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Love and Meows for July’s Volunteer of the Month, Michael Ma!

July 26, 2016

Michael Ma

I always loved animals but never considered doing anything beyond loving them. My family never had pets and the parents always said no to adopting so it never occurred to me that I could do anything with animals beyond loving them from a distance. But ever since I had a school trip to an animal shelter, I always found some way to volunteer at one shelter or another. I would enroll in different programs that needed volunteers to do things from paperwork for animals to cleaning and scrubbing cages to helping socialize animals. I’ve found each experience rewarding in its own way and was always sad when a program ended or I had to stop volunteering due to factors like moving.

Then one day I decided to volunteer directly at KittyKind. I signed up for Saturday morning shift and I felt that the people on the shift were just like me. I clean cages, feed the cats, play and talk with them (sometimes they talk back) and take an insane amount of pictures so that I can spam my friends with them. I would often stay after my shift to play with the cats and help out the adoption reps with anything they needed. I love volunteering at KittyKind and hope to be helping out for a long time.