been volunteering with kitty kind for over a year now which began when I became a foster failure adopting my first foster cat, Crunch. I don’t see it as a failure, however, because he has brought joy to my life and my two other cats. Shortly after, I started to volunteer as a cleaner to put my passion of saving animals into motion. I started to focus on the harder cases that didn’t always show their best qualities to potential adopters. I continued to foster cats who needed some extra attention and love to correct some of their not ideal personality traits with help from my patient roommate. I continued to expand my roles at KittyKind by helping to be an assistant adoption rep and work on the intake team to further my reach in helping the cats. I’m honored to be recognized for the things I have accomplished and I’m grateful for the existence of Kitty Kind and its mission to find loving homes for all of our cats.


The Incredible Kenny

November 27, 2015


Kenny 1.jpg


Remember Kenny? Senior, FIV positive, survived a huge house fire when his human did not, abandoned by the family’s grieving survivors, then foster home to foster home? After so much heartache, and over a year of searching for a new home to call his own, Kenny still managed to be the sweetest cat you could ever meet. Just a big, mellow dude who loved to get petted. Well, we have some very good news. Kenny’s sweetness and inspirational spirit finally earned him the forever family he deserves. Here is an update on Kenny (now Wally), from his head-over-heels adopters:

When I first saw Wally (the cat formerly known as Kenny) on Facebook, I had a feeling that he was going to join our family. My daughter and I were still reeling from the loss of two beloved pets and we missed having a home full of creatures.

When we met him at his foster home, he was anxious and shy. And yet he let me stroke his belly and his paws after just a little while together. He was hesitant but trusting. As I left the room, I saw him peek over the ledge to watch me. I knew my gut had been right and it was meant to be.

Since joining our pack, he has come into his own. Whereas he used to be so jumpy around the other animals, he’s now a cool cucumber and even playful with the dogs. He is especially drawn to the Chihuahua and does whatever she does. He’s also pretty vocal about mealtime, and I admit that he is much more punctual than I am. He comes running when I announce that I’m handing out treats. He likes to be wherever we (the humans, dogs, and free-roaming turtle) are — whether that’s lounging in the living room or turning in for the night. He lets me know when he needs some extra attention by following me around the apartment, “yelling” at me or simply by posting himself at my feet until I offer some scratches. He’s pretty liberal when it comes to petting — much to my delight — and when he’s feeling super mellow, I’m allowed to rub his belly and the pads of his paws.

Lately, he has become more open to my daughter’s affection. While reading bedtime stories (which the dogs adore), he indicated that he wanted to join. She patted the sofa and he jumped up and nuzzled her hand. Her elation was palpable.

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