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Over the Moon about Pearl Mayflower-KittyKind

August 25, 2009


Mayflower now known as Pearl May Flower is wonderful. She has been sleeping with us & my daughter.  Both of my children are over the moon about her! She is very friendly, playful, cuddly & rarely hides, she is really becoming part of the family quite quickly.  Besides being sweet & smart, she is so beautiful! We are all in love with her.

Best, Joie

Jimmy, an Ideal Cat, KittyKind

August 21, 2009


We absolutely LOVE him.  As far as I can tell, he is an ideal cat.  He spent his first night in the kitchen and then hopping on the couch to knead my boyfriend and I, then back to the kitchen, then back to the couch. Every day he seems to be more energetic. He immediately used the scratch board and post we got him, and he has been eating/drinking/using the litter box just fine.  As I type this, his head is on my arm, purring.  He spends most of his time kneading our laps, but he definitely loves his toys too.  He wanted to spend the first few nights in my bed, but last night I showed him his kitty bed, and he slept in it the entire night.  I could not be happier, and I am thankful that Kitty Kind approved my adoption!  I hope I am not boring you with the details, but we really love him so much, and he has really been just perfect!

Thanks again!


Rocky, Social, Lots of Fun and Affectionate

August 18, 2009


Stephen, I named him Rocky (was Loverboy) and we are getting a long fantastically! He is very social, lots of fun and affectionate. Any friends I have over are just jello over him. They send me emails and messages just to tell him hello and to give him a hug. His is a great hunter (dust, paper air…LOL) and a ham for any love and the camera! He is also a great singer and conversationalist. We talk all the time and he sings as he walks around my apartment.


Sundance and her New Friend Liam

August 12, 2009


Sundance is doing really well. She is such a sweetheart. She and Liam are getting along very well. She follows him everywhere, and he watches her with much curiosity. She seems very happy and healthy.  I’m attaching some pictures, but they’re pretty bad quality. I will try to take some when there is more light. I love the one of the two cats under the bed covers — they’re favorite place to take a nap.


Bertie, a Very Talented and Happy Young Cat

August 10, 2009


Our six-month-old kitten Bertie (for Bertie Wooster, wearer of tuxedos…we think) came to us a couple of months ago and has been giving us joy and laughter ever since. He’s a wonderful cat – funny, playful, affectionate, and gorgeous to look at. He grows about an inch a day and, judging from both his very big feet and very big appetite, we think he’s going to be a very big boy. The best thing of all about him is how much our three-year-old cat Sybil loves him. Our excuse for adopting another cat was that Sybil was lonely, after the death of her companion cat a couple of months before, and Bertie has more than fulfilled her need for cat company. After the first week, when we kept them separate for the most part, with only short periods of getting-to-know-you time, we let him join the family, and she then proceeded to groom him obsessively for a couple of weeks (part of the bonding process I gather, since she’s marking him with her own scent). Just recently they’ve taken to spooning at night, curled up so tightly around each other on one recent occasion that they looked like a two headed cat. His talents – he can walk backwards, play by himself for long periods of time, allow himself to have his claws clipped, purr, and open his mouth very wide to issue a silent scream when he wants food. Guess he hasn’t quite found his voice yet. Every day Bertie finds more adventures, and every day he gets more affectionate with both my husband and me and with Sybil. I’d say he owns us!


Marina, a Real Cutie-Pie

August 6, 2009


Hi Miriam (adoption counselor) how are you?!

I had been at KittyKind last week, but unfortunately you were not there. I talked with Dawn and Davy.

Every thing is going fine, Marina and Nimue play a lot together, they are best friends and I’m glad because that.

Thank you so much.



Foster Cat of the Month- KittyKind

August 5, 2009

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