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Our Foster Care Favorite for December 2012: Bunny

December 28, 2012

Dec FCF Bunny


Our Cat of the Month for December 2012: Bosco

December 28, 2012

Dec COM Bosco

Shilo: “When I came down to see the cats for adoption, I went right to Shilo with her beautiful colors and little round face.”

December 28, 2012
When I came down to see the cats for adoption, I went right to Shilo with her beautiful colors and little round face.  But I had just lost my cat of 15 years and was not sure I wanted another.   But talking with Miriam and another woman there that let me pet her and took time to talk to me about how it’s okay to love another.   All I thought of was me going home and Shilo being in that cage. The only thing I said to Miriam is “I Want Her”.   Shilo is such a character, one thing she does is plops on the floor so I can rub her belly, then gets up moves just enough away and plops again and I have to stand up, bend, rub and she does this 3 or 4 times moving just far enough away that I have to keep getting up and down.  When she is sleeping on her favorite chair, if I make a move to get off she makes a made dash into the kitchen if it’s time to eat or not and she has this soft little meow.  She greets me at the door when I come home.  I got her a scratching post in shape of an S lying down, she runs under it, plays with the toy on it, and rubs against the scratching part.  I also bought her some new toys, one is a medium size mouse she loves to actually flip it up into the air and catch it and do it again.  She is too adorable!
I’m watching her now sleeping on the chair, quite knowing one noise from me and her made dash to the kitchen begins.  So precious.
I wasn’t going to come down to Petco but Miriam sounded so nice and was trying so hard to get these animals adopted to good homes.  And I’m sorry I didn’t get her name but the dark haired woman who let me pet Shilo and talked to me was a great help in making me realize that I can have another Chloe in my life to love as much.
I wish you well with all you do and I bless you for all you do for our little four legged friends.
Darian & Shilo


Our Cat of the Month for November 2012: Maria

December 17, 2012

Nov COM Maria

Our Foster Care Favorite for November 2012: Jimmy

December 17, 2012

Nov FCF Jimmy

Marina (aka Turtle): “…the sweetest & friendliest thing.”

December 17, 2012


I adopted Marina and re-named her Turtle. She is the sweetest & friendliest thing.  She follows me around the house, purrs, plays and kneads!  I am so lucky to have her in my life.  I just love her!!  Thanks for all of your help!


Oscar: “…he began charming our socks off.”

December 17, 2012
We started fostering Oscar in June, never imagining we’d keep him — his FIV+ status made us wary.  But almost immediately, he began charming our socks off.  Oscar is extremely social.  He loves being around people and will snuggle any chance he gets.  He is not shy around new folks and will climb into any lap that comes his way.  He is gentle and silly.  We are thrilled to have finally made it “official” by adopting him.  You’d think Oscar would stop being so charming once he was done “auditioning” but nope, he’s still amazing!!   We love him so much and give him so much attention that it’s embarrassing!  I also really wanted to thank KittyKind:   Reading over his medical forms, I saw at one point that the vet [where he was first brought by the good Samaritan who rescued Oscar] recommended euthanasia after his FIV+ status was discovered.  I’m so grateful that y’all took a chance on this kitty who is bringing us so much amusement and affection.  Hooray for this happy ending!