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Three Purrs for Volunteer of the Month, Eunice Park!

June 10, 2016


I wasn’t always crazy about cats. But I was crazy about a boy who was. And he said I should give them a chance. We rescued our first cat, Kiki three years ago from a mobile adoption van in Park Slope. We were told that Kiki had been abandoned and found in a box with his siblings. I became hopelessly enamored of him. Two years later, we adopted Nara from KittyKind. There were so many abandoned and homeless animals that needed help, I started to think about other ways I could make a difference.

I had never volunteered for anything before, until KittyKind. I started working directly with cats at the adoption center, helping with general care like feeding and cleaning cages to rescued kittens and cats waiting adoption. Looking back, what made my experience so rewarding and successful was my Saturday morning crew. We immediately bonded over our love for cats but more importantly, we shared a common goal, which brought everyone on the same page and allowed us to work with collective passion. Over the course of two years, I saw many great volunteers come and go, and it made me think about how I could have more impact.

Earlier this year, I transitioned into a volunteer manager role where I’m overseeing the recruiting and training process at KittyKind. I’m excited about growing our KittyKind team and building up what I hope will become a more scalable organization. It’s funny to think until three years ago I never had a cat and never actually desired one. Today, I have two and since joining KittyKind, we have found homes for over 1,500 cats. Volunteering at KittyKind has been immensely rewarding and I hope to continue working with my incredible team for many years to come.

NYC Cat Rescue to Host Farewell Screening of the World-Famous Walker Internet Cat Video Festival

June 8, 2016

KittyKind Inc, an all-volunteer animal welfare organization and one of the oldest cat adoption groups in New York City, will be hosting a farewell screening of the wildly popular Walker Internet Cat Video Festival June 29th and 30th. Produced by Minneapolis’ Walker Art Center, the Internet Cat Video Festival began in 2012 as a “communal experience” for fans of the online phenomenon of viral cat videos. What resulted is nothing short of a sensation. After beginning an international tour in 2013, the Walker Internet Cat Video Festival has attracted crowds of tens of thousands around the world for four straight years.

Unfortunately, KittyKind’s screening of the Internet Cat Video Festival, which will take place at Anthology Film Archives from 7:30 to 9:30pm on Wednesday June 29th and Thursday June 30th, is the last time the Walker Internet Cat Video Festival will ever be in New York City. “We think that cat videos will live on without us, and we’re really excited for other people to take up the mantle and program their own festivals,” Walker Art Center design director Emmet Byrne told the Star Tribune earlier this year.

The Walker Internet Cat Video Festival is a 70 minute compilation of videos curated by Will Braden, creator of the Henri Le Chat Noir videos, and includes the most touching, hilarious and artistic internet cat videos of our time. There will be complimentary beverages, wine, and hors d’oeuvres following the screening, from 9 to 9:30pm. Hors d’oeuvres are generously provided by East Village favorite Lil’ Frankie’s. All ages are welcome and cat attire is strongly encouraged! Proceeds of this screening will benefit KittyKind and provide life-saving support for cats awaiting adoption. Tickets can be purchased at

Though New York City is saying goodbye to the Walker Internet Cat Video Festival, the Walker Art Museum has donated its internet cat archives to the Minneapolis Historical Society and rumors of the next phase in the festival’s life (a new CatVidFest) are already purr-collating. Says KittyKind President Marianne Mathieu, “KittyKind experiences how powerful the love of cats can be in uniting the community every day.  We are honored the Walker Art Center has chosen us as a partner for the farewell tour of the Internet Cat Video Festival. The Internet Cat Video Festival will help us to save many animal lives. We know there are exciting things in store for these incredible internet cat archives in the future.”

To learn more visit or call KittyKind at 212-726-2652.