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The healthy, lively and good eating duo: Honeybear & Gemma!

October 13, 2011

Honeybear was an extremely shy cat, but it just goes to show that with a good feline match as a companion, and a loving family, even the shy ones can blossom and find happiness ….

The cats are doing great – healthy, very, very lively, good eaters, and all that. They’ve started sleeping together on our recliner, and they seem to be getting along just fine. Honeybear is still a bit reserved – hasn’t climbed in our laps yet, though she took a couple of steps recently when she tried to grab some yarn from me!  Gemma’s all over the place, and it’s funny to watch Honeybear try to keep up with her.  Except when Honeybear tried one of Gemma’s leaps and knocked everything off my dresser, but it was still pretty funny.



Meryl & Bob

Come check out the ‘Cat Film Festival’ this weekend!!! :)

October 13, 2011


featuring Miranda July’s THE FUTURE

(check out the flyer here: Cat Fest Flyer!)

Dear fellow cats and cat lovers,
My name is Marcel because of my French heritage but I am a New Yorker tabby cat,
absolutely bilingual as was my beloved adoptive father Petitloup, who created CHAT
D’OEUVRES, the „ rst NY cat art „ lm festival, in 2009.
Now, according to his will, I am the new artistic director of CHAT D’OEUVRES – a pun
in French, whereby chef d’oeuvre or masterpiece, is turned into Chat (cat), since many
cats have been the subject of artists’ oeuvres.
Ž is year we will screen a bunch of amazing „ lms and videos from Europe and the
U.S. that feature our international cat brethren. Jonas Mekas, Anthology’s tremendous
founder and artistic director, will show something special for this event, and Robert
Storr, the Dean of Yale University, will introduce an exceptional document of famous
artists Mondrian, Duchamp, and Calder playing with a ki” en…
Ž e program will also include a number of never-released shorts and vigne” es.
Acclaimed artists Tracey Emin, Michel Auder, and Rob Wynne, all of whom contributed
to the „ rst festival, asked me to bring the festival back. I received such enthusiastic
responses from artists and „ lmmakers that many of them – agnès b, Joan Jonas, Paul-
Armand Ge” e, Anne Deleporte, Eleanor Hubbard, etc – have turned their cameras
on their favorite felines and created original „ lms for this second edition of CHAT
Marcel, artistic director
Les Films du Siamois

Volunteer of the Month: October 2011

October 4, 2011

Congratulations to Beth A, our October Volunteer of the Month!!  Beth has shown many years of dedication as a health maintenance volunteer and trainer, she has been with KittyKind for over 7 years, and started, after doing similar volunteer work for a shelter in Chicago for a couple of years.  Beth has been an animal lover all her life, she adds “By volunteering with a rescue group I’m trying to make a small difference in the welfare of all of the homeless animal in the city”. She has a cat of her own that she adopted from KittyKind last year, and she is also currently fostering another KK cat who needs the socialization. Besides working with cats, Beth is an avid hiker and a great fan of Bollywood movies. Thank you Beth, you are a dedicated member of the KittyKind, team well done!

 ***Winners are chosen at random from all nominees.

Our Foster Care Favorite for October: Maggie

October 3, 2011

Cat of the Month for October 2011: Echo

October 3, 2011

Galileo “loves watching the hummingbirds” and Guenevere (Gwen) is a “chasing-butterflies girl”

October 3, 2011

Galileo and Guenevere (I don’t remember what you had called them) moved all the way to the San Francisco Bay Area with us last year, and they’re loving their new West Coast  lifestyle! Galileo loves watching the hummingbirds out the window when he’s not snuggling (he loves relaxing with his bottom on my lap and his chin on the space bar), and Gwen is more of a chasing-butterflies girl. Every morning, Gwen shares my pillow with me for some snuggles.  They have enriched our lives in so many ways – thank you for bringing them into our lives!

All the best,