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Juniper, Winning Over the Other Cat and Dog

March 30, 2010

Little Maxie is now bigger Juniper and doing quite well.  The two other pets – one old cat and one young dog – are rather perturbed to be sharing our attentions but they’ll get over it.  She’s trying hard to be friends with them.  She’s quite funny and lovable, we’re very happy.  She eats a lot and has doubled in size, and romps around the house, plus takes her naps in any available basket.

[One week later ….]  Here are a few pictures.  Ozzie, the older cat, has a “clubhouse” in a high place where he hangs out and she now joins him there during the day. Then he started sleeping in her little box –  notice in the picture.  They don’t cuddle or play yet exactly, but I think he is really getting used to her.  Juniper tries to jump on him and doesn’t seem at all afraid of him.  And she’s more trusting of the dog, so they can play a little.  She plays with her ball in my yoga studio, where she is quite skilled at dribbling across the room.  And she loves watching computer screens. She’s very curious and interactive, which we like.  She has totally won our hearts.

Thanks !


The Dream Girls

March 25, 2010

(These are two of the three dreamgirls)

The kitty babies are doing fabulously.  I never believed I could love two kittens so much! They are so lovable, so social and so pleasant.  My railroad-y apartment is perfect for their running (and running and running) over and over.  They’re very active.  They love chasing their little toys or the cat dancer.  I’ve found Flo a time or two giving herself a small shower in a bit of running water in the bathroom sink.  Quite possibly the CUTEST thing I have ever seen.

They both enjoy waking us up with a little back massage via walking up and down our backs and sticking their little noses in our faces.  They love being picked up and pet and cuddled with.  They both end up sleeping at the end of our bed. =)

They’re eating very well.  The ONLY time they meow is when I’m preparing their food.  Also, ADORABLE since they never meow otherwise.  They do plenty of (closed!) window watching.  They also seem to enjoy sitting on my computer when I’m trying to get things done and head butting my hands. 🙂

Ned and I had a photoshoot in our apartment a few weeks ago, so they might end up in a magazine!  I’ll be sure to let you know.  Ned has left to Europe for a month for modeling work, so its been just the girls.  I really couldn’t ask for better company.  I can’t imagine my life without them now.  We video chat with ned and my sister (and anyone else who will allow it!).



Duffy, a Cat Given a Second Chance

March 23, 2010

This story has a happy ending, but it takes a while to get there…

When I first saw Duffy, he was in a cage at Kitty Kind.  He had been abandoned in the store in a duffel bag (hence, the name) with a foul-smelling abscess in his rear.  We could all see his problem was beyond what the regular meds staff could treat once a day at the store.  The kicker, though, was that, no matter how much pain he was in, he was always sweet and loving to everyone who took care of him.  I took him home to foster, cleaning the wound and giving antibiotics several times a day.  I took him to my vet, who explained that his abscess had been caused by an animal bite that hadn’t just punctured his skin, but also penetrated his colon — a very serious condition with an uncertain prognosis.  We had his abscess drained and the wound to the colon stitched up but, though initially things were looking better, his condition again deteriorated.  My vet suggested taking him to a specialist at NYCVS, which I did. He was treated there under the Mayor’s Alliance and underwent another extensive surgery — then spent a couple of weeks in recovery.

He was such a lovely and special cat and I had become so attached to him that I visited him almost every day at the hospital; he would purr and lay his head in my hand as I pet him in his cage.  It was touch and go again for a couple of weeks but then, amazingly, he began to get better.  Finally, I took him home again for recovery.  While he was here at my apartment, my parents came over to visit. When they met this lively, playful, curious, intelligent and affectionate black cat, they fell in love with him and, eventually, adopted him.  He now lives in Westchester in a big house with a ton of toys and an incredible amount of love and attention. He’s still got a few problems related to the surgery, but nothing that seriously impairs his quality of life.

Duffy really is a special cat — people at KK still remember him and ask about him — one volunteer recently sent a note to the meds crew asking “how the kitty with the sore butt was doing …. I forgot his name but loved petting him in the store. Even with a sore bum – he was really really sweet.”  I’m happy to report his butt is fine, and he is living in comfort and style with two people who absolutely adore him. And I still get to visit on weekends.

Thanks, Kitty Kkind. You really did give a second chance to a wonderful and unique animal with a surfeit of  love and joy to share.


They are in Love with Buddy!

March 23, 2010

Thank you so much for checking in on Sandy and our apologies for taking awhile to get back to you. Peter and I both thought it was very sweet for you to check in on him and are excited to fill you in on how much we love the new addition to our family.

First off, we changed his name to Buddy. We weren’t originally going to do this, thinking that Sandy had been his name for 10 years. When Patricia dropped him off, however, and mentioned that Sandy was a new name and it wouldn’t be an issue to change it, we went for Buddy. WE ARE IN LOVE WITH BUDDY!!! He is so sweet and so loving. As soon as either of us walks through the door, he is there purring and nudging to be petted. He is also a very funny cat. He LOVES to play and while we try to keep him entertained with mice and other toys, we’ve caught him going after his tail several times. He still loves to talk, but this has definitely lessened in amount and intensity. We feel so lucky to have him in our lives. We both look forward so much to coming home and seeing him and are already wondering how we got along without him for all these years.

We unfortunately don’t have any pictures of us with Buddy. We could work on one and get back to you with it if that is something you were wanting. We are attaching two pictures from our cell phones. Peter and I are always taking pictures of him to send to the other when one of us is not home. As you can see, Buddy even helps me with my studying!

Thanks, again, for checking in on him. We love him so much and are so happy with our decision to adopt. Buddy is truly the best!

Best wishes,

Katie and Peter

Puck-Foster Care Favorite-March

March 16, 2010

Pito-Cat of the Month-March

March 15, 2010

Boris and Zoya, Two Bundles of Cute!

March 13, 2010

Our two little bundles of cute are doing amazingly well! They both have healthy appetites and are both eating well. We’ve happily renamed them to Boris (instead of JJ) and Zoya (instead of Narobi). They’ve adjusted amazingly well and are slowly taking over the apartment, currently they love our bed and cuddle up with us every night at bedtime. I can tell you that we were both immensely shocked when Boris was the first one to seek comfort from us while Zoya played hide and seek for a bit longer. They were both out on the second day playing and bouncing around although sometimes a little anxious if we walked a little too quickly for their liking. I think it was great that we had such a long weekend to spend with them as I didn’t work Thursday and Friday was a holiday. We’ve found that Zoya is the handful that you expected her to be, however when she is a little tired out from playing she is a huge cuddle monster and if you are petting Boris she’ll come and push her head between your hand and Boris. Boris is just the sweetest gentle boy, he loves to be pet and I think if you never stopped he would be happy. He has the loudest rumble of a purr and loves getting cuddles but prefers to be next to you rather than on your lap. Boris also loves to groom (not sure if this is the correct word choice) me when he is getting cuddles – I’m slowly getting used to the rough tongue against my hand as I’m used to dog kisses, it’s a much different sensation to say the least. I’m sure I sound like a proud new parent with all this boosting and gloating so I’ll end it there.

All the best,

Kim and Ami

Volunteer of the Month-March

March 4, 2010

Congratulations to Valerie B, our Volunteer of the Month for March. Valerie has shown true commitment to the Meds team and she has been with KittyKind for 4 years.  Valerie says her motivation for volunteering came from the following experience,  “I had a cat that turned out to have myriad, he required a lot of care and surgery, I realized I gained a lot of experience with giving him pills, medication etc and I wanted to use my skills to help other cats in this type of situation, so I looked around for organizations and KK was the perfect match.”  Valerie loves volunteering and says the best part is the cats and how much they give back, if she wasn’t lucky enough to be part of the meds team she would just come in once a week to pet them. Valerie has 4 cats at home, one of them originally feral who she took in and socialized and then kept as it was a rewarding experience helping socialize him. She just wants to add, “Volunteering at KK has added something wonderful to my life I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else as I’m sure it does for other volunteers as well.”  Thank you Valerie for your long time commitment, and hard work.

This month’s nominations also included: Katherine, for her positive, caring and patient attitude to the Monday am crew, Jilda for her bubbly energy and enthusiasm as well as her dual role, Katie B, for her great work on volunteer of the month, fostering, helping out with events and her constant positive, upbeat attitude, Liz B for her hard work each and every Wednesday pm, Natalie N, for helping to keep our cats strong and healthy, Niccolo S, for being a strong support to the Monday am crew and Lucia C for being the best cat whisperer around.

***Winners ate chosen at random from all nominees

Foster Care Favorite-March

March 3, 2010

Cat of the Month-March

March 2, 2010