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Congratulations to TODD RUTT, KittyKind’s Volunteer of the Month for June

June 23, 2015


I grew up with dogs and never had a cat as a child. I adopted my first cat Tammy (a boy) as a foster failure about eight years ago. My second cat Higgi, who I adopted when he was 15-years-old, followed shortly. After they both passed away I decided I wanted to do more to help cats so I started volunteering with KittyKind as a cleaner. This grew into several different roles, most of them utilizing my experience in media. I also started fostering for KittyKind and have fostered dozens of cats and kittens. I adopted the six-year-old sisters Leela and Lope after they were returned to KittyKind from their previous owners and I adopted Tabby Jack after fostering him for more than a year. I also have a fourth cat Nala, a feral who I took in for socializing, as well as various fosters at any given time.

Currently I volunteer as Media Coordinator for KittyKind and as a floating cleaner. My emphasis has changed in the last year to do rescue/TNR and I am involved with several groups in addition to KittyKind. I have trapped cats and kittens in various locations throughout the city but mostly up in Harlem where I live. It’s very rewarding to take a pregnant cat off the streets or to rescue and find a home for friendly strays.

~ Todd Rutt ~

What a great happy ending for Lulu: “I am so grateful I found you!”

June 20, 2015


Thank you Kitty Kind for the best gift ever—Lulu!  She is so great!  I can’t even believe how adorable and fun she is; we have the best time. You guys were so wonderful and professional to work with and clearly understand the importance of finding the right human to match the personality and needs of your beautiful cats.  After just two months, I can’t imagine life without Lulu, she is a doll.  I am so appreciative of the time and care you put into your matches, and for your devotion to the cats.  I am so grateful I found you!”

—Alison Oliver