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Mia and Zoe, Happy at Home

December 29, 2009

My girls, now named Zoe & Mia, are doing well.  Zoe, who must have been the one that a volunteer took home, was more interactive with me from the start, as opposed to her sister who initially was extremely skittish around me but I see improvements with her daily.  She sees how Zoe & I interact. I pet Zoe, give her tummy rubs, she purrs & she cuddles up with me on the couch.  Mia sees this & is getting closer to me. I hope this reinforces her trust & eventually she will come to me on her own.  I talk to her, but don’t make any fast moves or reach out to her for fear of her taking off to hide.  She must have been traumatized by human kind, so it is still going to take time, but as I said, I see daily improvement.  I just let her come to me when ready.  I do give her treats which seem to help too!


Thank you so much for all the valuable information.  I found it very useful.  Mia has become more interactive & even let me pet her & give her some head/chin rubs.  She did start to purr & rollover, but her sister, Zoe, got into the act as well, she didn’t want to be left out.  Maybe a little jealous, so I pet both at the same time.  Zoe was the most adjusted from the start so I guess she feels she should be the center of attention more than her sister!  Well, attached are some pictures, individually & together for you to share.  I do have cat dancer….they love that & they play real hard together.  When I think they are about to kill one another, I shout out “girls!”, they both stop & look at me at attention.  Sounds worse than it is I guess.  But they both seem happy.


Sisters and Good Friends

December 24, 2009

Relaxing, eating food, and playing with the catnip sugar glider!

Both of the girls are doing well.  Clementine seems much more active now, and has even been running around and playing with this tease toy that we recently bought. Waffles is her old frisky self, jumping all over the place and sprinting from one corner of the apartment to the other.  Waffles was bullying Clem when she got back from her vet appointment, and they kind of switched roles after Waffles’ surgery. But it’s only been a few days and they are already friends again. I think that the vacuum cleaner had something to do with it – they both get really scared when it’s on and they were hiding under the bed together. After that, they were grooming one another, snuggling, following each other around, eating out of the same dish.  It’s really adorable.  They are also becoming more and more comfortable in our apartment.  We’ve had friends over, and Clem always jumps into people’s laps and makes herself at home. I could’ve never imagined her doing that when we first got her – it seems that she’s coming out of her shell.  She’s now quite the crowd pleaser.  She is always very, very affectionate, always clambering to sit on us and lie down next to us. Even Waffles, who is usually the rowdier one, has started curling up in our laps and falling asleep.

They also are enjoying the scratching post and their toys – particularly a teaser with a mouse attached to the end.  They never cease to make us happy!

Anna & Will

Bo and Hasil, Getting to Know Each Other

December 22, 2009

I kept him quarantined up through the weekend, then let him out Sunday and there was a minimum of drama.  They’re both still clearly getting used to each other, but Hasil isn’t hissing too much and Bo (his new name) pretty much ignores him when he does. There’s some chasing, but then again there are lots of time when they are just laying around ignoring each other, which is good.
So thanks!  He is a fine cat indeed.


Moo Moo and Geoffrey-Buddies!

December 19, 2009

MooMoo and Geoffrey (aka Nash) are just lovely.  They’ve now met the extended family who visited for Thanksgiving, and they were a big hit with everyone.  I’m sure I’ve never met a more affectionate pair of kitties.

Best wishes,

Donate to Support KittyKind on Facebook

December 16, 2009

KittyKind’s Blue Christmas Holiday Gift Drive!

As the holidays draw near, KittyKind is working hard to support nearly 250 cats and kittens awaiting their forever homes.

Could you please add them to your gift list? Sponsor A Special Cat or donate to provide them with a variety of toys, supplies, or services! Through the end of December, we ask that you donate a gift to these kitties we are working so hard to place in loving homes.

Our most exciting option is for $75 you can SPONSOR A SPECIAL CAT for the month!

We will provide you with a photo and information on the special cat you have given food, supplies and vet care for the next month! Kitties like our FIV+ cats living with foster moms and Dads around New York City, or Lila – A beautiful and spunky gal who loves to talk and loves her catnip. Lila lost her home due to an allergic roommate and would love to find her forever home. She must be a single. Can you help her this holiday season?

There are many other options to fit every budget:

$10: Two Cat Dancers to keep the kitties busy while we clean their cages!
$12: Toy Mice for All!
$15: Warm Kitty Bedding
$18: Treats for All!
$20: Kitty Litter for a Day
$20: Vaccinate One Kitty
$25: One Case of Cat Food—Full tummies make happy kitties!
$30: Spay/Neuter One Kitty—Help us keep the cat population under control.
$35: Cat Carriers—Help us go to and from our doctor’s appointments and foster homes.
$50: Vet Visit for a Sick Kitty—Some cats come to KittyKind very ill: cancer, injuries and more. Please help them get the veterinarian care they need.
$75: Sponsor a Special Cat—Support a special cat for one month!

Please click the “donate” button on our Causes page to choose your gift, or to Sponsor a Kitty.

Times are tough, and your donation will help these creatures that cannot help themselves this holiday season. Without your help, they’ll have a blue, blue Christmas.

Zoltan the Explorer

December 14, 2009

When Zoltan came home with us, I assumed he would stay in the carrier for the night and be very nervous, but instead, he jumped right out and started exploring.

He is definitely a city cat, not afraid of anything including loud noises, which is a relief since my vacuum must wake up the neighbors every time I use it!

He loves, loves, loves to play especially with the toy mice and string! He is so excited when we get home at night and never forgets to wake us up every morning at 7am!

Even though we took Zoltan in as a foster kitty for a few days, we fell in love with him immediately. He was so friendly and loving and fit right in the family!


Cat of the Month-Tanya

December 10, 2009

Urgent Home Needed :)

December 8, 2009

Home Needed.Valentina_e

Volunteer of the Month-December

December 7, 2009

Congratulations to Stephen Q., our volunteer of the month!  Stephen has been volunteering for an extraordinary seven years.  He began volunteering after a random stop at Petco and a wonderful conversation with Dorothy.  Stephen’s favorite part of volunteering?  Seeing the cats get great homes and hearing from the adopters about how their lives have changed as a result.  Simon and Felix are brothers, ten years old, who are lucky enough to have their forever home with Stephen.  One who is still looking for their chance at a home is Valentina.  Stephen would like to take this opportunity to get word out about this amazing cat, she’s super sweet, loves to sleep with you, but not too fond of her feline friends so shows poorly at the adoption center.  If anyone is interested in meeting her please contact 212-726-2652 or  Stephen, you’re one in a million!!

This month’s nominations included another superb Adoption Rep, Dawn B., the wonderful Katie B. for the many projects she does for KittyKind, Beth A. for her dedication to the Meds team, and cleaners Meredith B., Kat W., and Belinda B. for their never ending hard work.  Thanks!!

***Winners are chosen at random from all nominees

Augustus and Macy Love to Birdwatch

December 4, 2009

I adopted Finley “Augustus” last April and I just wanted to give you an update on him.  He is doing very well.  His shoulder finally healed and he is great!  He loves to play with his sister Macy and they really love to watch birds together.  He is the sweetest boy in the world and the love of my life.  I’m so happy that I got him and that I was able to help a rescue kitty.  Thanks for all the work you guys do for our furry friends.