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March 8, 2016

All is well with Chloe. We love her so much! She is sooooo cuddly, and loves playing fetch with her toys. It’s adorable! Here are some pictures we have of her. Some of them are a bit dorky, but that’s just because we love her so much!


March 8, 2016


Dexy is a lovable, fun, and extremely cuddly kitty. He is such a wonderful addition to the family and I am so glad I was able to give this senior cat a forever home!

Happy Tail Arthur (adopted by KittyKind’s President Marianne Mahieu)

March 8, 2016

“Here are some pictures of Arthur in his new home and with his new cat friends, Magee and Lois.T he picture of him in the window (he’s facing the window) with my 17-year-old cat Magee is quite remarkable because Magee never even let his own brother or Lois sit next to him like that!”



February 22, 2016

12716111_10206429076228167_6728082777833993010_o.jpgCecil was a cat who came to KittyKind after being rescued, very very skinny, from being on the streets for too long. Beautiful, affectionate, and intelligent, Cecil gained weight and showed his rescuer that he was the perfect cat. Unfortunately he was FIV positive.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus is a chronic condition that can causes weaknesses in a cat’s immune system. Most FIV positive cats have gotten the virus in utero from an infected mother. It is extremely unlikely, if not impossible, for cats to get FIV from just being around infected cats, by sharing food bowls, or via a person touching a FIV-positive cat and then touching a FIV-negative cat. But it can be transmitted via blood, so a negative cat could contract FIV from being in a very bad fight with an FIV-positive cat. The wound would have to be very deep.

FIV cats generally show no signs of illness and require no additional vet care. But the stigma of the diagnosis can be an obstacle to getting a good home for an FIV+ cat.

Luckily, Cecil’s future adopters were not deterred by his status, and after meeting and interacting with him, decided to seal the deal and take this spectacular cat home. Cecil has a great home, and his adopters have a great cat!


HAPPY TAIL! Mungo (aka Ali at KittyKind)

February 22, 2016


Mungo was an owner surrender because of allergies. Now his days are filled with bird watching and play time!


February 16, 2016


The origin story: Mo was taken in by KittyKind with a group of other cats, and had a very tough time adjusting; he didn’t eat for several days and was very angry, and hissing at everyone. We were told it would probably be a challenging adjustment period, which would require extra work on our part, and he was unlikely to settle down quickly.

The day we met Mo, formerly known as Elmo, was the day we were taking him home as a foster. Mo was growling and upset when staff tried transferring him to the carrier; there was almost an escape and some (human) blood was shed. It wasn’t an easy start; Mo was anxious, skinny, losing fur, and generally pretty unhappy.

It took several months to earn Mo’s trust and for him to feel safe in his new home but eventually he started to become more relaxed and we formally adopted him. Mo bonded with me pretty early on, but it took some time for him to feel comfortable with my husband. I am happy to report that they are now best buds, and finally someone else is willing to keep my husband company while he plays video games!

Even though it took over a year, Mo is now the best lap cat ever and will jump onto the couch any time you sit so that he can be close by. When he’s not on your lap he likes to have a paw on you so you don’t forget he’s there (not that you could at the volume he purrs!)

He still enjoys his alone time, too – in the window watching birds mostly – but he’s proof that “less adoptable” cats can truly blossom when you give them the time and patience they need.


February 16, 2016


Thanks KittyKind and Meow Parlour for gifting us our little angel! We are so happy to have been able to give Buddha (formerly Athena) a forever home. From day one when she first walked into our home, she has brought us so much joy, love, and entertainment! The love we have for our little Buddha is unparalleled. She is an absolute bundle of joy and we can’t imagine a life without her. We look forward to each day with her and waking up to her bright, green curious eyes so full of love and warmth for many years to come.


February 16, 2016


When we first met Carrie cowering in the back of her cage, she looked miserable and scared, and our hearts were drawn to the challenge even though we had come in looking for a more extroverted cat. We fell for her immediately. After almost four months of patient trust-building, and countless hours spent lying with her under the couch, from which she would rarely emerge, she has begun to blossom into the sweet, intelligent, playful, and affectionate feline we knew was underneath the fearful girl who first came into our home. Carrie continues to blossom day by day (and night by night — she’s quite the nocturnal creature!). We were delighted to formalize the adoption last month and very much feel like she’s become a member of our family, and like it’s finally dawned on her that she has a home where she is safe and loved. Thanks KittyKind for introducing us, and we hope this inspires other adopters to take a chance on the less obviously well socialized cats. With a little patience, the reward can indeed be proportional to the effort.

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February 16, 2016

Within the past week, Rusty has begun to figure out that he is in a bona fide home! He comes out every morning eagerly awaiting breakfast and allows everyone to feed and pet him. Although he is still not sure about hanging out in open spaces when there are people around, he explores a bit more every day. I have yet to hear a meow from him, but his purring skills are top notch. In order to get him more comfortable with being out and about, I ran a YouTube video of Cat TV and he loves it! He even sticks around, waiting patiently when I rewind the video to replay it for him.


February 16, 2016


Adopting Mitzi was one of the best decisions I have made. From the moment she meowed at me from the cage, I knew I wanted to adopt her. Once I got her home, she transitioned very easily. A little harder for me…I had to move a bunch of pictures and knick knacks since she is a bit of a climber. And now that she understands I am not quite ready to play at 4 AM, our relationship is even better. 6:30 is fine. No need for an alarm, Mitzi just pounces on me! She loves to play in the evening. She never gets tired of chasing the little purple mouse down the hall. All in all a great match!