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Behind the fur with KittyKind’s Volunteer of the Month, Aimee Gordon

March 21, 2016
aimee 1                  Aimee feeding the strays in Tel Aviv

My love and experience with cats is relatively new, having started right before adopting in March 2010. I had grown up with dogs so I was never lucky enough to spend quality time with cats. My boyfriend and I had just moved in together and were interested in adopting an animal. While we were initially thinking of adopting a dog, we ultimately decided a cat would be a better fit for our lifestyle, and after a fateful sighting of a mouse in our apartment, it seemed like the right choice! We had visited cats at the ASPCA several times to meet the different characters, and it was during our last visit that we met Batman, a one year old recent owner surrender, who stole our hearts. I immediately fell in love with our first child! We decided three months later to adopt him a brother, and sure enough a three-month old tabby renamed Flash Gordon (Gordon!), completed the family! “Cats are kids too.” has become my motto!

Like many people, I had stumbled across KittyKind as I frequented Petco to purchase supplies for my kids. I felt such sadness seeing those precious faces in the cages, and I knew I had to contribute in some way. I started by cleaning and feeding once a week on Wednesdays, and Wednesdays immediately became my favorite day of the week. I was no longer sad seeing the cats in the cages because I knew they received such great care, attention and affection from our amazing volunteers. It happened by chance that a fellow volunteer introduced me to Miriam so I could learn more about the adoptions aspect of the organization. I learned so much from her and credit her with my wonderful experience, and I’m happy to report that I now work three shifts a week as an adoption counselor. Suffice it to say, KittyKind has become my home and has provided me with a supportive network of like-minded friends and colleagues that I’m so grateful to have.

Aimee 2                              At home with Flash and Batman

FIV cats are no different…

March 8, 2016


Please consider adopting an FIV + cat…it’s not a death sentence!
Some of the best cats we had/ have were FIV +


March 8, 2016

All is well with Chloe. We love her so much! She is sooooo cuddly, and loves playing fetch with her toys. It’s adorable! Here are some pictures we have of her. Some of them are a bit dorky, but that’s just because we love her so much!


March 8, 2016


Dexy is a lovable, fun, and extremely cuddly kitty. He is such a wonderful addition to the family and I am so glad I was able to give this senior cat a forever home!

Happy Tail Arthur (adopted by KittyKind’s President Marianne Mahieu)

March 8, 2016

“Here are some pictures of Arthur in his new home and with his new cat friends, Magee and Lois.T he picture of him in the window (he’s facing the window) with my 17-year-old cat Magee is quite remarkable because Magee never even let his own brother or Lois sit next to him like that!”


March Cat of the Month: Luna

March 8, 2016


March Foster Care Favorite: Leon

March 8, 2016