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Kodos & Kang aka The Darryl Brothers: ” I brought them home, and we’ve been madly in love ever since. “

February 14, 2013
Because they’re brothers, I’ve named both of the boys Darryl – My Brother Darryl and My Other Brother Darryl, which if you’re old enough you may recall from the 90s TV show “Newhart.”  The Darryls and I were brought together by my beloved Baby Kitty who, after over 20 years of bringing me tremendous joy, saw the last of her nine lives end a few days after Hurricane Sandy.  I was devastated by her death until I realized she timed it meticulously:  She knew there were kitties out there who had lost their homes in the storm, and she wanted me to take care of them but she didn’t want to be around for it, because at the ripe age of 20 she was understandably not keen on sharing her home with anyone else.  So I set out to fulfill her wishes, and through talking with some friends I found my way to Kittykind.  Miriam told me about the Darryls, who were about one year old and whose rescue home in Breezy Point had been flooded in the storm and KittyKind was taking them in, but was having a hard time finding a foster home because they had contracted ringworm, a skin condition that is treatable but can be contagious to humans.   (I never caught it, and now it’s just about cleared up on the boys.)  Their story broke my heart and I committed to adopt them on the phone, without even having met them.  I’m so glad I did because two days later when the reference checks were done, I brought them home, and we’ve been madly in love ever since.  They have very distinct personalities:  My Other Brother Darryl (who’s almost all white) is very mischievous, getting into everything and always wanting to be where the action is.  My Brother Darryl (who’s bigger and has more orange in him) is more docile and likes to sleep a lot, though he also likes to be the audience for his brother’s antics.  They have great brotherly love and affection, and will often snuggle together and groom each other.  They’re also very affectionate generally and love to sit on people’s laps and get attention.  And they’re typical little boys as they like to wrestle and chase each other around the apartment, and EAT!!  They’ve each gained more than a quarter of their original body weight since they came to live with me.  I am extremely thankful to Miriam, Patricia and Kittykind for the amazing, selfless work that they do, and for bringing the Darryls and me together. 
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Cherry is “getting more lovable by the day” :)

February 14, 2013


Cherry was found by a good Samaritan on the street, with a severely injured pelvis and leg.  With the assistance of KK volunteer Sonia P., Cherry underwent a major amputation and was nursed and nurtured by Sonia until she was ready for adoption.  Her story generated a lot of attention and interest, and she was adopted into a wonderful home, to join animal loving humans and a less enthusiastic resident cat, Maui.

Cherry and Maui are getting along great!  She started off with some “wild-ish” behaviors (like not liking to be pet for very long), which I attribute to her being outside for a while. But she’s been following Maui’s lead and is getting more lovable by the day. As I told you, Maui is a very sweet cat so it is good that she’s modeling herself after him.  She lets me comb her and cut her nails because she sees that Maui lets me do it.
For Christmas, I made a tree just for them with cats toys and these shiny tinsel balls so they could enjoy getting the “ornaments” off the tree. I’ve attached a photo of that too.
I think they are in the dating phase of their relationship. Maui is definitely not the same with her as he was with his littermate.  He is so incredibly patient and indulges in her whims.  Sometimes they just sit across from each other, stretch out and stare at each other.  They are definitely smitten with one another.  In time, I will have more pictures of them together, as they sit closer and closer together everyday. So I expect hugs eventually, but they’re taking it slow.

Our Cats of the Month for February 2013: Sunshine and Moonbeam

February 8, 2013

COM Sunshine Moonbeam 2_5_12

Our Foster Care Favorite for February 2013: Beedali

February 8, 2013

Beedali FCF 2_5_12