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Lindo, a Very Happy Ending, KittyKind

June 29, 2009


Lindo is a special cat who came into my life kind of unexpectedly…

During my Sunday evening shift [volunteering at KittyKind], he was brought in and unfortunately had nowhere to go. The woman who brought him in said he was found in the garbage and was diagnosed with feline leukemia. She could not take him back and KittyKind had no available space for him.  Dawn asked if anyone could foster him and I said okay!  I’ve never had a cat before and I had just lost a dog so I was happy to have a furry companion.

The first night I brought him in, I was so excited but Lindo wasn’t feeling the same way.  He immediately found haven underneath my bed.  I tried to bribe him out with dangly toys but he was not interested.  However, he was interested in cat food.  He came out of hiding to eat and then went right back under once he was done.  I knew then that he was a cat with an appetite.

The first few days were a game of “Where in the World is Lindo?”  I was late for work one morning because I couldn’t find him and thought he had somehow escaped!  I went to work and had my roommate update me if she spotted him.  When I finally came home, he emerged from my storage closet to eat and then quickly scurried back in there.  I had to clean out the closet to bring him back out.  I took him into my room where he had nowhere to go.  After much pouting and staring, he decided that lying on my bed was much more comfortable than underneath my bed.  Since then, he’s never left.

He’s a very curious cat and has been known to chase mouseys, leaving a few treasures for me to find.  A curious cat for sure, he follows people to the bathroom and insists on using it with you.  His favorite pastimes are using my bed as his scratching post, hanging out in the bathtub, and watching TV.  Houseguests are often surprised how attached he is to me, always waiting for me at the door.  We are a loyal duo, inseparable to the end.


Ed, A Happy Ending, KittyKind

June 27, 2009


Ed is a very happy, active, and loving cat.  I find myself coming home to see in what trouble or what new place he wants to get or jump to.  He follows me all over the house.  He is great company; he makes me laugh a lot.  Whoever said, “Cats are just tiny Gypsies in fur coats” was taking about my little Ed.  I am very happy having him in my life.


Chopstick, Truly Loved, KittyKind

June 24, 2009


After seeing Chipmonk for three weeks in the store and having my heart melt a little each time he crawled out onto my lap as I tried to clean his cage, I finally took him home.  Now known as Chopstick, he seems to enjoy his new home and he’s a fantastic cat!  He’s lively and energetic but knows when it’s time to calm down (a few minutes of wearing him out with his favorite toy helps).  Even though he sometimes pretends to be uninterested in sitting with me, in the middle of the night he worms his way between my arms and snuggles up next to my face.  We’re about to move into an apartment on our own and I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to be in charge.  I’m so glad I brought him home – I love him!

Thanks, Miriam!


Benjamin, the Long Road Home

June 22, 2009


Mr. Pink is doing great!  We’ve given him a new name of “Benjamin” and have fallen in love. He’s come out of his shell and is with us from the moment we walk through the door. We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter, smarter, and more affectionate cat.  Every day he does something new and quirky…today I noticed he likes watching tv…lol.

Thank you so much for letting us bring Benjamin into our family. We’re looking forward to many years ahead.


Gigi, a Happy Ending, KittyKind

June 20, 2009


We are super happy with our new kitty girl!  She’s really adorable and sweet, even though she is something of a night owl and likes chasing her ball toy up and down the hallway all night.  We have renamed her Gigi.  She really loves Casimir and is constantly trying to cuddle him.  For the first couple of days, we kept her in the bathroom so he could get adjusted.  There was a fair amount of growling from him, but now he will let her sleep nearby and gives her nice kisses when she comes up to him.

Thanks for all the good work Kitty Kind does!



Brenda, A Red Sox Fan and Happy Cat

June 19, 2009


Dear Miriam,

I adopted Brenda after fostering her for about 2 weeks.  I had visited Petco numerous times and always noticed one shy, sad looking cat in one of the corner cages.  I was actually buying supplies as I was planning on adopting a kitten when I noticed that Brenda was awake and figured it couldn’t hurt to say hello.  I played with her a little bit in the cage, but she only wanted to bite and swat. Needless to say there was something precious in her eyes and after talking to Miriam I ended up taking Brenda home that night to foster.  Two weeks have gone by, and I have now adopted her and could not imagine a better companion to have.  She has come out of her shell completely, and is the most playful loving little girl.  She enjoys playing with all of her new toys, sitting on my lap licking and nibbling on my arm while we watch the Red Sox together (yes, she’s a rare breed in this city) , and cuddling up in bed next to me every night to go to sleep.  She is quite the talker, and is always at the door waiting to say hello whenever I come home.   I am so thankful to whoever rescued Brenda off the street and gave her a second chance, and Kitty Kind for caring and nurturing her and bringing her into my life.  Because of you Brenda has become the new leading lady in my life!

Thank you so much,


Yoshie, Happy to be at Home

June 16, 2009


Rescued in early 2009, Yoshi, named after the Union Square storefront where he was found, was hairless, malnourished, and unloved – that is until KittyKind found and nursed him back to health. Yoshi is now a thriving, happy, healthy, loving, and loved member of our family, which includes another 2008 Kitty Kind adoptee, Yuffie. Nowadays, one will find Yoshi searching around not for food or shelter, but for tummy rubs and attention. Though at times we still catch Yoshi trying to gnaw through paper bags for a little extra snack, he spends the majority of his time following Adam and me around, head-butting us for neck and back rubs, sleeping with us on the sofa, and blocking the TV – an activity that Yoshi seems to have picked up to remind Adam and me that we should be paying him more attention! Together, Yoshi and Yuffie make our home complete, and we are so grateful for Kitty Kind for continuing to work with us even after our adoption process was formally complete!


Gizmo, Home at Last, KittyKind

June 14, 2009


Gizmo is doing very well!  He has settled in quite nicely and warmed up to me almost instantly.  He’s always excited to see me come home from work in the evenings, and wastes absolutely no time in helping me unwind after a long day.  I want to take the opportunity to thank you, Miriam (and Davy and everyone else at Kitty Kind) for convincing me to adopt Gizmo – he’s exactly the kind of cat I’ve been wanting to adopt.

Thanks again!


Smokey, Loving Cat in New Home

June 11, 2009


Things are going very well with Smokey.  Smokey is friendly, calm, and completely delightful.  The best part of this experience had been watching my partner (who had never been able to have a cat due to allergies) respond to her and basically “discover” his inner animal lover.  It feels great to take care of an animal that has had such a tough life and be rewarded with so much affection and enjoyment.  It’s just amazing to think that after so many bad experiences she just loves people and being around them.  We’re grateful to KittyKind for helping us find her and supporting us the whole way.  Thank you so much again for all your kindness and support.  Thank  you, everyone.

Whit & Dennis

Babis, the Perfect Lady, KittyKind

June 10, 2009


Cinnamon has a new name now.  We call her Babis.  (Like Babies, but Babis).  She is the perfect lady.  Nino and Babis are old friends now, and live happily together, playing, napping, and getting into twice as much trouble when they’re together.  She also gets along with Snappy the turtle and Smidgen the rat.  She was adjustable and flexible from the day I brought her home.  Babis knows exactly what she wants and when she wants it, but she also knows how to show her appreciation for her new home.  She is so thankful to be loved and home safe, and we are so happy to have her.  Thank you for taking her in and giving me the chance to bring her into my life.
Colleen (Babis and Nino)