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Abigail, Queen of the House

February 25, 2010

Hi Stephen, It’s been a month since you helped us bring Abigail into our home, and I wanted to send you some pictures by way of thanking you for everything you’ve done.  She is now very much the queen of the house, and we couldn’t be happier with her.  Jantra and I appreciate everything you did, the helpful conversations and answering of all our questions, the continued assistance when her cold developed, and mostly the care you showed in making sure she was coming to a good home.  As you can see from the pictures, she’s pretty content, and so are we.  Enjoy! Thank you, Mercer and Jantra

Tulip, an Elegant, Pretty and Sweet Cat

February 22, 2010

Thanks to Miriam for all your time and help with Celeste’s adoption. She’s a beautiful cat with a sweet temperament, and, after a little more than 24 hours with us, she settled in well indeed–eating, sleeping, using the litter box, playing–just as you said she might, she loves the Cat Dancer!

As you can see from the photo, our gorgeous cat is settling in nicely. She is so pretty and elegant we renamed her Tulip, after my favorite flower!

We’ve only had her for a week and already we can’t imagine life without her.

Thank you so much for all your support and advice, and for rescuing this precious animal!

Chandra and I-Huei

KittyKind is SO Happy for you JULIE!

February 21, 2010

I met Julie for the first time at the Kitty Kind center in Union Square.  I noticed the many stickers and pictures of her adorning her cage, and she was clearly a very cute cat.  I recall being very surprised at her reaction to being in the cage, and also that she was not pleased with me when I tried to introduce myself.  However, the report from her foster parent suggested that there was a lot more to Julie than she was letting on.  It’s now clear that she’s a cat that really hates being in a cage, feeling ignored, and just loves to spend time with her human companions.

I was initially nervous about taking Julie home, since I wanted her to be happy and feel welcome, but that a new home is stressful for cats.  Arriving at my apartment, I opened to the door to her carrier, and she immediately ventured out, and to my amazement and delight, was a completely different animal than the cat I had first met.  She instantly approached me, rubbed up against my knees, letting me pet her, then eagerly flopping over on her back and letting my rub her tummy.  She explored her new home cautiously at first, then settling in and making herself at home.  The very first night, she clambered into my bed, and slept on her side, curled up right next to me.  Ever since, we’ve enjoyed playing with the laser pointer, chasing odds and ends around the apartment, and curling up on the sofa to watch TV together.  Who knew Julie would be a fan of Jack Bauer, “Lost,” and “Law & Order?”

I am so pleased that she is happy in her new home, and I look forward to many years of fun with my new furry friend.


Juniper has Totally Won their Hearts

February 18, 2010

Little Maxie is now bigger Juniper and doing quite well.  The two other pets – one old cat and one young dog – are rather perturbed to be sharing our attentions but they’ll get over it.  She’s trying hard to be friends with them.  She’s quite funny and lovable, we’re very happy.  She eats a lot and has doubled in size, and romps around the house, plus takes her naps in any available basket.
[One week later ….]  Here are a few pictures.  Ozzie, the older cat, has a “clubhouse” in a high place where he hangs out and she now joins him there during the day. Then he started sleeping in her little box –  notice in the picture.  They don’t cuddle or play yet exactly, but I think he is really getting used to her.  Juniper tries to jump on him and doesn’t seem at all afraid of him.  And she’s more trusting of the dog, so they can play a little.  She plays with her ball in my yoga studio, where she is quite skilled at dribbling across the room.  And she loves watching computer screens. She’s very curious and interactive, which we like.  She has totally won our hearts.

Thanks !


Fostering has Led her to Finding the Purrfect Cat

February 17, 2010

I still chuckle at the first time I met Alice. She was frightened but I remember her bright round eyes peeking curiously out of the cabinet. Her eyes reminded me of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Eventually she ventured out to explore and was almost immediately affectionate with me. Her favorite thing is to curl up on my chest like a baby would and sleep on anything that belongs to me. My purse, my coat, and even spend the night in my dresser! Alice has become the most popular roommate in my apartment and she deserves the title! After fostering numerous cats from Kitty Kind, I’ve finally found the perfect cat for me.


She Knew She Couldn’t Bring Them Back :)

February 17, 2010


These foster babies came to be mine and Andrew’s (my dog), when in the 2 days before it was time to bring them back in for adoption, they were following me EVERYWHERE in the house. Before that I had already thought that I wanted to keep them but I was having some doubts when all this cuteness started. If I shut the door to the bathroom, there was sure to be 2 kittens faintly meowing and scratching outside the door. When I went to bed there were 2 kittens almost falling all over each other to get the best spot on the bed spread (the cozy space behind my knees) and even though cats are not allowed on the bed, I just couldn’t say no. When they would wake up out of a dead cat sleep just to, in a drowsy haze, follow me into the kitchen so they could fall back into their dead sleep but in the same room with me. When they started to snuggle, clean, and play with Andrew the dog like he’s a littermate. I just couldn’t let them go! They were clearly devoted to us and to staying so they remain, raising hell and loving life with each other.


Samson and Delilah-Happy at Home

February 15, 2010

The cats are doing splendidly.  They are absolutely fine.  The very good news is that Samson has come out of his shell.  He is playing (he loves to play with a string and chase the plastic mice), using the scratching post, and participating in play time.  He is also sleeping with us on the bed.  He is definitely not shy!  And Delilah is so sweet!  She likes to give me kisses and she likes to help me clean the apartment.  She is definitely the adventurous and curious cat.

Many thanks, Meghann

Daphne has Happy Eyes Again

February 13, 2010

I just wanted to Thank You for all of your help with me adopting Daphne. She is a very sweet little girl who as you can see has become quite comfortable in her new home… Daphne now has happy eyes again… Thank you Miriam and Emily for all of your help!   best, April

February, Cat of the Month

February 11, 2010

Cat of the Month-February

February 9, 2010