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Lissy Loves Chin and Neck Rubs

November 28, 2009

We love the newest member of our little family – every night Lizzy sleeps between us and actually lays her head down on our pillows! She greets us at the door every night when we come home from work. Our favorite thing to do is lounge around on Saturday mornings and read. She also likes to do wind sprints through the apartment at 3 in the morning. She loves her chin and neck rubs!

Thank you for everything, Miriam! KittyKind is a wonderful program. We’ll take the best possible care for her, we promise.

Sonya & Bryan

The KittyKind Memorial – how to participate

November 24, 2009

The KittyKind MemorialThe KittyKind Memorial is a place to celebrate love given and love received.

This memorial site gives all of us a chance to let the world know how special our pet was to us–and that they live on in our memories.

To add your beloved pet to the KittyKind Memorial, a tax-deductible donation to KittyKind, Inc. in the minimum amount of US$100.00 is requested per memorial posting. Please go to the KittyKind Memorial website to learn more.


Felix, a Long Trip Home, KitttyKind

November 20, 2009


Felix is doing quite well indeed, and I think we’re all starting to really enjoy this new family!

Every day he seems to be getting more comfortable with us, and we’re getting to know him better too (ex: he LOVES to play with his string, and to sleep in a box!). We took him for his first formal complete vet visit, and while it was tough on him, he was deemed healthy and we think it helped him realize this is “home” when the trip ended where it started, and not at a shelter…or worse.  His furniture clawing has slowed or is gone thanks to double-sided tape and we found a sisal mat that he likes to scratch (instead, we hope). And we cornered off some cupboards so his walks along their tops have been fewer, if not eliminated, so that’s good too.   It’s especially wonderful to watch Kate get to know him since it’s the closest she’s ever been to a cat. He’s been great to her and I think she’s having some fun with him.

Warmest regards,

Ted & Kate

Valentina, Really Needs a Home

November 19, 2009

Home Needed.Valentina_e

Meet Julie, A True Lady

November 17, 2009

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Senior for Seniors 11/14-15

November 10, 2009


Yulia, Volunteer of the Month-November

November 6, 2009


Congratulations to Yulia I., our November’s volunteer of the month! Yulia has shown pure dedication to every cat at KK, she is always happy to help, hard-working and caring. She has been with KittyKind since September 2008 and started because of her love and concern for homeless cats and kittens. She adds ‘I wanted to participate in helping homeless animals; there are a lot of people here that care, unlike Moscow where the situation is much worse.’ Yulia really enjoys volunteering at KK and feels the best part is when the cats get adopted. Knowing that they are cared for and loved is the best thing of all she says. Yulia has 2 kittens she originally fostered from KK, then she adopted them when she knew after a week she couldn’t put them in cages, ‘it’s the best decision I have made’ she adds.  Thank you Yulia for your dedication and hard work for KK over the past year, you have been great. Yulia would like to thank her fellow volunteers she has worked and currently work with, she says: ‘it’s an honor to be part of this work. I can honestly say KK has changed my life for sure. Well done!

This month’s nominations also included: Gina H, for being wonderfully flexible all the time, Nicole S for being super efficient and thorough, Michael T for being a really hard worker, Valerie V and Jamie K for helping out with Intake and Dan R for the joy he brings to every shift. Thank you all.

***Winners are chosen at random from all nominees.

Edie- November Cat of the Month

November 3, 2009

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