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Bleecker (aka Dinozzo): “This little cuddle bug melted our hearts…”

May 11, 2013
An urgent call from the Mayor’s Alliance for Animals requested Kitty Kind to help find fosters ASAP for a hoarder situation, and we were ready for our first foster cat.  It was our first time fostering and we were certain we weren’t ready to adopt.  But, as soon as Bleecker (formerly Dinozzo) snuggled up to us, we fell in love.  Not a week later, we were filling out the adoption papers.  This little cuddle bug melted our hearts and continues to quickly work his way into the hearts of everyone he meets.  Social and kind, friendly and loving, he has even managed to charm our parents who were notably against the idea of adoption until they met him.  I rush home from work every day so we can snuggle up in bed together, watch Family Feud, and take a late afternoon nap.  He loves to sit on my lap on Sunday afternoons as I listen to La Boheme and make pasta dough, always trying to swat at the fresh spaghetti strands and meow along with my awful singing.  My boyfriend and I bicker over who loves him more and whom he prefers but at the end of the day, it couldn’t matter less – the important thing is that there is so much love between the 3 of us and we know that with our little boy, we’re a family.
Lindsay & Oliver
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