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Meet Molly and Sputnik, Two KittyKind Cats

November 30, 2008




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Lava, A Very Happy Ending: KittyKind

November 28, 2008


All is good on the home front. We are sooo happy to have Lava and she did incredibly well adjusting to her new home. Susan must be a fantastic rescuer b/c Lava is so scrumptious, a total lover, completely affectionate and does not seem at all afraid of people. She spent less then 10 minutes in the bathroom when I brought her home. I could tell she was ready to check it all out and that she did. Otherwise, she is using the litter box, snuggling, playing and trying to sneak out when a delivery person comes. We’re so happy we did this. After losing our other love in August, a big hole is being filled and we’re smitten. I think she is too!



Thurston a KittyKind Adoption NYC

November 27, 2008


Thurston is really a great little cat. Very very affectionate and loving. He has explored all of my apartment and has found his favorite places – he really likes the fireplace mantle right now, loves to sit up there and look down on the world. He and Max, my older cat, have settled in and seem to be OK. Thurston still likes to play and pounce on Max, but Max just gives him a hiss when he is tired and moves away. Kind of like an old man who just grumbles about the “kid”.

Thanks to KittyKind and Miriam for your help and advice.


KittyKind Winter Newsletter 2008

November 26, 2008


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KittyKind Holiday Wish List- NYC

November 25, 2008


Bunny, a KittyKind Happy Ending

November 24, 2008


When my roommates and I first met Bunny (who was known at KittyKind as Casey), we thought we had found a perfect little fuzzball of tranquility. He didn’t stop purring the entire time we were filling out the forms in Petco. Now, happily transitioned into being the only male in an otherwise all female household, Bunny has been showing his true, vivacious colors. Nothing escapes his acute sense of curiosity. And with such an adorable little face, we certainly can’t resist his roguish charm. We are so happy to have him as a part of our little family.


Meet Sunny and Silverado- Cats Up for Adoption

November 21, 2008




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Emily,a KittyKind Rescue Story

November 20, 2008


Emily (pictured left) is doing great and fully recovered from the spaying. We have also taken her to the vet for a routine check up, where they told us she is in perfect health. She and Miles continue to get along famously and they even cuddle and clean each other, in addition to playing together almost constantly. We woke them up from their naptime together when we took the picture above. They do sleep together and are the best of friends.

Emily is an amazing addition to our family and we’re so happy to have her. She’s made Miles much happier and I know Emily has a great time chasing him around. Thank you again for all of your support! We will definitely spread the word about Kitty Kind. Thanks again!


Cherry and Danny Find Loving Home-NYC

November 19, 2008


We adopted our sweet duo about one month ago. Now we have two new members in our family, one boy kitten with a white and black tail and black spot named Dandelion and an amazing tortoiseshell girl,Cherry. Danny is a gentle, but very independent boy. Cherry is a playful and very talkative little lady. They both are very funny and a little mischievous. Watching them play with their favorite toys and to be greeted by them when we get home is more than just a joy. At that moment your heart fills with love and tenderness.

Thanks a lot to KittyKind for our experience. We just want to say: ‘Now we are the two-kitten-much-happier family!’

With much thanks,

Meet Tipi and Cake at KittyKind

November 18, 2008




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