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Volunteer of the Month-KittyKind

July 31, 2009


Congratulations to Nadine K., our August volunteer of the month! Nadine has showed wonderful devotion to the Friday AM shift and to her crew. Nadine has been with KittyKind since last August and started because she had some free time in her class schedule and wanted to help out because the love she has for cats.  She enjoys spending time with the wonderful volunteers who she says have taught her a lot. Nadine adds, “I enjoy volunteering so much, whenever I spend time with the cats at KittyKind, I feel relaxed and forget about anything that may be stressing me out at the time”.  Nadine has 2 tuxedo cats, a brother and a sister she adopted from Bidawee 2 years ago, they are her first cats and she says they are wonderful companions.

Thank you Nadine for your great devotion and all the hard work you do on the Friday AM shift, you are a great member of the crew well done!!!

This month’s nominations also included: Toni. and Safia H. for the wonderful work they’ve done on the Cat of the Month and Foster Care Favourite, Mariah B. for falling in love with every KittyKind cat and Kiki O. for being an endless joy to the Wednesday AM crew, thank you all.

Olive, a Little Purr Machine Goes Home

July 29, 2009


Dear Davy,

It was a pleasure meeting you on Friday at the KittyKind adoption center.  Thank you for considering us as good adoptive pet owners.  Also, thank you for all the guidelines and tips about caring for the new kitten and adjusting her into our household.  When she arrived at home on her first night, we fed her the Science Diet Turkey wet food and gave her a warm towel wipe down.  We then took turns tiring her out with a cat toy.  We renamed Mina, Olive because her eyes remind us of the color of certain Olives.  Olive’s first night was spent curled up between James and I and there was a noticeable purr that shook the pillows.  Our adult cats, Ginger (Grey Tabby) and Curry (Orange Tabby) have accepted her into the colony.  Curry the eldest cat is going about doing her usual routine of napping and grooming herself for most of the day.  Ginger however, is very inquisitive just as Olive is and they seem to have a relationship forming when it comes to play.  Olive’s accuracy of catching the toy improved after watching Ginger’s movements.  I have attached a few photos of the cats interacting. We’ll keep in touch soon for the next de-worming and booster shot.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend.  Best wishes at KittyKind.


Diana & James

Nico’s New Home, KittyKind

July 28, 2009


We adopted Oscar (now renamed Nico) from Kittykind a few weeks ago. When we first visited him, he sealed the deal right away by presenting his tummy to be petted. Since we brought him home, he’s continued to show us what an affectionate and playful boy he is. He’s also been working hard at winning over our other cat, and is making good progress. It’s hard to believe that such a sweet, friendly cat was ever a stray! We’re so grateful to everyone at Kittykind for bringing Nico into our lives.

Jack and Anna

P.S. In this photo, Nico is engaged in his favorite morning activity–sitting in the window, and meowing at the world going by.

Broadway Barks 7/11/09

July 25, 2009

On Saturday, July 11th, KittyKind participated in the annual Broadway Barks event hosted by Mary Tyler Moore and Bernadette Peters. Here are a few pictures form the event.

Christine Ebersole and KK Volunteer Josey

Christine Ebersole and KK Volunteer Josey

KittyKind Volunteers Katie and Josey with Hope Davis

KittyKind Volunteers Katie and Josey with Hope Davis

KK Volunteers Janette, Katie and Josey

KK Volunteers Janette, Katie and Josey

Gigi and Lola, Home at Last, KittyKind

July 22, 2009


Our cat Miss Adelaide went to Kitty Heaven after being with us for 18 years and her humans as well as her cat friend Casimir were very sad and lonely. My boyfriend and I went to Kitty Kind and found the sweetest tuxedo kitten named Olive. Unfortunately, the kitten had a cagemate who was also adorable, but since Casimir was already ruling the house, we only adopted one kitten, took her home and renamed her Gigi. Casimir and Gigi get along just fine, but Gigi is such a ball of kitten energy – we knew she needed a younger playmate.
When we took Gigi back to Kitty Kind for her booster shot, her cagemate Brigette was waiting for her. We fell for her instantly and brought both cats back home. As soon as they were out of their respective carriers, the girls started kissing and sniffing and winding around each other with glee. Brigette has been renamed Lola. Lola and her cousin Gigi (they are obviously related but not littermates and I think too close in age to be sisters) spend all day napping and all night chasing each alternating with attacking our feet. Kitty Love!

Thank you Kitty Kind!

I attached one picture of them sleeping on the bed and one of them pausing as I am making the bed and they are trying to figure out what trouble they can get into. 🙂


KK Mobile Adoption Van 7/19/09

July 17, 2009

Microsoft Word - kittykind_flyer_van_(2).doc

Socializing Feral Kittens (Part 3)

July 16, 2009

Athena, a City Cat at Heart

July 13, 2009


Surprisingly, the ride home on the subway, with all the noises and movement, didn’t seem to bother Athena.  She was curious but didn’t meow or struggle in the box.  I guess she’s a city cat used to all the noise.  I set her up in our spare room, which is huge, and she immediately started exploring every inch. Then she ran, jumped, played, ate and used her litter box. She wasn’t timid or wary at all. She has adjusted so well. Now she’s also getting attached to us and meowing when she hears us and wants to follow us out of the room. I’ve taken her to other rooms and confined her there temporarily so she can sniff about. She loves to run about and explore each room.

I’m trying to keep her and our older cat Cali separated. It’s going to be hard because they are both curious about each other and dislike closed doors. I’ve let them sniff each others’ environment and I’m slowly letting Cali see her so he realizes she’s like him and not a squirrel or intruder.



Dora and Klaus, Fiesty and Cuddly, KittyKind

July 10, 2009


Apple and Bjorn are doing fantastic!  We renamed them as soon as they were adopted, and they now respond to Dora and Klaus respectively.  They’re gotten so big that we can’t believe it.  Dora is a fiesty little cat who loves climbing all over everything and ever scaled the exposed brick wall in our apartment!  She spends most of her day watching the birds outside our window when she’s not playing with Klaus or us.  Klaus is the most affectionate cat we’ve ever met and he loves to cuddle.  He and Dora get along so well.  He is a very vocal cat but very sweet.  Both of them continually impress us with how smart and clever they are – especially if they know they’re doing something they’re not supposed to do!  We’ve attached a picture of them Sara took last night when they were cuddling on the kitty condo.

Sara and Greg

Ino, Makes Herself at Home

July 7, 2009


Ino could not be doing better. She has been accepted by all of the cats and my oldest cat grooms her, the two kittens her age play with her now and sleep with her.  Ino and my calico like to wedge themselves in one of the shelves in the TV stand behind my Bose stereo. They both sleep together there, I guess it is warm.  Ino is the first in my lap if I sit down to read or watch TV.  She has a very melodic and loud purr as you stroke her ears.  She now has learned to get my attention to give her a snack before bedtime.  She loves watching the birds outside the window. Ino loves my dogs and tries to catch my younger dog’s tail when he is wagging it. Ino just looks delighted to be with playmates and never to be bored.  In the mornings she and my other younger cats chase each other all over the house, as I am half asleep I hear things being knocked over.  Her integration into my household, while I never thought it would be a problem, happened much more rapidly than I could have hoped. Even when my cat hissed at her, she never responded and just kept trying to get her to play with her. I am having a great time watching everyone play together. Last week, Ino was in the bathroom and was sticking her legs through the space between the door and door frame while my other cat behind the door kept trying to grab one of her legs. When I play with the dangle toy in the evening all three cats and my dog play with it. All of my pets are very affectionate with people and when I have guests they are amazed that all of the cats and the two dogs come to greet them at the door. Fortunately, I have enough chairs, beds and cat trees that everyone is sprawled comfortably somewhere.  I think the trick to having a harmonious household is that all my pets are handled and nuzzled a lot. I think some people do not realize that the animals need socialization and they just feed them, but do not give them playtime and affection.  By the way Ino likes sitting in my husband’s lap as he reads the paper and he was nonplussed when I added another pet. He knew how close I was to my other Aby and knew I wanted a cat that would be a lap cat. Again, I was just telling my friend Sue how incredibly lucky I am that with 8 million people in NYC you let me adopt her first.

Regards, Karen