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Nemo’s New Home- KittyKind

April 30, 2009


Nemo is doing well!  She continues to explore the apartment and rub against everything.  She is crazy about the mock peacock feather and enjoys swatting at balls that light up or have bells in them.  She is absolutely very friendly and can usually be found purring.

She is eating but sometimes is a little picky.  We have tried Iams wet food but she does not seem to be a consistent fan of it.  We recently bought a few cans of the Wellness wet food and plan to let her try it this weekend.  She has an interest in plastic bags, especially around 3-4 am.  We are trying to hide all plastic bags from her.  We just ordered a TopCat Sisal scratching post and cannot wait to receive it.  We hope she will like it.  We have attached some pictures.  We really appreciate what KittyKind does and understand that we can always come to you with any questions or concerns.

Everything is great.  We are really happy to have the opportunity to have Nemo in our lives.

Katie & Gabe

Willie and Mizzie, Friends Forever, KittyKind

April 28, 2009


I adopted “Willie” in October as a companion to “Mizzie”, a 10 year-old tabby I took home from the second KittyKind Seniors for Seniors event.  Mizzie, whose photo has previously appeared on the Kitty Kind blog, was a very fearful and serious girl, who, for the first 5 weeks I had her, would only come out of her hiding place at night, when she thought I was asleep.  Since “Mizzie”” was so fearful of humans, I thought she would appreciate the presence of another cat.

When I brought 4 month-old “Willie” home in October, “Mizzie” checked him out from the safety of her lair for a few hours then she came out and they were friends almost instantly.  Over the months, “Willie”, who is even more silly and happy-go-lucky than he looks, has taught his sister how to play like a kitten – something she probably never could do in her life on the street.    The two cats have playful wrestling matches, chase each other around and generally enjoy conspiring to some mischievous end.   Sometimes Willie’s high level of energy and playfulness is too much for the older girl and she just finds herself a cozy place to take a nap and ignores him.  Little Willie has been a joyful addition to the family and I thank Kitty Kind for rescuing such beautiful souls!



Bessie a Happy Ending at KittyKind

April 27, 2009


Bessie and Jessie are doing great! Jessie is very interested in her but due to her hissing and growling and he is being patient and giving her some space.  He keeps making this ringing noise.. brrrrrraaaw.. and rolling on his side trying to play with her!  I kept her in the bathroom the first night, which she liked cause the next day when she was a little unsure she kept running back to her “safe” spot, but by the day’s end she and Jessie were touching noses. She is really sweet, with the cutest little meow, and very curious and playful… she ran around the apartment and Jessie tried to entice her into a chase but she was not sure about him yet! She likes to look out the windows and see the birds.. I had some grass for Jessie, which he has no interest in, and she enjoyed rubbing her face in it.

Thanks again. I have a wonderful new addition to my family and she will get lots of love and care with Jessie and I!


Mad Max a Happy Boy at Home

April 22, 2009


My ‘Mad Max’…happy at home & waiting to go Global!…thank you Kitty Kind for my new friend & companion.




Jerry, a Happy Ending at KittyKind

April 21, 2009


I always like cats with personality. Jerry has proven to have lots. The people at Kitty Kind were very helpful.  They of course are looking out for good homes for their wards. So they may ask questions that you don’t understand why. Trust me all their questions have a purpose. I am so glad I was able to take Jerry home. He has adjusted very well and thinks this home is his. Which it is.

Thank you Miriam and all at Kitty Kind.



Celebrate with Rational Animal/Mayor’s Alliance

April 20, 2009

WHO: Rational Animal/Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animal
WHAT: Spay/Neuter PSA Launch Party
WHEN: Wednesday, April 22, 7-10pm
WHERE: Le Royale
22 7th Ave S. (at Leroy St.)

WHY: a great way to celebrate Earth Day, so that all animals on Earth have homes!

Come celebrate the launch of the three public service announcements (PSAs) Rational Animal produced for the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals and communities around the country. The spots are now running on NY1, WABC and soon coming to Bucks County, Penn with more channels to be announced.

All are welcome tho we must advise you give your furry loved ones a treat and leave them safely at home.

Donations will gladly be accepted at the door. Hope to see you there!

KittyKind Cat Seminar

April 16, 2009


Puppy Mills: Exposed, Animal Planet

April 15, 2009

To read this complete article please visit Thoughts Fur Paws.

Starting in Pennsylvania, a state which some organizations have dubbed “the puppy mill capital of the east,” Animal Planet follows the committed law enforcement officers of the Pennsylvania SPCA (PSPCA) to take viewers inside the world of puppy mills in PUPPY MILLS: EXPOSED. Premiering Monday, April 27, at 10 PM (ET/PT), this special episode of ANIMAL COPS: PHILADELPHIA utilizes photographic and video evidence and the firsthand accounts of investigators and employees who brought down some of the largest puppy mill operations in the country. PUPPY MILLS: EXPOSED illuminates the horrifying conditions of puppy mills while forcing viewers to ask how this inexcusable business continues to flourish on American soil.

In Pennsylvania, PUPPY MILLS: EXPOSED explores the case of Limestone Kennels — one of the highest profile puppy mill cases the state has ever seen. On July 17, 2008, just outside of Philadelphia in Chester County, investigators rescued more than 80 dogs from Limestone and brought owner John Blank to justice. Unfortunately, victory was bittersweet because what the officers saw inside the puppy mill was astonishing — multiple dogs packed into cramped cages, food dishes contaminated with feces and animals with multiple birth defects, including dogs with missing eyes. The worst part was the kennel had passed inspections on multiple occasions, calling into question the enforcement of state laws surrounding the welfare of animals in Pennsylvania. Humane Law Enforcement Officer Ashley Mutch followed the lead that led to the warrant and raid of Limestone Kennels.

Calendar Clothing- Donations to KittyKind

April 12, 2009

Once again, one of KittyKind’s volunteers is donating 10% of auction profits on her vintage cocktail dresses all week starting tonight. Please visit Calendar Girl Clothing on eBay and help our cats.


Mrs Robinson, Cat of the Month

April 11, 2009

MrsRobinson Flyer

Please contact Emily at for more information on Mrs Robinson.