Cisco:”She is endlessly curious, always playful, and she never backs down from a challenge”

April 20, 2015

Violet (aka Tania): “She is an incredibly sweet and cuddly little girl.”

April 20, 2015


Joey and Violet (formerly Tania) came to our home about one year apart.  Joey was the first, a 17-pound, four-year old “Big Orange Mush.”  He came to us through Kitty Kind when his owner passed away.  Crazy about yarn and catnip, Joey is a loving and independent kitty.  He has brought us so much joy.  Next came Violet, a one-year old “Itty Bitty Kitty,” also known as “Little Blue Squish.”  She came to us after she was found wandering around Chinatown and rescued by Kitty Kind.  She is an incredibly sweet and cuddly little girl.  Together the two are a rambunctious riot.  They play together quite often (usually when we are trying to sleep).  Both are doing very well.  Oh, and they are Instagram celebrities, who you can see at #bigorangemush and #littlebluesquish.  We are so incredibly thankful that Kitty Kind made our adoption possible.

Justine & Clinton
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April 15, 2015

April 2015 Volunteer of the Month

The Best Cat Litter May Not Be Cat Litter At All.

April 15, 2015

By KittyKind FullSizeRender (2) (2)Volunteer, Jane Warshaw

April 15, 2015

It’s something you’ve probably got in your house already, so you don’t even have to buy it. And you were probably going to throw it out anyway.

It’s the newspaper.

Not only does shredded newspaper make a great cat litter, it’s the ultimate in recycling.

Benefits include no cat litter on the floor, the carpet, under your feet, between your toes and tracked under your sheets and no dust on the shelves in the bathroom or wherever you keep the liter box.

Assuming you buy one box of cat litter a week, using the newspaper can save you more than $600 a year. That would cover cleaning a lot of cat teeth and maybe your own teeth as well.

It’s really simple to make the switch.

For starters, put several layers of large pages of newspaper in the bottom of the litter   box—to ask as liner. Then put a few handfuls of shredded paper on top.  Then pour some of the litter your kitty is used to on top of the shredded paper. You can even sprinkle some baking soda on top for extra odor control. At the end of the day, just lift the ends of   the paper at the bottom of the box and toss the whole thing out.

Every day you can put new newspaper in the litter box and use a bit less litter until your cat is used to just the shredded paper. That should take less than two weeks.

Shelters often use shredded paper in for cats that have had surgery so the litter doesn’t get into their stitches and cause infection or irritation.

Dr. Louise Murray, chief veterinarian for the ASPCA in New York City, confirms the practice: “Vets use litter like Yesterday’s News after surgery because there is a feeling it will stick less to incisions and perhaps be softer and less traumatic than clay,” she said.

But you don’t have to buy Yesterday’s News, which can cost almost   $12 for a 15 pound bag. You’ve probably already got yesterday’s Times or Post or Daily News. Or your neighbor does and you can get theirs when they’re through reading it.

I have four cats ranging in ages from one to 16. They’ve all made the transition easily. Even cats I’ve fostered for various rescue groups accepted the shredded paper from day one.

In other words, you don’t have to have a kitten to make this work. Nobody ever said,“You can’t teach an old cat new tricks.”

Julian: “…a fantastic bedtime cuddler and loves to curl up with us when we watch movies.”

April 13, 2015


A year ago my partner, Gordon, and I rescued a friendly cat from the streets.  We spoiled him to death and even gave him an amazingly strange name, Thermilvden.  But, our crazy play sessions just weren’t satisfying enough.  I’m sure his playtime with humans was like us trying to hold an intellectual conversation with a toddler.  Thermilvden wanted our attention 24/7 and accidentally took his play aggression out on us.  He accidentally scratched us rather often.  So, when he really wanted to befriend my parents’ cat over the holidays, we were sure he needed a feline friend of his own.

We had just read about the opening of the Meow Parlour on The Gothamist and saw this as a perfect opportunity to meet cats that liked other cats.  We met a few rascals at the Parlour and some of KittyKind’s other adoptees at the Union Square Petco location, but all the talk about Julian’s antics (he was a rather renowned character) sounded compatible with Thermilvden.  KittyKind’s trial policy gave us the peace of mind that we wouldn’t stuck with a cat if they hated each other.

We were fully prepared to introduce them slowly with separate rooms, but after holding the door open a crack we could tell they wanted to get to know each other right away.  Julian and Thermilvden immediately began playing and ran up and down our 40 foot long hallway for several hours on end.  It couldn’t be called anything but an instant bromance.

They nap together, clean each other, wrestle and pounce on each other.  Thermilvden no longer swats our ankles for attention and all of his less than desirable quirks evened out immediately.  Julian is a fantastic bedtime cuddler and loves to curl up with us when we watch movies.

Our happy little family feels complete now.  Julian had brought peace, joy, and balance to our home.  We even get to brag that he was written about in the NY Times article on the Meow Parlour!  We didn’t know it at the time but that article came out the day before we chose to take Julian home.

I strongly urge anyone with just one cat to try getting a second cat.  KittyKind made the adoption process smooth and thorough.  You can tell they care about every single cat as if they were their own.  Meow Parlour was a fantastic way to meet cats outside the cage.  The cafe is a great solution for everyone’s needs.  The cats are happier while they wait to be adopted and have the opportunity to become more acquainted with new situations.  The public gets a chance to interact with the sweetest cats.  Kitty Kind has another outlet for placing cats.

We wish we could have taken more kitties home!

Erika & Gordon

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Marty: ” his favorite hobbies are eating, playing with squeaky mice and ping pong balls, and being brushed.”

February 22, 2015

Fuzzball: “she would be a wonderful addition to my family and a great first cat for me on my own!”

February 22, 2015
Since my childhood cat, Shadow, passed away in 2013, I had been thinking about adopting a cat.  I finally got my roommate to agree at the end of last year and came to KittyKind the next day!  I was so excited to meet Fuzzball.  She was so relaxed and affectionate off the bat and I thought she would be a wonderful addition to my family and a great first cat for me on my own!  She and I have been happily coexisting since she came home with me at the beginning of the year.  She loves to play but also enjoys just chasing her own tail!  She also has made a number of new napping spots, including a chair which I eventually put her bed on which she seems to enjoy very much.  I am so grateful to Miriam and everyone else at KittyKind that helped bring Fuzzball (now Cora) into my life!

Sirius (aka Errol): “He’s treated like a king because I’m a huge sucker and absolutely adore him…” <3

December 23, 2014
Sirius is doing wonderfully – I can’t believe it’s only been 10 weeks, I feel like he’s been part of my life forever. He’s the best cat, sometimes too smart for his own good but always sweet, very affectionate, never bad-tempered. So much personality and loves to be a part of any action. Truly a joy to have in my life. He’s treated like a king because I’m a huge sucker and absolutely adore him.  Thank you all for your role in rescuing him and putting us together!  I regularly keep up with the KittyKind site and spread the word to as many people as possible to go adopt. Maybe someday soon Sirius and I will welcome others into our little family.
All the best always!
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Koko & Luna Star’s Update!

November 23, 2014


Koko & Luna who are half siblings came from a hoarding home through the Mayor’s Alliance. Luckily, Kitty Kind came to the rescue and were eventually adopted, which was their story from a year ago. They are in a happy and loving home and celebrated their one year anniversary of their adoption! What an amazing update and we are so glad they are doing great!

“Callie has been such a great addition to our lives…”

November 8, 2014
We wanted a furry friend for our apartment (Barbara has been waiting for years to finally get a cat of her own!) but we weren’t sure if we would ever find a cat that could withstand an endless onslaught of cuddles and hugs. After meeting many cats, it was starting to seem impossible. Then we went to visit KittyKind and met Callie Girl. She loved being petted and picked up all the time (so much so that she drooled), so we knew we finally found the right cat. We put in an application, and while it was processing, Barbara went to visit Callie at Petco every day for the rest of the week. Callie was in a great mood every day, and we only became more excited about bringing her home.
We had heard that cats get anxious in new places but not Callie – within minutes of arriving, she demanded to be allowed to check out her new home, hopping on every chair and rubbing up on every corner. She became fast friends with the red couch, and mortal enemies with the red vacuum. Since arriving, she enjoys sampling new flavors of food every few weeks, taking naps in uncharted territory, and posing for pictures for her insatiable paparazzi humans. She avidly continues to pursue the world record of purring for the longest amount of time while being petted.
Callie has been such a great addition to our lives. Our friends love her excellent manners around strangers too! We are very grateful to the rescuers, fosters, and volunteers that made it possible for Callie to end up in our home.
Barbara and Kevin
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