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Our Foster Care Favorite for October 2013: Jet

October 18, 2013


Our Cat of the Month for October 2013: Billy

October 18, 2013


Our Cat of the Month for September 2013: Yoku

October 18, 2013


Our Foster Care Favorite for September 2013: Sassy

October 18, 2013


Volunteer of the Month: September 2013

October 18, 2013


Congratulations to Ashley T, our September Volunteer of the Month! Ashley has been volunteering since May 2012, first as a foster parent, then as an event/social media coordinator. Right now, she’s fostering my 20th KittyKind cat—four 7-week-old kittens!! Ashley came to KittyKind as a prospective adopter. She says, “I originally planned to adopt an older cat, but when I explained my circumstances to the adoption team, they suggested that I try fostering. My first foster cat was King Oreo (who I actually ended up fostering twice). At some point, fostering became a regular thing, and I’ve gradually taken on more and more responsibility at KittyKind. I just launched an Instagram account (kittykindcats) and I’m hoping to become an assistant adoption counselor soon!”

Ashley says her favorite part of volunteering is being a foster parent. “Every time I take in a foster cat, I feel like I make a new best friend! I guess my favorite part would have to be seeing the very different personalities of each of the cats I foster. I don’t think most people realize how individualistic cats are if they only have one or two. I’ve had shy cats, cuddly cats, absolutely crazy cats, cats that can speak! I enjoy getting to know them so much. It’s not terrible seeing them get adopted either! :)” Ashley has one cat of her own, her “foster fail,” Misty, featured in the photo above. “I adopted her in June after I graduated college. There was no way I could give her back a second time (I fostered her twice). Misty was very stressed out in the cage so no one got to see her colorful, feisty, personality except me (she’s a typical calico princess). She’s just so expressive, smart, and well-mannered. There’s no other cat like her, period. Misty runs our house now… She absolutely knows how special she is.” Ashley also has special words of advice for those considering adoption. “Consider adopting an older cat. A lot of people come in to the adoption center wanting to adopt kittens (which is great!) but there are also plenty of older cats waiting to find their forever homes who are just as adorable! Also, if you meet a cat who you are thinking of adopting, but who seems unfriendly or antisocial, PLEASE give him/her a chance! If you show love to an animal they will
return that love tenfold! My cat Misty is a perfect example of a cat whose confinement in a cage was the determining factor for why it was so difficult to adopt her.” Thank you, Ashley, for all you do for KittyKind—we and the cats sure do appreciate it!

Olive (aka Tuxi): “quite a sassy and independent little girl.”

October 18, 2013
When I first saw Tuxi (renamed Olive), I was immediately attracted to her compact size and sweet face. She had just been delivered to KittyKind for adoption and was eager to make contact, purring and meowing through the cage. I couldn’t resist her cuteness so I took her home. She’s been with me 5 months now and has proven to be quite a sassy and independent little girl. Some of her favorite things are watching the toilet flush, massaging her mom’s tummy and lounging in the window sill. She’s also a formidable  hunter, stalking silverfish and catching flies. Flirting with male humans is another of her favorite pastimes when opportunity allows. I’m still watching her blossom and still getting to know her multifaceted personality. She’s an adorable, lovable companion.
Thank you so much, KittyKind, for all your help.


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Puppy (aka Cherry): “She earned her new name because she is very smart…”

October 18, 2013
Cherry, who I now call Puppy, earned her new name because she is very smart and comes when I call her, sits when I ask and sometimes even does a “high five”.
She loooooves her older ” ginger boyfriend”, Maui, my 9 year old tabby. They share everything including taking turns sleeping on my head at night! But she is very confused and instead of sleeping likes to “groom” me so I always wake up with slobbery hair in the morning. LOL, But as long as they love me, that’s all I care about.
She is also a celebrity and has been on CBS’s Supercat Saturday 3 times now because Amy Freeze loves the pictures that I tweet of Puppy. She is SO photogenic!!! I am also working on socializing her a bit because I have a friend who is a designer and wanted to see if she could “model”. Puppy is a giant ham so I think she might like it!
Lastly, her absolute favorite thing to do is a running leap into a chair I have on rollers so that it spins around when she jumps into it,  and she sticks her head out of the armrest as it spins! It makes me laugh every time!!!
Thanks again to you and Kitty Kind, best decision I’ve made this year!
Donna, Maui and Puppy

Amber, ” is the source of endless love and entertainment for Paddie and me”

October 18, 2013

In April, I saw a post on Craigslist for a “super sweet but timid kitty looking for her forever home.” She was beautiful; she had golden glowing eyes from which her name “Amber” was derived. The ad promised that she could be affectionate to both kitties and humans, but that while all kitties were immediately her friends, individual humans had to work to earn her trust and devotion. I had been considering another cat for some time; I felt that Patrick (Paddie), who I adopted the year before, deserved a kitty-companion and I knew that I had more love to give. However, I was nervous because as far as I knew, the only time he spent with other cats was in the shelter (where he was cage-stressed and miserable), and he was front-declawed by his previous owners so I worried he might feel threatened by another cat. So, I told myself that I’d keep my eyes open and when I came across the “right” cat, I’d know it and I would foster with the intent to adopt. When I saw Amber, I immediately felt a connection and was moved to take action.

Two weeks later, I was at Sonia’s meeting Amber for the first time. She was sitting in her cat-tree and I was able to pat her once on the head before she disappeared for the remainder of my visit. Amber was a rescued semi-feral and had been living with Sonia for nearly three months. Sonia had been working with her, guiding her from a terrified, angry girl who hissed at Sonia’s attempted touch to one who, while still unsure of others, would seek out affection from Sonia and even accept kisses on the head. She warned me that Amber would have a similar adjustment period if she moved in with me, though hopefully not as bad.

Admittedly, I was nervous about what I might be getting myself into with Amber and her “shyness,” but the fit still felt right. Sonia brought her to my apartment and we settled her into the bathroom. On the third attempt, she let me pet her while she ate and continued to let me pet her once she was done. For the next week, I spent a lot of time lying on the bathroom floor getting to know her and building up her comfort level with me. Paddie, who was not used to closed doors in the house, spent the majority of these hours throwing himself at the bathroom door in a futile attempt to come in. Surprisingly, this did not rattle Amber. Soon I started feeding Paddie outside the bathroom door so they could get used to each other’s scents. Then I began to hold the door open while I came in & out so the two could see each other. Paddie would hiss and sometimes Amber would retreat to her hiding spot behind the toilet, but sometimes she would just sit and stare back. When the hissing was no longer constant, I began feeding Paddie in the bathroom and petting them together while they ate. Eventually, I was able to leave the bathroom door open so Amber could hopefully come out — which is exactly what happened. She’d skulk around the apartment, joining me on the bed or couch, and would only leave my side to use the litter box. A couple of times, Paddie chased her away from me, but most of the time he’d just watch her carefully, unsure of what she might do. Little by little they began to grow more comfortable with each other, and then one night, they both wound up on the bed getting pets together.

As they say, the rest is history: Paddie and Amber grew to be the best of friends. The two play hours upon hours of tag and like to wrestle. Amber bathes Paddie, and sometimes he returns the favor. Recently, they’ve started sitting face to face and Paddie will “pet” Amber by gently rubbing her tummy or kicking her gently with his hind legs.

With the kitty:kitty relationship firmly cemented, I continued to work with Amber to build her trust. While she always allowed pets in the bathroom, on the bed or the couch, it took a full two months before she let me bend down from a standing position to pet her. With Sonia’s guidance, I have even been able to train her to let me pick her up. Only recently have I been able to engage her in play, which for me was the last major milestone in our relationship.

I sincerely thank your organization and organizations like yours for all the work you do in taking in homeless animals. I’m especially grateful to all the foster parents like Sonia who selflessly take animals into their homes – caring for and working with them until they are “adoptable.” Without Sonia’s efforts with Amber, I would not have this wonderful new member of my family, who is the source of endless love and entertainment for Paddie and me.

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