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Paddy (aka Catlyn): “She’s very good at entertaining herself and finding anything she can to play with.”

October 30, 2012

Nick and I are so happy to have found Paddy, who we call
Catlyn.  She is a very sweet girl who loves to hunt and attack her
mouse toys.  She’s a well behaved kitty and is totally ok with hanging
out alone while we’re at work. She’s very loving and cuddles up next
to us on the couch and enjoys being petted for hours when we’re at
home.  She loves to rest on her scratch pad and nap in strange
positions!  She’s very good at entertaining herself and finding
anything she can to play with. Thank you again for your helping us
find our perfect cat!  We will definitely spread the word about

All the best,
Lauren and Nick

Andy “has brought so much comedy into our lives.”

October 30, 2012

We adopted Andy several months ago and he has brought so much comedy into our lives.  We suspect he may not be a cat at all – he sleeps on his back, eats food out of the garbage, chews on magazines and squeaks like a pterodactyl.  Although we spend most of the day saying “Andy stop it” because he is being naughty, we are so grateful to have welcomed him into our family.


ADOPT!!! :)

October 16, 2012

Starting today thru October 21st SocialPakt, the local social company that uses art and apparel as a vehicle to raise money and awareness for nonprofits, will be selling this limited edition t-shirt in support of KittyKind. The t-shirt features a striking image of Bailey, one of our beautiful cats, and reinforces the importance of adoption.

Our goal throughout this two-week campaign is not only to raise money, but to help Bailey find a forever home. She is a sweet and loveable girl, and we hope you will purchase a t-shirt and help us spread the word.

Each t-shirt is only $22, and $6 from every purchase is donated to us! The t-shirt is available until October 21st, and can be purchased here.

Volunteer of the Month: October 2012

October 16, 2012

Congratulations to Kristin S., our October 2012 Volunteer of the Month. Kristin has been with KittyKind just a little over a year. She says that after she adopted her cats from a shelter, she decided to look into volunteering. Her favorite part of volunteering is, “the cats. D’uh. 😉 Once cleaning is done, I like to spend the rest of the night collecting payment for my hard work in cuddles. I like to sit with the shy ones when I can.” Kristen has two cats of her own, Roo and Munk. She says, “Roo is the one in the picture, she’s my acrobat. Munk is a fussy little brat who you can’t touch until she decides she’s in the mood, but we love he anyhow.” Kristen adds “All my previous cats were strays right off the street, but apparently the neighborhood kitties didn’t get the memo that there were vacancies to be filled.” Besides having a wicked sense of humor, Kristen is an art student. She says, “Sometimes I draw cats, cos why the heck not.” Thank you, Kristen, for all your hard work!

Winners are chosen at random from all nominees.

Our Foster Care Favorite for October 2012: Precious

October 16, 2012

Our Cat of the Month for October 2012: River

October 16, 2012