Meet Our Volunteer of the Month for April, Ashley Vazquez!


In 2012, after high school, I took a break to do some volunteer work. I trained at KittyKind as cleaner and feeder for the cats, and stayed in that role for a year. In 2013 I requested to assist the adoption reps with adoptions. In 2014 I was offered the AMAZING opportunity to foster orphaned bottle babies. I’ve had more than 40 kittens in my home since. It’s a 24/7 job I wouldn’t trade for the world. Fostering these infant babies has become my entire life. Most people my age are out clubbing and I’m home on a Friday night helping a week old kitten poop! Since volunteering, I became a certified veterinary assistant, now taking courses to become a licensed veterinary technician (LVT). I’ve worked at animal emergency hospitals like FAVS and Blue Pearl. I was apart of the first team to work at the ASPCA Kitten Nursey. And now I work with our KittyKind’s veterinarian partner, Dr Gagliardi, at Cooper Square Veterinary Hospital. This year I started on KittyKind’s intake team, working with the public to get the sweet cats we have now. I’m also training as an adoption representative and can’t wait to find forever homes for our kids! Thank you KittyKind for helping shape who I am today!

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