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Bolt: “He’s a charmer- snuggly and extremely talkative.”

January 27, 2012

Kevin and I hadn’t intended to adopt a cat, but we took Bolt home to give him a place to recuperate from a nasty cold. When he arrived, he spent most of the first few days lying on our couch looking miserable. As he recovered, we started to see evidence of his mischievous personality. He loves to hide behind a corner and jump out as one of us walks by. He runs back and forth down our long hallway, chasing his stuffed mouse. If we take too long to feed him when he knows it’s time, he makes a racket in the kitchen (knocking things off the counter and pulling plastic bags out of our dispenser). Though he’s rambunctious, he’s a charmer – snuggly and extremely talkative. Sometimes I think he’s a person in a cat suit. When it came time to send him back to Kitty Kind, we just couldn’t give him up. He’s become part of our family (actually, he loves being the center of attention). Because he follows us all around the apartment, we named him Buddy.. and, well, he’s kind of large… so we just started calling him Big Buddy. Not a name we would have come up with normally, but it just seems to fit.

Kirsten & Kevin

Meet Cascabel! This beauty purrs all the time.

January 22, 2012

Cascabel is very good.  She became very sweet and affectionate cat, indeed! She regularly sleeps with us in the bed, she seeks our attention, enjoys to be pet and stroke, purrs all the time.
I think I had never had such a well-mannered pet! She doesn’t steal food, she has NEVER bitten or scratched me, she is very very gentle animal. Still she is playful sometimes. Every now and then she chases her little stuff pig all over the place with such a zeal and fuss(always during the night, of course ). And at the end she brings us the ‘pray’ in our bed with such a pride that it makes you laugh.
We don’t have any problems with furniture scratching. She got use to her scratch post since the beginning so now everybody’s happy.
Needless to say she is very well potty trained, no accident, no nothing!
Her health seems fine too, no sign of her asthma, her breathing is light and clean (even tough it’s not always easy to say, since she starts purring like a tractor almost every time I touch her :))

Meet Chicky, the ultimate gigolo yet a loving fellow.

January 22, 2012

A real gigolo, Chicky will flirt and fall in love with whoever pays him any attention!  He is a total lovebug, who craves attention, loves being petted, and finds true happiness curled up on your lap or asleep by your pillow.  Outgoing, social and incredibly good-natured, Chicky is such a happy cat, who will purr contentedly in your arms when you hold him.  This 6 year old boy has, sadly, lost his home and feline companion, and eagerly awaits a forever home.  He loves cats, people, and his feather toys, and would be a great family cat in the home with another feline buddy!

Meet Sir Cat, he’s quite a charmer.

January 22, 2012

Sir Cat is a dignified elder statesman! He is about 8 years old, declawed, and quite the affectionate boy! He seeks attention and affection, is ready to play with his toys, and is an all around good boy! He has so many endearing qualities, like sleeping with his belly up and his paws in the air, or dipping his paw in the water before he drinks! Welcome this charming, sweet tuxedo feline into your home! He would be fine as a single cat.

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Max ” loves to sit next to you and get his belly rubbed.”

January 22, 2012

He is such a wonderful cat.  He is very playful, but also loves to sit
next to you and get his belly rubbed.  I am so glad Max is part of the

Have a wonderful holiday season.

The lovely Baby is definitely enjoying her new life

January 22, 2012

Baby is loving her new home!  She settled in quickly and with ease and has become a nice buddy to our older cat, Cha Cha, bringing out the youngster in her all over again.  We’re so happy to have found her and now that we have her, it’s hard to imagine our home without her.  Thank you to Kitty Kind’s team members for their continued efforts in saving these precious lives.  Josh, Cha Cha, Baby and I really appreciate it!

Happy Holidays!


Meet our one-eyed, gorgeous tabby Bryan

January 22, 2012

Bryan: This gorgeous grey tabby male is one energetic teenager! About 6 months old, all he wants to do is wrestle and play with another cat and then seek out his person for some affection and attention. Sweet and loving one minute, playful and rambunctious the next, Bryan wants two things: A human who he can snuggle next to and a cat who will be a wrestling buddy and play run and chase with him. This one-eyed boy is just a great cat!

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Andy Boots (Watson) the “super affectionate cat”

January 22, 2012

We adopted Andy “Watson” Boots in May of 2011. We had lost our cat Casey to cancer and were really hoping to find someone who would love our other cat, Hap, and fill our home with that certain happiness that perhaps only pet owners understand.  Boy did we get it!  Watson’s description said he was upset in his cage, shy and didn’t like to be held. We figured it would be hard for him to be adopted, competing against kitties who were cuddling right there inside the Petco. We thought maybe we could offer him a nice life with lots of toys and treats, and a playmate.

KittyKind told us he was late-socialized, but that they had made progress with him and would be there to guide and support us whenever we needed it.  We took them up on it and had a long talk with the woman who had fostered him and emailed back and forth about what we could do to bring him out of his shell.  He was so good with our other cat that even if he never became a people-cat, we would have still loved him just the same.  But we did everything they told us, and he went from being basically untouchable and afraid of people to a super affectionate cat.

Watson just loves to be petted now, and KittyKind was right:  They told me that it would take time, but that when you do bond with a late-socialized cat like Watson, it’s even more special. He is a huge part of our life, and his young spirit has lifted ours. It melts the heart to watch him play or cuddle with our other cat, Hap. He is such a lovable guy and has so much to offer our little family – we are so lucky to have found him.

Meet Tiger, our cute, senior orange tabby!

January 9, 2012

For more info on Tiger, check out our page on PetFinder! 🙂

Joe (Topher): “He is so playful, but also loves to flop around and purr.”

January 9, 2012

My fiance and I adopted a kitty named Joe on Saturday after fostering him for a month.

We renamed him Topher, and he is getting along pretty well with my current cat, Mister Kitten, who I also adopted from KittyKind.  They chase each other and wrestle.  Topher likes to follow Mister & copy whatever his big bro does.  Topher spends 90% of his time racing around the apartment making a gobbling noise and burying his mice under the couch.  He is so playful, but also loves to flop around and purr.  I am really pleased because we felt Mister needed a buddy, and I could really tell a difference after leaving them alone for 2 days at Thanksgiving – It was obvious they enjoyed the companionship. Overall a success!