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2 Shy Cats in Search of a Forever Home: Post 5

February 12, 2016

Fight or Flight?


Guest Blogger LYLE: Cats on a shelf insetSometimes when I was waiting at Meow Parlour for someone to take me home, I felt like I had been left on the shelf. No one wanted a shy cat like me, despite my Russian Blue beauty and meltingly soft fur. When they came to pet me, okay, I might have panicked a little. On the other hand, shelves are not so bad, especially when there’s a way in from the back. From here, I can keep a watch for any dangerous humans who happen by. I can see them, and I just know that they can’t see me.


Guest Blogger MAX: Labels can hurt. Just because I don’t put a lampshade on my head at parties doesn’t mean I’m “shy.” I can even hide in plain sight. Can you find me in this photo? Ha ha, of course not! I blend in with the black-and-white dé n white teacup cropped

To protect my privacy, I do this other thing that’s really neat.

Back at Meow Parlour, I had this great technique for getting into a basket even if other cats were already snoozing in it. I gave them The Look. It’s my patented stare. Very mighty and meaningful. Better than Zoolander!


Those basket-hogging cats would scurry away, ha ha. I didn’t have to lift a paw. Now, when the Can Opener’s friends come over, I give them The Stare. I got one of them so nervous she was afraid to leave her chair. The Can Opener came in and was all, like, “Judy, I thought you were taking a nap on the couch!” And Judy was all, like, “The cat was staring at me!”

I crack myself up.


2 Shy Cats in Search of a Forever Home, Post 4

February 9, 2016

Never Been Fed

Guest Blogger MAX: The situation here is that I’ve never been fed. Not once. In my life. Surely I’d remember if it had happened … nope, not to my recollection.

Guest Blogger LYLE: I am, like, literally starving. Have not seen a morsel of food for at least 2 hours. Had to drag the case of Hill’s Science Diet all the way to the kitchen to make myself clear. Doesn’t the Can Opener know what she’s supposed to do?


2 Shy Cats in Search of a Forever Home: Post #3

February 5, 2016

Trust Issues

Guest Blogger MAX: They call me shy. If by “shy” they mean “awesome,” then that’s me.

One thing about being shy, though, is that I try not to get too involved with humans. Studies show you can’t trust them, I’m sure of it. I only let the can-opener pet me sometimes because humans are so foolish that way. It’s amusing how much pleasure they seem to get out of it.

I can be big about this. I can pretend to enjoy it too, all while keeping complete control. She’s actually playing right into my paws, because if I pretend to like the petting, maybe I’ll get adopted instead of just fostered.

Guest Blogger LYLE: I don’t know why Max lets her pet him like that. Me, I am SO uninterested in getting close to a human. Why oh why does Max do it? I’m disgusted, but also curious. So curious. Maybe if I move very slowly and check it out, no one will notice.

2 Shy Cats in Search of a Forever Home: Post #2

February 1, 2016

Guest blogger MAX: Alpha trouble

There is a big problem. Nobody is respecting my alpha-ness around here.IMG_4614

Lyle was in the top bunk of the cat tree, HIGHER than me. Then the can-opener picked me up again and moved me a few inches, just to show that she could. She forced me to lick food off her hand, like it was a treat. I might have drooled a little, and that’s just embarrassing.

I am ashamed to report that I made a terrible mistake today. I jumped up and walked on top of the can-opener while she was reading on the couch. I think she liked that, but it’s very important that SHE do what pleases ME, and not vice versa.

Just sayin’.


Guest blogger LYLE: “I want to kill it”

There is a striped fuzzy thing sticking out of a jar. I think it’s alive. Should I kill it? I would like to kill it. Please advise.IMG_4619

Also, I have a complaint: the can-opener managed to pet me again. It was so horrible, I only let her do it once or twice more.

Max & Lyle, Guest Bloggers

January 25, 2016

2 Shy Cats in Search of a Forever Home

Max and Lyle are two bonded rescue cats who have been waiting for someone to see past their shyness and take them home as a pair. Max is a confident black-and-white alpha cat who doesn’t mind humans, as long as they open a can every now and then. Lyle is a sweet, skittish, velvety Russian Blue mix who thrives in Max’s shadow.

On January 16, 2016, Jami Bernard took a second chance on fostering these cats with intent to adopt, despite the incident that other time with the pet carriers. Will she see through their shyness to the sweetness within? She has never faced a feline challenge like this before.

Max and Lyle have courageously agreed to post updates from the field as they try to make this their forever home.



MAX: I’m having this weird deja-vu thing. I’ve been here only 24 hours, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been here before. Wasn’t there some incident involving my carrier?

It’s strange that the can-opener keeps trying to pet me with both hands. What’s up with that?! She even managed to pick me up and move me two feet before putting me down again. Doesn’t she know I’M the alpha around here? This can-opener must be dealt with.

LYLE: I must be on my guard 24/7. Except, okay, I ate ONE treat out of her hand, but I am certainly NOT going to make a habit of that. Too dangerous! I must not go soft. I must not forget myself. I mean, I made it to the second tier of the cat tree, and OMG, I was practically face-to-face with the can-opener at her desk! This must not happen again. My eyes went very wide, slightly bigger than my actual head, but I managed to race away to safety. Whew, that was a close one.