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Tallulah, Being Totally Adorable

December 29, 2010

Tallulah’s doing great.  I really couldn’t have asked for a better cat!  My friends with cats complain that they keep them up at night, scratch furniture, etc, but Tallulah is so well behaved!  She is a sweetie and just loves to be with me, either playing or just sleeping next to me.  I”ve attached another photo of her on the couch, being totally adorable.

Thanks again for everything!  What you all do is so important and appreciated!!!



Whiskers in Wonderland

December 12, 2010

KittyKind will be participating in the Mayor’s Alliance adoption event, Whiskers in Wonderland at the Metropolitan Pavilion on Dec 18th and 19th. Stop by and see us and find your new best friend.

Foster Care Favorite Dec 2010

December 10, 2010

Cat of the Month Dec 2010

December 7, 2010

Cosmo, a Lucky Cat

December 4, 2010

Dear Kitty Kind,
It’s been almost a year since we adopted an older (big) kitty named Cosmo from KK at Petco on 14th, and he is doing very well.  He has a bad heart murmur and is on a special diet, but is doing very well!  He gets along well with our other kitty, Roger, who is also an old boy (we guess they’re both around 11 years old, both strays).  Cosmo loves to play with the stick end of a toy under a kitty play mat and likes to look out the window from their kitty tree.  He loves to sleep with us and if we’re watching tv, he likes to lay right on your belly or lap and give a nice purr.  We love Cosmo and he makes a great addition to our family!
thanks for your help,
Rhonda & Christian

Neko, Inquisitive, Alert and Very Sweet

December 1, 2010

Nina has become a part of my family. My husband and I are enjoying getting to know her personality and have given her a new name: Neko! She is very active and intelligent, loves to eat and play. We lost our 14 year old cat Harold this summer and were not sure if we were ready for a new cat.  I first met Nina/Neko when I spontaneously visited KittyKind in Petco, running errands at Union Square. I kept thinking about her, hoping she would still be there, and then subsequently visited her twice more before we decided to foster, and finally adopt. We were first drawn to her inquisitive expression and alert, sweet personality, which we noticed right away. She is very affectionate (even hugs our legs) and communicative. There’s no doubt when she wants to play, eat or have our attention. She’s a lot of fun to live with! Thanks again Miriam to you and all of the KittyKind volunteers for facilitating our adoption of Nina!

Melinda (& John)