Congratulations to Olivia Duerr, our September Volunteer of the Month!

October 1, 2015

Olivia Duerr and Spot

I have lived with and loved cats as far back as I can remember, always very sensitive to their needs and feelings. When I got my own apartment as a young adult, I considered delaying getting a cat in order to do some travelling. Someone pointed out that, even with brief visits while I was away at times, a cat in my home would be better off than in a shelter and so I went to the ASPCA and chose a cat that looked quiet and sad. We loved each other instantly, and I have never stopped sharing my home with cats since. I currently have two: Miss Mittens and Spot – both brought in by my teenage daughter after our previous cat passed away.

I retired from a career in social work over a year ago and joined KittyKind right away as a Cleaner and, a little later, Assistant Adoption Rep. I find it tremendously rewarding to give care and kindness to cats.  It is a great accomplishment for me to be able to help a very frightened cat learn to trust and relax enough to enjoy being petted. I care a lot about the welfare of all living creatures, no matter how large or small. It has also been wonderful to work with other volunteers who feel the same way about cats that I do. I have become aware of how much it takes to run an animal adoption organization and I greatly appreciate the dedication of the others who contribute so much to care for and find homes for our KittyKind cats!

Remember King Tut, August’s Cat of the Month?

October 1, 2015


Our August Cat of the Month, King Tut, officially has a kingdom! His first owner abandoned him, after nearly a decade, with a roommate that was unable to keep him. Then, adopted again, his second owner found that he and his needs did not suit her new lifestyle. But as of a few days ago, this dapper senior statesman has found his true forever home. Congratulations to King Tut on reclaiming his throne and his new family. We at KittyKind could not be happier!

Here are photos of King Tut in his new home and a quote from his amazing adopters: “Tutty is doing great! We couldn’t have asked for a better cat. He’s so sweet. Thank you KittyKind!”

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King Tut 1King Tut 2

Congratulations to our August Volunteer of the Month, Fan He

August 25, 2015


Fan He

I have never had any cats, but I do have a very spoiled Australian Shepherd named Xiaoxiong, along with several goldfish. I joined Kittykind almost two years ago because I wanted to interact more with cats and because I felt Kittykind was a wonderful cause. I’ve been working with the Health and Meds team on various shifts since then and have been mentoring new volunteers for more than a year. Nowadays, you can find me at Kittykind every Monday in the afternoon.

Here are some things Fanny’s fellow volunteers had
to say about her:

~ “Fanny is fearless with the cats.  She has a special touch, especially with difficult cats. She is very careful when handling the cats and I have learned a lot from her.”

~ “I think Fan is awesome and an asset to KittyKind.  I’m very grateful to spend time with her to observe her techniques.”

Three cheers for Fan He! KittyKind would not exist without volunteers like you.

Congratulations to our July Volunteer of the Month, Nancy Alusick

July 22, 2015

Nancy Alusick

I’ve been volunteering for KittyKind for so long, I can’t remember when I started or even if it was in this century! Like most KittyKind volunteers, I started as a cleaner and feeder to the cats at the adoption center in Petco, Union Square. Then I washed the cats’ dishes for about 5 years. Now I help coordinate KittyKind events. I also work with the current KittyKind President, Marianne, on KittyKind’s Spay/Neuter Day. I fill out the medical forms for our cats that need surgery, pack them up in to their transport carriers, and help get them transported to the spay/neuter clinics. I also work with our adopters to help get unaltered cats to the spay/neuter clinics that are farther away, like the edge of Queens.

I don’t know why, but I have always been drawn to cats, feeding them in the alleys of New York City since I was a kid. I love volunteering for KittyKind because I get to meet amazing, cool and classy people from all walks of life…all united in scooping the litter boxes of our city’s homeless cats while they await their forever homes!

The Perfect Match for Harrison

July 20, 2015


My boyfriend and I were in the market for a beta fish at the PetCo in Union Square, but after looking at the rows of adoptable cats from the Kitty Kind Rescue, we decided that it was time to make a bigger commitment than a farmed fish and adopt a rescue cat. That night we perused the Kitty Kind website and per the e-mail requirement, submitted the qualities we were looking for in a cat and the names of adoptable cats we thought might best fit our home. The website was incredibly detailed and up-to-date, which was a refreshing change from scrolling through Petfinder. As first-time adopters and cat-owners, we were unsure how an organization that rescues cats from a variety of unfortunate situations would treat us. Neither of us thought we’d get a response in 24 hours, much less detailed information on all the cats whose names we submitted, but Kitty Kind representative Miriam was immediately in touch with helpful information and a huge welcome.

Through the next two weeks, which is not a very long time at all when adopting your first cat, we worked very closely with Miriam in meeting cats who would do the best in our home. Any other rescue organization who has a long list of cats who need homes immediately may not have been as patient in making sure we found the best cat for us, but Kitty Kind really knows their cats and works very hard to make sure they end up in the most compatable home.

When we saw that there were Kitty Kind cats available to visit at the Meow Parlour in addition to cats at PetCo and in foster homes, we made an appointment to visit a particular cat who seemed like the perfect match. The Meow Parlour was very kind in waiving their standard visitation fee (as we were potential fosters or adopters) and gave us unlimited time to meet their cats. While Luke was not the cat for us, the big orange tabby snoozing away in the cubby underneath his seemed like someone we had to meet. What followed is the ultimate victory in pet adoption: we didn’t choose our animal companion as much as we were chosen. After checking us out from across the room, the big orange tabby with freckles on his nose came over to us and let us say hello, only to climb into each of our laps and fall asleep. We were smitten, and started the foster process the next day.

Since our buddy has been in our home, we’ve had two medical emergencies and a lot of learning experiences. Through it all, his previous foster dad and ultimate Kitty Kind cat mama Miriam, have made themselves available via phone or e-mail to guide us through. We felt, and continue to feel, supported by an organization who cares enough about their cats to stay in contact with the homes the cats go into, and having adopted a pet in the past, I know that this is a rare occurrence. We could not be happier with our pet, our experience with Kitty Kind and the Meow Parlor, and all the people who volunteer their time to make sure these cats are happy and healthy.

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past stories: a happy story before hurricane sandy….

July 2, 2015

Image 2 Image 1 Image IMG_0919 L&T #6 Image 4 Image 3

A couple years ago, right before Hurricane Sandy, I took an application for a young kitten named Abe…he, his 2 siblings, and their mom, had been dumped with us one morning…I remember it very clearly, as I was at KK on my cleaning shift, and I turned around to find a carrier w/3 kittens still nursing!!  The mom and kittens were fostered together until they were ready to be separated.  At first the fosterers named the kittens Bacon, Lettuce, & Tomato…those names were changed when they came in to KK…Bacon became Abe.  Anyway, after taking the application, I was unable to followup because of the Sandy, since I was stuck down in the Lower East Side, with no power and no way to contact anyone!!  Fortunately, the adopters were determined, and contacted KK to find out what was going on with their application.  They spoke to Miriam, who was able to get the adoption back on track!!  The cat, Bacon/Abe, is now known as Liam.  He’s in a wonderful home and completely adored by his owners and feline sisters.  The adopter still regularly sends Miriam and I pictures.  Last night he stopped in to say hi and give us an update, and I asked if we could post pictures of Liam, which he was thrilled for us to do.  Here are some recent pictures of Liam…

Congratulations to TODD RUTT, KittyKind’s Volunteer of the Month for June

June 23, 2015


I grew up with dogs and never had a cat as a child. I adopted my first cat Tammy (a boy) as a foster failure about eight years ago. My second cat Higgi, who I adopted when he was 15-years-old, followed shortly. After they both passed away I decided I wanted to do more to help cats so I started volunteering with KittyKind as a cleaner. This grew into several different roles, most of them utilizing my experience in media. I also started fostering for KittyKind and have fostered dozens of cats and kittens. I adopted the six-year-old sisters Leela and Lope after they were returned to KittyKind from their previous owners and I adopted Tabby Jack after fostering him for more than a year. I also have a fourth cat Nala, a feral who I took in for socializing, as well as various fosters at any given time.

Currently I volunteer as Media Coordinator for KittyKind and as a floating cleaner. My emphasis has changed in the last year to do rescue/TNR and I am involved with several groups in addition to KittyKind. I have trapped cats and kittens in various locations throughout the city but mostly up in Harlem where I live. It’s very rewarding to take a pregnant cat off the streets or to rescue and find a home for friendly strays.

~ Todd Rutt ~

What a great happy ending for Lulu: “I am so grateful I found you!”

June 20, 2015


Thank you Kitty Kind for the best gift ever—Lulu!  She is so great!  I can’t even believe how adorable and fun she is; we have the best time. You guys were so wonderful and professional to work with and clearly understand the importance of finding the right human to match the personality and needs of your beautiful cats.  After just two months, I can’t imagine life without Lulu, she is a doll.  I am so appreciative of the time and care you put into your matches, and for your devotion to the cats.  I am so grateful I found you!”

—Alison Oliver

Congratulations to our May Volunteer of the Month, Marie Mundaca

May 27, 2015
Marie Mundaca
     I’ve been a volunteer at KittyKind for over 5 years now. I started volunteering when I was laid off and I wanted something fun to do. I’ve loved cats for a long time, so it made sense for me to volunteer for KittyKind.
     Like most of the other volunteers, I started as a cleaner, and I still think cleaning is the best job. You get to spend a lot of time with the cats whose cages you clean. I even like cleaning the cages of the nervous or more difficult cats. Currently, I’m a floating cleaner, photographer, database keeper, curator of the Meet Our Cats books, cat bio writer, and assistant adoption representative.
     I’ve been in the animal rescue biz since I was a kid. My mother was a volunteer for the Staten Island Council for Animal Welfare and a vet tech, so we had a constant parade of foster animals through our home. I spent summers as a teenager volunteering as a cleaner for a woman who had over 100 cats.
     I currently have four cats of my own: Black Frankie is the boss, and he’s from City Critters. Charley Holstein (fka Charlie), Ninja Stripes, and Walter Kitty (fka O.J.) are all from KittyKind.

Life with Mr. Walter Magoo. Where do we begin?

May 6, 2015

When we first got Walter, his CH (cerebral hypoplasia) was very apparent as he would slide around our apartment wood floors, knock his head on walls, etc. But what was more apparent was the emotional scarring that Walter had/has from being born into and surviving on the streets as an alley cat, having been given-up twice by families once being taken off the streets, and spending a significant amount of time in a cage waiting to be adopted.

At first, he was very reluctant to be pet/approached/picked-up. Any psychical contact with him met us with aggressive responses. He wasn’t so much a cuddle-cuddle cat, but more of a scratchy-bite cat. As a result, we spent the first 6 months with him tending to large scratches all over us.

However, knowing his history, we started to work on his trust issues. Walt has an abundance of character. He is easily the most curious cat we’ve ever encountered. Everything we do in our ap

t, he’s right there watching us, butting his head into the action. To be a part of anything going on, he leaps up on chairs, beds, and even once into the shower (while Jesse was in it, which was a shock to both of them – haha). His CH never gets in the way of anything he wants to do, anywhere he wants to go, or anything he wants to see for himself — without thought to any disability he has, he just runs/leaps/crawls/slides over to find out whats going. Sometimes it means falling on his face, head-butting a wall, or misjudging a landing target just to have to attempt the landing all over again.

Over the 2 years he’s been with us, and reinforcing our love to him, he’s relaxed a lot. He’s still not a lap cat, but now he sleeps in bed with us, greets us at the door with talkativeness and stumbles when we come home, and lets us watch birds out the window next to him. He loves playing with his favorite toy – a feather on a string. Ignoring his CH, he attacks the feather with a reckless abandon. Then at night, when we go to bed, he finds his feather toy and carries it to bed with him, tripping on the string every other step. It’s adorable. How can you not fall in love with a cat who does that??

Walter’s CH is a condition he has, but neither he nor we notice it. He’s just a cat with some normal adoptive-pet issues. CH doesn’t get in his way — he’ll always be curious of everything going on, have a murderous lust for pigeons on the window sill, and some day, will hopefully sit on our laps. His character and personality will always dwarf his disability. Walter is a work in progress, but time has started to heal his emotional scars — he’s a very different cat from the day we got him and hopefully things only continue to get better.

Thank you!
Abby & Jesse

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