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Butch: “He has become a part of the family!”

March 24, 2012

Butch is having so much fun. He loves having all the space to play in his new apartment and he loves his new playmate, George. A huge chunk of Butch’s day is spent wrestling and chasing George around the apartment. Butch also loves to sit in front of the windows and check out birds. His favorite toy is a crinkle ball and he has started to play fetch with it- he drops it at my feet and waits for me to throw it for him, then he brings it back! Butch has appointed himself George’s groomer and gives him a nice grooming a couple of times a day to make sure he looks presentable. He really has become a part of the family!


Our Cat of the Month for March 2012: Petey

March 24, 2012

Our Foster Care Favorite for March 2012: Charlie

March 24, 2012

Volunteer of the Month: March 2012

March 24, 2012

Congratulations to Kathy S, our March Volunteer of the Month!! Kathy works on the Monday AM cleaning shift, fosters for KK and is also training to be an Adoption Rep, she is a very reliable and passionate hard worker. Kathy has been volunteering at KK for over a year, she lost her job so found she had a lot of free time and therefore wanted to do something useful and productive. She loves cats so figured helping cats would be perfect. Kathy loves spending time and volunteering and she says her favorite part about it is spending time with the cats. And even though she cannot take them home, she knows she is doing something, no matter how small, to help find loving homes for as many as we can. She adds “It makes me so sad to have to leave the cats at Petco each week, but I know I am helping them as much as I can, like they deserve”. Kathy has 4 cats of her own, all rescue cats, 3 females and a male, each with a amazing story behind how she got them, “I know from personal experience that if KK, and other rescue organizations, were not around then I wouldn’t have my wonderful cats, who are like my children”. Thank you Kathy you are amazing, KK is lucky to have you!

***Winners are chosen at random from all nominees.

The sweet and playful Cookie (AKA Ziggy) “is a truly wonderful girl.”

March 24, 2012

How did we ever get along without Cookie (now Ziggy)?  Although still a little shy (but adorably so!), she is a truly wonderful girl.  As sweet and playful as she seemed when we first met her that day in her cage, with a hilariously high-pitched mew she’s only recently started showing off, Ziggy is a treasure.  She’s best friends with Chloe and their friendship has been a terrific joy to behold.  The two play together all day, and yesterday we caught them grooming each other and snuggling.  Watching them wrestle, cuddle, and groom has given us endless entertainment–not to mention peace of mind that Chloe has a friend when we’re away from home.  She’s made all of us so happy — especially Chloe, by the looks of it — and Dan and I can’t thank you enough for saving her life so that she could become such an important part of ours.

We’re so happy to have her, and so grateful to everyone who brought her to us.

Thanks again for your hard work!

 Rachel & Daniel

The playful Bryan (AKA Cricket) is one bundle of awesomeness

March 24, 2012


It was with a heavy heart that we started the search for a new cat companion, because we had just lost our dear cat-and-friend Jaffa far too early to cancer.  I found KittyKind in an online search, and immediately saw a few candidates that would suit our situation.  We were looking for a young energetic male, a companion to our playful 18 month old cat and for us!  I saw the picture and blurb of Cricket on the website, and liked the description, but we didn’t seriously consider him because of his apparent “flaw”: Cricket had lost his left eye due to a bad infection.  I was convinced that I could not deal with the emotional toll of having to see a cat suffer with this “disability” on a daily basis, so basically discounted him based on that.

We went to KittyKind one evening and spent a few minutes with the cats that we had pre-selected.  One of the compatibility tests we have for cats is to pick them up and cradle them like a baby (on their backs).  It takes a cat with a very special temperament who will allow being held in this vulnerable position by a stranger.  Cricket was the only cat who not only allowed us to hold him like this, but also pretended to like it!  Then we started observing him with his cage mate, and they seemed to have a ball playing with each other and interacting really well.  It was a wonderful bonus that Cricket has just about the cutest facial features ever, an unusually long tail, very pretty coloring and these beautiful patterns on his side.  We felt a spark and decided to take him on a foster-with-intent basis to see how things work out.

From the get-go, Cricket proved to be a special kitty.  He is very talkative and has a great variety of sounds to get his point across (hence, the name Cricket – as a homage to just a few of his “chirping” sounds!).  He has some serious ball skills and still enjoy hours of fun playing “fetch” with his crinkly ball.  His ability to adapt to losing his left eye is just amazing.  I would never have believed it unless I saw it for myself.  It sounds like such an invasive procedure and devastating thing to happen to an animal – but they cope unbelievably well.  Cricket is completely oblivious to the fact that he only has his right eye, and after having him with us for almost 3 months now, so are we.  We’re only reminded of it when friends feel the need to point it out to us!

He loves to play: his favorite games being “catch/chase/chew/carry the feather”, “running/hiding in the play tunnel”, “playing fetch” and “chasing/running away” from his older brother.  He has recently discovered the computer monitor and spends a lot of time hunting down the cursor.  He tries to bite/smack it on the monitor, and even tries to find it behind the monitor …  with no luck.  He ensures we’re never late for work by jumping/nudging/licking us early in the morning until we show signs of life!  And my favorite part of the day is having him pass out on my lap (or anywhere on me where he finds a space!) as an early evening nap time.

I am forever grateful that I did not let my initial reservations about his “disability” get the better of me.  He has brought so much enjoyment to our lives and we cannot imagine not having him as part of our family.


Carla & Sean




The Amazing Momma Saturn

March 24, 2012

Momma Saturn is doing amazing!  She obviously favors my mother, but she has begun liking my father and now even licks him!  So far from the time that I have spent with her (which is not a lot since I am back at college), she bites less.  She will raise her paw and whack me, but gently enough to get her point across.  She loves to go into our building corridor and she growls when we try to get her back home. We feel she must have been an outdoor cat cause she loves it out there.  We just love watching her become more comfortable!


The Mischievous Giselle is adjusting very well at home…

March 24, 2012


Giselle is doing great!  She is a mischievous cat, which makes it more fun, she loves to get her paws into everything.  She loves sports, and she also loves her sister Sita very much.

I hope you can see she is happy!!

 Karen and Claudo