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The story of Rusty and Albie

August 31, 2010



You’ve Got a Friend in Me

When I first met Rusty, I was instantly smitten by his dewy gold eyes and handsome little face. His card read that he was friendly, and boy was he ever! I picked him up and he laid his head right on my shoulder. And he is so nice to pet. If you closed your eyes, you’d swear you were touching a bunny or a minx, his hair is so soft.

We enjoy every minute spent with this smart, alert, sensitive guy. Although I was so happy to have Rusty part of the family, nothing prepared me for the separation anxiety I felt when I thought of him all alone in the apartment while we were at work. “That’s it.” I determined. “He needs a friend.” So it was back to KittyKind to find a buddy for Rusty.

It didn’t take long to spot Albie. With his large pointy ears, apple-shaped face and rock star eyeliner, he looked like a wild animal! Fortunately, his personality is nothing like a wild animal. He is so mellow and relaxed that, when he was first brought to his new home, he sauntered in, stretched and laid down as though he had been there 100 times already!

At first, Rusty wasn’t as charmed by Albie as we were. The future best friends were kept separate for a while. When they were eventually allowed in the same room together, Rusty had some definite ideas about which areas were off limits to Albie.

Within a month, they were eating off the same dish together, sharing toys, grooming each other (although that usually ends in wrestling. Ah boys!), hanging out together, and napping beside each other.

And we’ve learned that cat number two is the best ROI this side of Wall Street! He’s very minimal extra work, but our joy and peace of mind have skyrocketed.

Rusty likes soccer, paper airplanes, opening doors, and playing a game he invented called, “Look at Each Other through the Cat Tunnel.” (He’s also the undefeated champion.) Albie likes feet (although not necessarily shoes), jumping, trying to get the laser pointer dot, and singing to himself with his deep baritone meow. Both kitties enjoy sunshine, views of the Hudson and loads and loads of love.


Marley, a Gift from the Universe

August 28, 2010

Marley (Toby) is doing GREAT!! He is a gift from the Universe! We all won the Kitty Lottery with this one. he is SOOOOO smart, affectionate , does everything with you buddy, sleeps with us … We are TOTALLY in love!!! The other kitties are slowly coming around

All the Best…  Peace… Lisa, Frankie & Marley

Foster Care Favorite-August

August 7, 2010

Cat of the Month- August

August 4, 2010

Volunteer of the Month-August 2010

August 2, 2010

Congratulations to Jamie K, our August Volunteer of the Month. Jamie, in addition to her Friday PM cleaning shift, does a wonderful job helping out with the Health Maintenance Team and extra things when needed, she is truly dedicated. Jamie has been volunteering at KK for about a year and a half, she has always loved animals so wanted to help in anyway she could.  Her favorite part of volunteering is hearing the success stories and knowing these cats are in a forever home and doing great. She says, “I also love meeting and knowing all the other amazing people who donate their time and homes to help these cats”. She enjoys volunteering immensely and finds it very rewarding.  Jamie had one cat before she stared volunteering and now has adopted a second. She also fosters a third who is a sweetheart and her and her boyfriend are finding it so hard to part with it, they may end up adopting and a third! Thank you Jamie for all your hard work, well done!

This month’s nominations also included: Celine A for being truly fantastic, Priscilla B for taking on a huge TNR project and working it, Juliet I for working so hard every SaturdayAM, Corrine K for being such a great tabeler, Jen K for being an excellent worker on the Tuesday AM crew and Jilda C, for the amazing enthusisiam she brings to all her duties, especially as KittyKind’s newest adoption rep.

***Winners are chosen at random from all nominees