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“How Domenic came into our lives…”

October 15, 2014
As I do every week, I was visiting Petco on 14th street.  We had a sick cat, Max, at home and were considering a companion for him but were unsure of how he would react to a “new” friend.  Having just lost his sibling, Ralph, a month earlier, we could tell he was not liking being alone.  So as I walked around looking inside the cages, I came across an unruly cat who wouldn’t let any of the volunteers handle him – Dominic.  I snapped some pics of his shenanigans and sent them to my husband.  He immediately responded and said he wanted to bring him home, but our little guy was sick and we didn’t want to stress him out. I told him if it was meant to be, he’ll somehow be ours, but just not at that moment.  Unfortunately our little guy passed away about a week later, July 18, my birthday.  We were heartbroken.  My husband, who never takes the train, took the train in and was eager to meet Dominic in person, and discuss the next steps with the adoption counselor.  His biography listed him as very playful and hands on…too hands on to be a solo cat, according to the counselor.   My husband fell in love with him right away. He found a cat he could rough-house with but at the same time help him through this grieving process.   We had a home visit later that week and “Domenic” (we changed the I to and E) was home by week’s end on a “trial” basis.  For us there was no trial, he was home with his family. He wasn’t going back to being a shelter cat. From the moment we brought him home, he adapted so well to us and his surroundings.  He was already sleeping between me and my husband that night.  He’s been a wonderful edition to our growing family.  He’s playful, rough if you let him be, but just a great cat overall…loving, friendly, silly and most importantly, he has helped us feel like a family again. He spends a lot of time with my husband.  His hobby is painting miniature figures and Domenic is just mesmerized when my husband sits at his desk.  He’ll sit and watch him paint for quite some time before finally tiring himself out.  It’s very cute.  My husband and I don’t have children, so for the past few years, our cats have been our kids, so after losing our boys back to back (both were 15), there was a major void which Dom filled.  Then we realized he had way too much energy for one cat and decided to add two kittens as his siblings.  They all get along, play well and I find they look for each other for trouble or just for company.  It’s been a pleasure having Domenic and adapting to him and his quirks.  It’s been quite fun.
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