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KK at Blessing of the Animals 10/2/10

September 29, 2010

KittyKind will have a table at the Blessing of the Animals, this coming Saturday, 10/2/10 at 1pm at St Francis in Astoria.

The  Parish is located on Ditmars Boulevard & 29th Street Astoria, but the blessing will be at the large parking lot which is located on 31st Street Between Ditmars and 21st Avenue.

Stop by and say hi!

In honor of St. Francis, Patron Saint of Animals, we will have a blessing of animals on Saturday, October 2 at 1:00 p.m. in the large school yard on 31 Street. An organization called KittyKind will have a small table with information at the Blessing of Animals. KittyKind is a New York City not-for-profit, no kill, all volunteer cat rescue and adoption group. All of the people at KittyKind had opened their hearts and homes – and emptied their pockets to save thousands of cats from neglect or abuse. Every cat they rescue is given food, shelter, medical care, a safe place to lay his or her head and most of all, a reason to purr.

Known Around the House as “Don Tonio”

September 29, 2010

Around my house, Antonio is more often called “Don Tonio” because he’s got the look of a mob-boss and the size to back it up.  I adopted Antonio as a companion for my cat, Simone, after her brother died.  He was an instant fit.  They play like crazy and have a wonderful time, often chasing each other’s tails.  He’s unassuming and very well-behaved.

He’s not at all pushy, after all, he’s the Don; he knows he’s going to get what he wants!  But the most endearing thing about Antonio is that he follows me quietly all through the house and purrs when I come in a room.  It’s quite the ego boost, I must say.  Simone and I are both so lucky to have found Antonio.  I am grateful for the opportunity to pamper and adore him for the rest of his life.

Best, Katie

Pito, a Very Special KittyKind Cat

September 26, 2010

My family and I lost our cat Keetsya three years back. It was an incredibly hard time, after which my mom and I vowed to never get another cat. However, once I started working at KittyKind as a volunteer, adoption began to weigh on my mind. I kept an eye out for that special cat but never experienced that decisive emotion that told me that this cat is the one – that is, not until I met Pito. Pito has an uncanny trait of holding your gaze. As it turns out, my little lion is the most affectionate and intelligent cat I have known – though, I am a little biased:) He loves to snuggle up at night, and adores the company of other people. Pito quickly charmed every person in my family, as well as my friends. He is an awesome cat!


Bert, So Grateful to Have Him

September 23, 2010

Bert – nee Pepper – is our dearest little cat. He is doing great – he loves to play. We had to go away for a few days over this weekend, and we had a friend come stay in the apartment to take care of Bert. He slept on the bed every night, just like he does with us, and I think he was very glad to have the company. Still, when we got back he let us know that he missed us terribly, and that he considers himself very much our cat (or maybe he considers us his humans). We are so grateful to have him.

Best, Katherine

Foster Care Favorite- September

September 9, 2010

Cat of the Month-September

September 7, 2010

Zaha, Now Bootsie Finds her Loving Home

September 3, 2010
I fostered her back in February since she badly needed a break from the cage. If you remember, she was adopted as a teenager from Kittykind along with her brother Henri, but they both came back when their owner left the country. Henri was soon adopted again but Zaha stayed behind. She probably wasn’t helped too much by her shyness and was overlooked. I had little experience with shy cats and it took awhile for me to adjust to a cat who didn’t like to be approached and would scoot away when I tried to pet her.
At the same time, she jumped into bed with me at night and would be very content to spend the entire night at the foot of the bed. Soon after, she would come to me for attention when I was sitting on the couch. Her want of attention mixed with her skittishness was, and still is, a bit puzzling, but I’ve learned to accept her just the way she is. She has a playful side and loves catnip toys, mice and chasing the laser; it’s fun to watch her “get crazy” when she thinks no one is watching. She has no problem asking for food and treats with a sweet little meow and a pleading look with her big green eyes. In other words, she’s in the process of training me.
Bootsie couldn’t be more different from my other cat Jasper, a very friendly alpha male, large in size and personality. Nevertheless, she manages to hold her own with him and he has learned to respect her boundaries. Although they aren’t really friends, they co-exist peacefully. I know Bootsie is happy here and is making progress. It doesn’t really matter how much time it takes.