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A playful Mimi enjoys some fun time under her Christmas tree and enjoys some chicken as well :)

January 14, 2013


Things have been going extremely well with Mimi – I brought her to my Mom’s for Thanksgiving, and the whole family loves her!
I had moved into my apartment just weeks before adopting Mimi, and one of the best things about coming home every night is having her at the door when I come in.  I usually sit on the bed to take off my shoes, and Mimi always takes it as her cue to jump up and sit next to me.  She loves to sleep in different nooks around the apartment, but always winds up on my bed curled up next to me in the morning.  Her favorite place this month is our Christmas tree – she hangs out underneath the branches, and plays with the tree skirt (lucky for me not so interested in ornaments).  In general she’s playful, I can always get her running with some string which is great because she’s put on a little weight – not more than a pound I think so she looks good – since she’s come home.  Chicken is definitely Mim’s favorite, even more than fish.  Whenever I have even raw chicken in the groceries, Mimi will have her head burrowed into my shopping bag in seconds!
She’s also really great around other people – the super and his crew were helping me touch up my walls, and she had climbed up the ladder before I could stop it.  Sometimes I’ll take her in the carrier out to the park, and we’ll people/dog watch.  She never goes out of the carrier, but enjoys the fresh air/sun and gets a lot of hellos from nice passerbys.
I couldn’t resist and got her a few outfits already.  The princess dress was the first weekend I had her – she looks so small there.  And then the Christmas outfit picture I put on my holiday card this year.  She didn’t love the headpiece, but did love all the attention she got and was ok wearing the bells.
May 2013 be filled with much prosperity and joy for you –

Volunteer of the Month: January 2013

January 14, 2013

vol kk

Congratulations to Melissa T, our January Volunteer of the Month! Melissa has been with KittyKind since May 2012 as an event coordinator and Facebook Liaison. She also recently fostered her first KittyKind kitty, Betty. She says “I love being a part of the adoption process—whether that means posting information about a cat on Facebook, writing an article about a special-needs cat for Huffington Post, or planning an event.  It means a lot to me to help kitties find their forever homes regardless of the way I’m helping.  Fostering was particularly rewarding. Watching Betty transform from a shy kitten to a confident one was amazing.  It’s an emotional process and was difficult to part with her, but I know she’ll find a great forever home through KittyKind.” Melissa lives with two chatty and cuddly KittyKind alums who she adopted in 2005, named Mama and Chloe. When she’s not volunteering for KittyKind, Melissa is an avid runner. Thank you, Melissa, for everything you do for KittyKind! We all appreciate it!

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Our Cat of the Month for January 2013: Can Can

January 14, 2013

COM Can Can 1_5_12

Our Foster Care Favorite for January 2013: Tillie

January 14, 2013

Tillie FCF 1_5_12