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Cosmo & Coco: “…they are as wonderful as they look!”

November 21, 2012

The boys are doing great!  I can’t believe it’s been a month since we picked them up!   They are just the sweetest cats, we just adore them.  It’s really hard to leave the house with them there!  And we are really starting the see their personalities too!  Wow, we are so happy to have them with us; they are so enjoyable and have brought such laughter and joy to our house!  Here are some wonderful pictures of the boys.  And as you know, they are as wonderful as they look!



Parker: “He’s a darling and makes me very happy.”

November 21, 2012

Parker seems to be adjusting well.  I went on a short business trip and found that he was super excited and affectionate when i came back, so he definitely seems to be mellowing out and not acting as rambunctious as when he first arrived.  I have attached a photo that i took of him that i love.  He’s a darling and makes me very happy. Thanks again for the advice and keeping in touch.


Picchio (aka Li’L Boots): “I just adore my Li’l Boots, and I can’t imagine life without him!”

November 21, 2012
[NOTE:  Picchio was adopted years ago from KittyKind, and returned 8 years later when the owner felt that he was “acting out” in the home.  Picchio immediately became depressed in the cage, was placed into a foster home, was returned with a case of ringworm, and then was fostered by Erin, a KittyKind volunteer.  The rest is his happy ending …]
When I met Li’l Boots (formerly named Picchio), I was very sure I wouldn’t be adopting a cat. I was newish to the city, just getting settled, and didn’t want the responsibility. I decided to foster cats for KittyKind, so I could get all the snuggles with none of the commitment.

Li’l Boots stayed with me while undergoing ringworm treatment. I remembered cleaning his cage at KittyKind months ago. He was depressed from being caged, and wouldn’t eat, barely moved, didn’t even pee.  But he was a completely different cat in my home: by the second day, he was waiting at the door when I came back from work, curling up with me on the couch and sleeping at my shoulder. He’d headbutt my arm looking for behind-the-ear scratches or roll onto his back for a tummy rub. A sedate gentleman of nine years, he seemed half his age when chasing a toy but was just as happy to sit in my lap and get his chin scratched.

When Li’l Boots had finished his ringworm meds and it was time to bring him back, I knew I couldn’t let him leave. I would miss him too much: the way he demanded my affection with self-assured meows, the way he draped his paws contentedly over my shoulder when I picked him up, and the way he nudged his nose into my hand to make me pet him. So I decided to keep him. I just adore my Li’l Boots, and I can’t imagine life without him!  I’m looking forward to many happy years with my new buddy!


Genghis Khan & Clytemnestra (aka Jack&Nessie): “we’re thrilled and honored to be Jack and Nessie’s second (and final) home.”

November 21, 2012

“No Outfit is Complete Without Cat Hair” is a phrase I wholeheartedly believe in!  Our new Brooklyn condo was distressingly devoid of fur, so I contacted Miriam at KittyKind with an offer to foster a kitty.  Miriam asked if we could foster a pair of cats instead, two very senior cats whose long-time human had passed away, and Miriam was concerned that, given their ages, they’d spend an uncomfortably long time in a cage before being adopted.   We quickly said yes, and readied our home for furry new arrivals.

Patricia Curry

Handsome big-eyed tiger Ghengis Khan and ravishing tortie Clytemnestra immediately made a little ‘nest’ for themselves under our bed, nervously peering out from the dust ruffle whenever we’d peek in.  After a day or so, the intrepid Clytemnestra (renamed ‘Nessie’ – less of a mouthful) braved the unknown apartment, exploring every nook and new smell.  Ghengis (called ‘Jack’, from his initials G.K., get it?), remained in his under-bed refuge for a bit longer until he was good and ready to deign to grace us with his presence.

As weeks passed, these two senior kitties relaxed, settled in beautifully, and allowed their adorable and delightful selves to emerge.  Jack is wonderfully sweet and soft-spoken, loves to snuggle up on your chest, and is the first one to bound into bed at night.   Nessie, equally sweet but also quite sassy, is a total daddy’s girl, following her papa human everywhere and loudly making her presence known with her ‘raaahh!’ of a meow.  She’s quite a talker!

While they’ve made our entire apartment their home, it’s the bed that’s everyone’s favorite place, which makes nighttime sleep a delight and day-time naps way too difficult to resist.  These two sweet furry angels are the best roommates ever – we’re thrilled and honored to be Jack and Nessie’s second (and final) home.

Bailey: “I just knew when I looked in those eyes and pet him – he had to come home with me!”

November 21, 2012

The first time I laid eyes on Bailey, I instantly fell in love.  I already had 3 cats at home, but when I saw him, I knew he needed to be part of our family!  At first he was to be adopted by someone else, but I had my fingers crossed.  I just knew when I looked in those eyes and pet him – he had to come home with me!  Luckily for me, the other adoption fell through and the next thing I knew, Patricia was delivering Bailey to my home!!

Bailey is the most loving cat I’ve ever had.  He loves nothing more than a great cuddle and enjoys being pet, kissed and loved.  When you pick him up he puts his arms around you or lays his head back so you can kiss his neck AND he also loves the top of his head kissed.  When I do this, he purrs so LOUDLY.  Have I mentioned he has the LOUDEST purr of any cat I’ve ever encountered??  I love it. He has settled in with his 3 brothers – it’s been a process because Bailey has SO much energy and is extremely rambunctious, slowly but surely, Uggie, Gyro & Macey have all come to like (not quite love yet) Bailey as well.

I live in a three floor house and Bailey has a bed on each floor!  He loves to sleep in baskets filled with blankets and also in this small little cat house we have.  It’s actually a bit too small for Bailey (he doesn’t know his own size!), but it’s sweet to see his belly poke out of the side.  He also loves sitting in the front window and watch the bird family that lives in a bush next door.  He can sit there for hours with his tail thumping, wishing he could get his hands on those pesky birds!  I’ve also recently noticed when I have music playing, Bailey likes to lay by my side and purr.   Bailey is also fascinated with all things feathers and gets so excited when we play with a feather wand!

I honestly cannot manage, nor can my family imagine our lives without our “Bailey Boy”.  We love him so much!!

Rescued Hobbes: “He’s a real pleasure.”

November 21, 2012

Hobbes was found abandoned in a carrier, dirty, smelly and testing positive for Feline Leukemia.  A family came in specifically seeking two things:  1) an FeLV+ cat, as their own rescued cat was himself FeLV+; and 2) a cat who was a love bug, which their own cat, on the shy side, was not.  Hobbes, newly vetted and neutered by KittyKind, was still a bit smelly and scruffy, but when the family’s son opened the cage, Hobbes immediately crawled onto his lap, sat there like he never intended to leave, and started purring.  He found a home …

We are all madly in love with Hobbes.  All us humans at least.  Monkey [resident cat] is still a work in progress, as he is a big chicken who runs away after hissing at Hobbes, but Hobbes takes it in stride.

 Hobbes looks great and has filled out nicely.  He LOVES his food and eats voraciously.

He’s a great snuggler; we were snuggling all last night on the couch.  He hangs out so nicely with our boys and LOVES, LOVES to play.  He is super sweet and is very chatty.  He’s a real pleasure.

Louise & Michael