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Cascabel: “sweetest creature we have ever had.”

September 19, 2012

When my husband and I first met Cascabel we weren’t ready to commit and to adopt a cat yet. We were travelling a lot, and we thought our apartment is too small to accommodate a pet and so on, excuses. We wanted, however, to help some fluffy creature in need, so we decided to foster a cat for a couple of weeks. We chose Cascabel without even having seen her because she had special needs (asthma) and she really couldn’t stay where she was. We thought she would benefit the most from our help and care.

In turned out that Cascabel is the sweetest creature we have ever had. For one, she is exceptionally well mannered! A real princess with dignity and bearing. She will never steal or beg for food while we eat, she is very careful not to bite or hurt us while playing, and the only thing she scratches is her own scratching post. Needless to say, a lady like her would never think “outside the box”!

But even if Cascabel was more mischievous, she would still steal our hearts. She is so cuddly, she purrs constantly and is very affectionate. I always dreamed to have one of those evenings in front of a fireplace with a nice book in my hand, a hot drink, and a purring cat on my lap. Well, there you are, now I only need a fireplace!

But don’t get fooled by the picture of a lazy, fat, drowsy cat. When the time is right, Cascabel can be a real miniature predator. She runs, jumps, and plays like a tiny tiger. My husband and her have their own game called “fetch the piglet”. As soon as the clock hits 1 a.m., it is hunting time in the cat’s world – she will bring her little stuffed toy to my husband and will start to meaow, asking him to throw it, so she can run and fetch it.

So our two weeks of fostering became a month, then the month grew to a few months, until we realised we just cannot give her back.
Cascabel is the sweetest creature, and she brought so much joy and love to our home. We are so happy and grateful to fate and KittyKind for bringing her to our life.

Our Cats of the Month for September 2012: Bao Bao & Qing Qing

September 19, 2012

Our Foster Care Favorite for September 2012: Cherry

September 19, 2012

Mariposa & Sebelina (aka Mimi & Carmen): “My heart leapt in recognition…I’ll take them. I’d like to adopt them both!”

September 3, 2012
I had been looking for a pet cat for several months, traipsing from shelter to shelter with my friend’s advice echoing in my mind: “You don’t choose the cat, the cat chooses you. Trust me.”  But none of the many felines I’d visited had deigned to notice me, much less choose me.  So I kept looking, waiting for some sign that would allow me to recognize my cat.  I walked into Petco for what seemed like the hundredth time to see if any new possibilities had arrived and was delighted to find three kittens and a beautiful butterscotch-colored cat, but was told to come back when the manager for adoptions would be there in order to pet and interact with the cats.  I dutifully showed up on the appointed evening only to find that the three kittens had already been adopted.  Well, at least I could visit the beautiful tawny cat except…ouch! She bites when you pet her.  OK, not my kitty. I was ready to walk home disappointed once again, when I noticed a beautiful green-eyed calico in an unmarked cage with an orange tabby.
“Can I see the calico?””Well, we don’t know much about her because she and the tabby arrived only just last night.  Anyway, the calico and the tabby would need to stay together, and I know you’re only looking for one.””Can I pet her anyway?”

The cage door was unlocked and I found myself face to face with two purring bundles of fur nuzzling my face and appearing to be as happy to meet me as I was them.  I was still under the illusion that I only wanted one cat, so tried to focus my attention on the calico.  But the orange tabby was one step ahead of me and wasn’t about to be left behind.  She kept up a campaign of meowing and snuggling.  As the cage door closed, she reached out her paw through the bars and rested it on my hand.  There it was.  My heart leapt in recognition.

“I’ll take them.  I’d like to adopt them both!”

I’m happy to report that Mariposa (Poesy) and Sebelina (Sebby) have been doing wonderfully.  They’re so sweet and affectionate, and keep me entertained with their playful antics.  They greet me meowing at the door when I get home every evening, and sleep on their special pillow on the bed.  They both love to sit at the window and watch the cars and people go by.  Many thanks to KittyKind for bringing two such loving friends into my life!