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Meet Shimmer and Dale at KittyKind

January 30, 2009




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Jenga and Ella, a Happy Ending, KittyKind

January 29, 2009


Jenga and Ella (who are snuggled up on my lap right now, making it awfully difficult to type) have brought so much joy to us these past 2 months since we adopted them from KittyKind. Our little Ella is such the lady, very petite, warm, affectionate, and just the slightest bit timid.  Jenga, on the other hand is, is a bit of a wild one, very playful, adventurous and a bit of mischief-maker…and HUGE for such a young guy.  We’re convinced he’s going to end up a tiger!  The kittens would spend all day snuggling if they could, and they get very excited whenever we watch hockey on TV (go NJ Devils!).  they keep each other company when we are gone during the day…playing, sleeping together, and even cleaning each other. This little pair is the most perfect companions you could imagine.  We are so thankful to KittyKind for bringing Ella and Jenga into our lives.  They are a precious part of our family now.

Thanks again,

Steff & Steve


Meet Sofie and Saxby at KittyKind

January 28, 2009




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Cupcake Finds a Home

January 27, 2009


We adopted Cupcake a week ago and already she has adapted quickly into our little family. It’s like she has always been with us! She is curious, very loving and is quickly becoming friends with her new sister Scout. Scout has been grooming her a little and they love to chase each other around the apartment. They are not quite cuddling each other yet, but they are sleeping in close proximity. I’m looking forward to seeing them grow closer together and becoming fast friends.

Thank you so much for all your hard work! We feel very blessed to have Cupcake and your added support.


Meet Toni and Louie at KittyKind

January 26, 2009




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Benjamin Goes Home- KittyKind

January 23, 2009


After my beloved ocicat-mix Leo passed away suddenly last September, there had been a real void in the house, and I really didn’t know if any other pet could fill that void. But when Miriam at KittyKind recommended that I take a look at Benjamin, I decided to take a chance.

I picked Benjamin up on the day after Christmas and he has turned out to be a wonderful “Christmas Gift” to myself!! He’s really made himself at home here and is a gentle, friendly and affectionate fellow, who likes to vocalize a lot in a tiny little voice that belies his SUV size!  It’s a pleasure to come home each evening to find him waiting there. I look forward to many years of happiness, spending time with, and playing with, the delightful Benjamin. Thanks to Miriam of KittyKind for this “match”!




Spay Day USA- February 29, 2009

January 22, 2009


2 Kittens, Find a Loving & Happy Home

January 20, 2009


Here are a few more photos of the lovely kittens we adopted.
They have grown so much and are still funny and affectionate and dear. I took them to my vet this past Friday to be spayed/neutered and they are doing fine. There is one picture of them in post-op recovery sleeping on their sheepskin. What you cannot see is that they are in front of the fireplace, snuggled and toasty.
Again, I thank you for these wonderful creatures.


A Wonderful Gift to KittyKind

January 19, 2009


This past holiday season you may remember we had a holiday wish list on the blog and in the store. A woman saw the sign that one of our volunteers posted at her job and she sent in these amazing gifts for the KittyKind cats. Thank you so much Denise!


Meet Autumn, a Beautiful Cat at KittyKind

January 16, 2009


Autumn is a sweet, wonderful and loving female cat, two years old. She does very well with other kitties and loves attention.  She is most comfortable in a fairly quiet environment as she is gentle and not pushy but can be intimidated by overly exuberant male cats and their rough play.  In her foster home she found herself a handsome boyfriend named Basil who adored her, and loved to groom her.  She is very good with people but does not show well in a cage as she waits to find her forever home.  She was rescued on Staten Island from a colony of cats living by the beach. Autumn, whose name fits her due to her beautiful unusual colorings, would love to find her way into your heart.

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