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KittyKoncert to Benefit KittyKind-Feb 28

February 27, 2009


Syndney, Formerly Shirley, Goes Home, KittyKind

February 26, 2009


Msssss. Syndney (formerly Shirley) is doing well for herself.  She has now decided that my bed is her bed when I am in it.  She likes the bar stool in kitchen and loveseat in living room.  She has put on a little weight and eats well.  And is one biggggg purr box.  She loves to be petted and will sit at the floor on the bottom of my bed and “talk” to me until I “convince” her to come to bed.  It is rather funny.

Tell everyone she is doing well.
Warm regards

Meet Anna and Scout at KittyKind

February 25, 2009




For more information on Scout and Anna, please email Emily at

Kevin and Sheila Get Adopted, KittyKind

February 24, 2009


Kevin and Sheila are settling in beautifully!  They have already picked out their favorite spots to lounge.  My daughter was very excited and has been very patient.  She has spent much of the day following them at a distance and giggling. Kevin and Sheila have such funny personalities already, so I can’t wait to see what happens when they get more comfortable.

(A few days later…)  The cats are doing great.  They are SO funny. Sheila sleeps on my head every night, and Kevin spends his evenings kneading my husband’s armpit.  They are loving and silly and make us laugh daily.

Your organization has been very warm and helpful.  Thank you to you and all of the volunteers.  We feel very lucky to have our new family members!

Thanks again,

I Love NYC Pets 2009

February 23, 2009


KittyKoncert February 28, 2009

February 20, 2009


Meet Davey and Roger at KittyKind

February 19, 2009




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Cassie, a Happy Ending, KittyKind

February 18, 2009


Things are GREAT with the ladies.  They have become quite close and Cassie has really helped Maggie [a previous Kitty Kind adoptee] chill out a little bit.  They have fun together, chase each other and bat each other around BUT then rest and sleep together.  SO cute.  It has really helped me have piece of mind when I’m gone for longer than I’d like to be during the day.  It was definitely the right move and I appreciate you introducing me to Cassie and helping me bring her into our home.

Happy new year and here’s to a great 2009!

Thanks again and all my best,


Valentine’s Day at KittyKind

February 17, 2009

This past Saturday, Valentine’s Day, KittyKind partnered with Petco to have pet portraits taken with Cupid. Thanks to Petco, Josey ( KK volunteer who dressed up as Cupid) and to the Mayors Alliance and Maddie’s Fund for sending over Maddie to help us spread the word about I Love NYC Pets Month.

KittyKind Volunteers Dorothy and Josey (aka Cupid)

KittyKind Volunteers Dorothy and Josey (aka Cupid). Photos by Ann Simkins

Petco Staff, Cupid and Maddie

Petco Staff, Cupid and Maddie


Michael Brian Photography for KittyKind

February 16, 2009

Michael Brian recently had a photo shoot with some of KittyKind’s most precious cats. Take a look below to see a sampling of the images. Thank you Michael Brian!