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August 28, 2008

My wife Sarah and I adopted Georgie on Sunday. I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that he is adjusting wonderfully to his new home and his new “brother” Floyd. Last night and this morning, they were really playing with each other, chasing one another around the apartment. Floyd has gone from initial fear, to curiosity, and now he has a sincere interest in Georgie. They are at the point now where they both feel comfortable enough to eat with one another! I hope you enjoy the pictures I sent. Again I would like to thank you for bringing Georgie into our lives. He is a perfect addition to our family, and Sarah and I are deeply in love with him.



August 27, 2008

Derek is doing wonderfully! We actually renamed him Darwin because of his evolutionary thumbs. We know a couple of Dereks, and it just wasn’t working for us. He adapted to his new home perfectly in under 24 hours. It was quite amazing. He’s such a people kitty. He follows anyone who is in the house all around the house. He always has to have his eye on everyone, so if we are in different rooms, he’ll locate himself to a position where he can keep track of everyone. He’s a joy and such a little cuddler who loves his belly rubbed all day, everyday. He really is quite the perfect little guy.

Thanks for everything, and thank you for my wonderful kitty.


Comedy Club Fundraiser

August 25, 2008

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Baby and Dorothy

August 22, 2008

Lucky Baby got to sit on Dorothy’s lap yesterday in the KittyKind adoption center at Petco. Baby is awaiting her forever home. Dorothy is one of our very special volunteers that collects donations, 4-6 days a week, for KittyKind.


August 21, 2008

Yuffie, a softhearted and spunky black and white cat, joined our family in late April 2008. Timid and curious for the first ten minutes, Yuffie quickly made herself at home, picking up hobbies such as watching our turtles, kneading our soft stuffed animals, and lounging around on almost every surface we have. She loves napping, especially when hidden amidst blankets or in her cat condo; and when she’s awake, she never tires of trying to catch that moving red laser dot that sweeps all over the floor, and sometimes the door and ceiling!

We have been so happy with Yuffie and are excited to share more memories with her. That said, we would like to thank Kitty Kind and especially its representatives – Hillary and Miriam who helped to pair us with Yuffie.



August 20, 2008

Just a hello, Bryan is so wonderful. He is adjusting quickly and well to his humans, and his new home. I have included some photos. Thank you for keeping in touch, and thank you for bringing Bryan into our lives.

Una & Scott

Thank You KittyKind

August 19, 2008

To all the wonderful volunteers at KittyKind:

I want to thank all wonderful volunteers at KittyKind for allowing me to adopt Caressa.

KittyKind rescued Caressa from a horrible place. When I first met her, she possessed sad eyes. Her soulful, sad eyes really touched my heart. It was, I was later to discover, love at first and forever sight. With some TLC and the knowledge that she is in her own home where no one will hurt her ever again, those sad eyes are now honey dipped golden ones that flicker with mischief and happiness.
When I first brought her home, I was under the illusion that it is I who was giving something to Caressa. Now I know better. She gives us indescribable and unbound joy. We just can’t understand what good we ever did to deserve sharing our lives with her. She is our joy and sunshine.
I am sending you a picture of our beloved Caressa. Isn’t she a stunner?
We will be forever grateful to KittyKind for saving Caressa’s life and caring for her until we could have the privilege of welcoming her into our family.

Thank you again for the extraordinary work you do every day to save the lives of so many cats.