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Grignotte- NYC Cat Adoption

September 30, 2008

I’m very happy with Grignotte (originally Lucy), that’s what we call her now. It is the translation of Nibble in French as we speak French. She’s very happy and sweet and last night she slept with us in our bed and wants to play with our other cat all the time, although she is a little rough when she plays because she is an adult. I guess, they still have to get along but it’s been working out very good. This morning they were running after each other all over the house. We’re so happy that we decided to get Grignotte, she’s so cute and sweet, we love her so much.

Naikel & David

Did You Know?

September 26, 2008

Adopt,Foster,Volunteer,Donate: KittyKind NYC

September 25, 2008

Cat Rescue Comedy Club Fundraiser

September 24, 2008

Tickets can be purchased by emailing or at the door the night of the event.

West Village Street Fair-New York City

September 23, 2008

KittyKind had a spot at the West Tenth Street Fair, this past Saturday, September 20. We raised a lot of money, sold cat grass and one of the two young cats we brought to the fair, got adopted out. Special thanks to Maria, Ray, Stephen and Nancy for helping out.

A big thank you to all the generous people that stopped by to talk, donate and give words of encouragement.

It was truly a success.

Mizzie- Cat Adoption New York City

September 22, 2008

It took 8 to 10 year-old Mizzie about 5 weeks to come out of her hiding place while I was awake and another couple of weeks to warily approach me for affection. Every day now she gets more and more relaxed. Ï was patient and let her approach me on her own schedule, and the wait has been well worth it. She is a very sweet, serious little lady who is rediscovering what it feels like to be treated with kindness and do things like play with toys. Mizzie is still, reflexively, very wary of movements, but she grows more trusting each day. I believe she knows she is safe now, and it will just take a bit more time to let go of old habits of fright and flight. I can only imagine how stressful her life in the street was before she was rescued by a wonderful KittyKind person!

A million thanks to the KittyKind volunteers for the wonderful work you do!


Mittens the Kitten- NYC Feline Adoption Group

September 19, 2008

Yesterday, I stopped by the KittyKind adoption center at Petco, only to find Mittens fast asleep in Dorothy’s lap. Dorothy has such a calming effect on the KittyKind cats that are up for adoption. I got out my camera, a lady got out her’s, other people stopped by to point and smile and we had a two-minute photo shoot with Mittens.

Bella- Extra Special Cat in Loving Home NYC

September 17, 2008

I met Bella last September in 2007 when I used to be on the Wednesday morning cleaning crew at KittyKind. I have to say I was scared of her. She did not like to have her space invaded, even if it meant fresh food and a clean litter box. My shift mate at the time, Sarah (who now does the KK volunteer newsletter), was not afraid of Bella, so she would put the super safety gloves on and she would occupy Bella as I quickly pulled out everything from her cage. She hissed, screamed, bit and scratched but Sarah stood there calmly talking to her.

At the time, my beloved cat Eugene (a girl) was very sick. Months passed and during the last week of December we knew it was time to let her go and it was a very very sad time in my life. I told my husband “No more cats, never again, I can’t get attached”. Days went by, the sadness was everywhere but I could not get Bella out of my mind.

About 4 months had passed since I met her and she still was in a cage, having not yet found her home. I told my husband, “We have to bring her here, just to foster, just to get her out of the cage.” We were scheduled to pick her up one evening and the two adoption reps, Cathy and Miriam tried for 2 hours to get her into a carrier. It was not going to happen. They said come back on Friday, Dawn will be able to take care of it. We went home, unsure of what we were getting ourselves into. Friday came, we met Dawn and within 5 minutes Bella was in the carrier and we were on the subway back to Brooklyn.

It is now 8 months since we brought Bella home and a year since I had met her. She went from being close to 20 lbs to a healthier 12 lbs. When I get home she is waiting at the door and I pick her up like a baby and kiss her face and stomach. She does let me know when enough is enough. She is very feisty and always has us laughing. She likes to give me love bites on the top of my feet and will chase me around the apartment. She doesn’t meow but will give an occasional squeak. She needs her space, which we respectfully give her, and she trusts us more each day.

Although I too am a KittyKind volunteer I want to say thank you to everyone who makes KittyKind continue to run. So much goes on behind the scenes before a cat finds it’s new home.

Ann S.

Mr. Moe Katz: Cat Adoption New York City

September 16, 2008

We are so grateful for being able to adopt this special cat from KittyKind. It began one Saturday this past June when we first stepped into Petco to “visit” the cats. I immediately began to talk to Mr. Moe Katz (the name is more than appropriate for him), an 8 year old catman with an old soul face. At the same time I read about a blind cat from KittyKind which I wanted to help. Then my husband and I walked away. That same evening I wrote Emily about the blind cat and if I could help in some way. Emily replied and asked me to foster one very gentle cat because he needed so badly a break from his cage. They seemed desperate about this cat because he was the gentlest and nicest cat ever – but nobody wanted him – his name was …. Mr. Moe Katz. I immediately remembered the name and picked him up a few days later. When I took him out of his box he was so desperate and hid his little face under my arm. When we arrived home he immediately found his place and began to play. After only 2 days we decided to keep Mr. Moe Katz. He is the best cat I´ve ever known, he is gentle, handsome and so smart and he loves to be around us! My husband and I really fell in love with him – he is now “king of the castle” and our new family member.

Thanks to KittyKind!! They were so caring about him and I got so many nice emails after adopting Mr. Moe.



September 12, 2008

I didn’t mean to adopt a pussycat that day. I just meant to visit my friend Madalyn who was helping out at your Kitty Kind “Senior for Seniors” event. However, when I saw the label on Luther’s cage, Luther aged 16, and he was curled up in the back, I felt so sad – “who would want a senior cat of 16”? Guess what? As soon as I held him in my arms I knew it would be me. What a sweetheart he is. Everyone who meets him loves him. When I took him home he used the litter box and then hid for a couple of hours. Then he popped out of hiding and sat across the room and looked at me. After a while he decided to come over and greet me. Since then we have been on very loving terms. We have had to visit the vet a couple of times and everyone loves him there. He sat quietly when he was examined and had some blood taken. You would not even know he has claws and teeth. Incidentally, for a 16 year old he has a full set of beautiful white teeth. He has a strong singing voice and I have added Pavarotti to his name. He is particularly strong in the aria area and can hold notes for quite a while. He is so special and I thank you Emily and your associates at Kitty Kind for taking him in when no one wanted him. I also thank you for all the good work you do.