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Facebook Helped Dusty Find a Great Home

November 29, 2010

I was perusing Facebook when I came upon a post about Dusty from a friend. We had been wanting to adopt a second kitty to keep Olivia (our first cat) company. When we first met Dusty in person, he was not at all shy, and immediately went about curiously sniffing us, purring and playing with the hem of Vivien’s skirt. He was a little more hesitant when we brought him home and introduced him to Olivia, as he’d had some bad experiences in the past involving being bullied by other cats, but it soon became clear to him that Olivia was a friend. They have a lot of quirks in common, although sometimes his brusque manner offends Olivia’s daintiness. But ultimately, they make a great team.

Dusty is sweet-natured, adorably clumsy, and the perfect mix of playful and placid. He loves to cuddle. If you’re feeling sad, he will always sense it and trundle over to curl up beside you and purr your troubles away. He loves his yummies and a pinch of catnip at the end of a long day. The keyboard of my laptop is one of his favorite places to nap. Shoelaces and empty boxes rock his world.

We love our Dusty to pieces, and can’t imagine not having him in our home. He makes us very happy and we are so lucky to have found him!

Carlo and Vivien

Foster Care Favorite

November 20, 2010

Cat of the Month

November 18, 2010

Cappi, One Very Lucky Cat

November 15, 2010

I’m so impressed with KittyKind, as the entire process I experienced in order to adopt Baby has been very positive! I’m so grateful to know that wonderful organizations like yours do exist, and very special, caring people such as you and the other volunteers, are there to help and protect these precious little creatures… God Bless all of you!

First, I have to confess, I changed Baby’s name to “Cappi”… It means lucky boy in Italian! I think he knows this is his new name as he even answers to it already! I’m also thrilled to announce that Cappi has been enjoying every inch of his new home! It’s wonderful to see him exploring all the different rooms, closets, dressers, windows…and I’m happy to say his new roommate, my orange tabby boy, Bobby, has actually grown to really enjoy his new friend! At first Bobby let him know he was the “boss”, some hissing, then it stopped, day 3 he was ready to race around and play with his new pal! I think Cappi is still trying to get used to Bobby’s personality, so he’s playing a little at a time with him, but I think eventually they’ll work it out… They both love to play and I have so many cat toys, Cappi has even brought Bobby more exercise during our play times- which he definitely needed!! They were just chasing each other through the house this morning… It’s hysterical. No screaming or roughness – I just hear little meows… Their communication is amazing to watch!

I actually saw “Baby” on Petfinder, he was one of many cats I was interested in… I really wanted to adopt a cat, especially since Bobby seemed so lonely after my other cat died.  I decided to go to Petco, and the very first face that popped out through the cage was “Baby” and it was love at first sight! So I stayed awhile and talked to him and when I stood up to leave, he stuck his little paw out through the cage as if to say “wait… Don’t leave!” And I just felt like it was a sign… I knew right away he was meant for me!

I love how he stands up to meet your hand when you reach down to pat his head… And I love his purrr… it’s so loud!! He seems so happy! I’ve already clipped his claws, he gets brushed every day… And he’s starting to enjoy the good food I’ve been giving him which is all holistic food from Whiskers… I do give them treats, I have a few different kinds I’ve been testing with Cappi, he’s a bit choosy when it comes to treats!

I love that he has favorite spots to hang out in already… he has a favorite window for viewing the birds in the morning!

Keep doing what your doing for these animals… Its a wonderful gift you are giving them!

I’ll keep in touch…
Best Regards,

Mochi, formerly Known as Livia, Home at Last

November 12, 2010

Mochi (her new name) is doing great.  She’s so well-behaved and loving.  She comes when she’s called, purrs frequently, and even greets us at the door when we come home.  Here’s a preview of her in her Halloween costume. Thanks for checking in!


Talulah, Right at Home

November 9, 2010

Thank you so much Miriam for checking in.  We’re doing great.  Talulah settled in very quickly and has made herself quite at home.  She loves sitting in the front window and watching people walk by.  She’s recently started sleeping curled up by my feet at night, which is great with winter coming!  She’s just completely sweet and well behaved.  I got very lucky with her. She is totally litter trained, doesn’t scratch furniture, doesn’t jump up on things, etc.  I’ve attached a picture for you and the fosterers….this is her sleeping on the couch, one of her favorite spots.

Thanks for everything & please tell Davy I said hi.


They Won the Jackpot with Elly

November 7, 2010

Dear Miriam,  As for Fabian (now called ELLY)  WE LOVE HIM!!!  He is the best cat. We did as you said, and I sat with him when we got home.  He jumped right into my lap.  Within minutes he was ready to explore, walked around slowly, sniffed and checked out his new environment going back and forth from me and Herve literally wagging his tail.  I was shocked at how comfortable he seemed to be right away!  He’s used the litter a few times already after he was only shown once.   He is a very smart little one!  It’s as though he has already been living here for months already. We feel like we won the jackpot with ELLY.

Thank you very much for your patience and for helping us to truly find the best cat for our home…. Elly was the perfect choice.  He is very very playful and loves the toy that you recommended that we buy for him.  [Enclosed are pictures] so you can see for yourself if you think he is happy.  We are very happy with our new addition!

Thanks again for all of your help.  It truly is a wonderful thing what you do to help these rescue cats & kittens.

Sincerely, Daniel

Volunteer of the Month-November

November 5, 2010

Congratulations to Kathy O, our November’s Volunteer of the Month. Kathy took on the huge task of getting our Pet-finder site fully up to date, it’s now running smoothly. Kathy has been fostering for KittyKind since 2009, she loves cats and her favourite part is seeing the ones she has fostered, getting adopted and finding loving homes.  Kathy has also volunteered for other organisations since 2001. She adds: ‘It’s such a joy having cats and kittens in the house and I feel grateful of the people who show up at KittyKind to take care of the cats and find them forever homes, I am delighted to be able to help.’ Kathy has two cats of her own, both who she fostered at first before she found she couldn’t part with them, now they have slowly become buddies. Thank you Kathy for all your hard work, you have been great. Well done!

This month’s nominations also included: Ina, for being extremely reliable and always coming in early for her shift, Pamela D, for being a consistent force on the Tuesday AM crew, Ruth S, for always working hard and taking care of the cats on her Monday PM shift, Jeya B, for being such a great addition to the Friday PM crew, and Emily D, for always having a smile on her face every Tuesday PM.


***Winners are chosen at random from all nominees.

I am so Lucky to Have Julie

November 1, 2010

I can’t thank you enough for your help in picking Julie…she is the greatest addition to my life.  As I said before, Julie is such a sweetheart (with a bratty streak that I completely identify with), and has so much personality.  Of course, she wants attention (on her terms!), and she loves to play and be scratched, but she is by no means a handful.  Julie is very friendly…my dad came up to fix a few things in my apartment while I was at work, and she immediately went up to him for scratches and attention.  He was in love with her after that!  With the amazing personality she has, I can’t imagine anyone giving her up.  Their loss is certainly my gain!

I’ve attached a few pictures of my little love…I swear I have the camera ready for when she does something cute or bratty, which is all of the time.  One of her favorite things to do is drink out of my glass of water.  I gave up and started putting out another glass for her…she still drinks out of mine, of course.  I am so used to having pets, and this was the first time in my life I didn’t, and it’s something I missed terribly until Julie came along.  I am just so lucky to have her, and can’t thank you enough.