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Nikki: “She is such an affectionate, loving, and cool cat…”

July 29, 2012

We fell in love with Nikki the second we met her at Kittykind.  After a few days of fostering to confirm that my husband was not allergic, we knew we had found the perfect match.  As soon as I let her out of the cat carrier, she was purring and rubbing up against my legs.  She sleeps at our feet and loves to give us kisses– especially in the morning after our alarm goes off and when we come home from work.  I was worried that she would be miserable in our little Manhattan apartment, but she is doing wonderfully.  She loves to play and run laps around the apartment, but is also so well behaved– she prefers her scratching post and toys and keeps her claws away from the rug and furniture.  She is such an affectionate, loving, and cool cat– we are so thrilled she is a part of our family and she seems happy to be with us!

Katherine & Tommy

“Tommy just walked onto my chest and stayed there. Tommy adopted me!”

July 29, 2012
Tommy and I first met on May 15th.  It was through a series of circumstances that I decided to visit Petco Union Square that evening in search of a companion for my cat Fran who lost her sister of 15 years in April.  I was interested at a cat next to Tommy’s cage, but when Patricia opened the cage door, the cat had no interest in me.  Patricia asked if I would be interested in Tommy.  What happened next was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.  Patricia opened the cage door and Tommy just walked onto my chest and stayed there.  Tommy adopted me!
I had dinner plans in the Union Square area on the following evening.  So, I decided to stop by and see if Tommy still thinks the same of me.  Sure enough, when a volunteer opened the cage door, Tommy walked right on to my chest and stayed there until I had to go to dinner.
Tommy has been home now for a month.  Everyone that has met him just adores him.  Fran my senior cat of 15 years old still have reservations about Tommy.  However, both will sit side by side when it is feeding time.  On a few occasions, they will share the couch with me in the middle.  Tommy loves the windows where he can see the back yard.  When not looking at the scenery, he just lay back and take a snooze.  See photo attached.
Thank you all for rescuing Tommy.  Please keep up the good work that all of you do.

DumDum & Ginger (aka Willet & Bix): “I couldn’t ask for a better pair.”

July 29, 2012

The girls are doing great!  They are super active and loving!  Bix (Ginger) loves hanging out in the windows and loves to find new places to lay in the sun.  Willet (Dum Dum) likes to hide under blankets and forts, which we make out of the couch for her.  Surprisingly enough, they have gotten attached to both of us pretty quickly, which I am extremely happy about it.  I couldn’t ask for a better pair.  They are the perfect fit for us and have truly made this home happier.  I couldn’t ask for a better situation for us all.  We are so happy that they have joined our home!

Love, Timoney and Chris

The sweetheart Saturn “is just the apple of our eye”

July 23, 2012

Saturn is just the apple of our eye and Adam and I cannot imagine life without her.   She is so full of personality and yes, she has become much more affectionate with us.   One of her signature moves is when one of us comes home, she leads us to the back bedroom rug and then flops on her side to let us know that it’s time for us to pet her!   And she love to cuddle in the mornings.  She head-butts our hands and makes us pet her!!!  She’s just the sweetest and we’re lucky to have her!

All the best!

“Ed gets more and more affectionate with every passing day…”

July 23, 2012

Ed was returned to KittyKind several years after being adopted, due to adopter’s new allergies.  Ed had been in a cage for a while, so when Alex came in seeking to foster — only to foster, not adopt — we asked him to take Ed, to give him a break from the cage.  When the time came to return Ed, Alex couldn’t do so, having bonded with him.  And now we know why:  Ed is the reincarnation of a long-lost childhood feline friend!

I am at my parents’ house right now, and I found the attached picture of me as a baby.  My dad is holding Autumn, the family cat, over my crib to say hello, and I’ll be darned if he isn’t the spitting image of Ed!  I have no conscious memory of this cat, but it sure does explain my affinity for Ed.  What a great coincidence that you chose him for me!

Ed gets more and more affectionate with every passing day, and I am so glad he’s in my life, even though he’s already broken most of my glasses by knocking then off the counter and turned the arm of my chic pleather couch into confetti.  So be it!  I love my Ed!


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Volunteer of the Month: July 2012

July 22, 2012

Congratulations to Sophie W, our July’s volunteer of the month. Sophie continues to be a strong volunteer on her Monday PM cleaning shift, she has been with KittyKind since May 2011. Sophie has often walked by the adoption centre in Union Square and when her scheduled opened up and she had time to volunteer, she thought of KK. She says her favourite part of volunteering is having a cat leap into her arms or climb into her lap when she opens the cage door, and getting to hold and play with cats in need of affection, knowing that a clean cage makes them feel a little more comfortable. Sophie has a cat she adopted 2 years ago from the ACC, she adds: “I really appreciate the work of no kill-shelters and want to support them, knowing I am helping with volunteering, makes me happy”. She loves hearing about all the cat stories and when they get adopted into good homes, and she is looking forward to soon being able to add another cat to her household, for companionship. Well done Sophie you do a great job, and a valuable member of the volunteer team!

 ***Winners are chosen at random from all nominees.

An Extra Special Happy Ending: Isabel

July 22, 2012
Isabel is one of those cats that for whatever reason just had a run of bad luck.  But sometimes, it seems as though they are not unlucky at all…just waiting patiently for their perfect life.  Isabel, you could say, is the luckiest cat of all.
Isabel came to KittyKind around 6 years ago, she was a rescue and not much is known about her before that.  She was adopted into a home that was a good home but when the family had to unexpectedly take in a senior cat that had no where else to go, Isabel was not too happy.  And so, she was brought back to KittyKind.  It was quickly discovered then that Isabel didn’t do well in a cage.  She had a skin condition that would flare up and itch and cause her hair to fall out.  She was not a happy camper and was non too friendly to those trying to clean and care for her.  As KittyKind tries to do with all cats who don’t do well in a cage, she was placed into a long-term foster with the hopes of her being adopted directly from the fosters home (for information on more cats like this in need of their forever home please visit our Foster Care Favorite section on our website,
Throughout the next couple of years Isabel was featured everywhere KittyKind could feature her but no one showed interest in adopting her.  See, Isabel wasn’t too fond of other cats and not too fond of people either.  She seemed most content to just be herself in peace and quiet.  So Isabel moved from long term foster to long term foster while KittyKind tried to no avail to find her her forever home.  Finally, it was time to give Isabel another shot at the adoption center, there was the potential of a sanctuary accepting her but KittyKind wanted to give her another shot at the adoption center.  Though she was much calmer this time around, after her skin condition flared up it was obvious she needed to relax again and that the sanctuary was probably her best option.  The only catch was that Isabel needed to live with cats at the sanctuary so that needed to be tested.  That’s when KittyKind volunteer Maria came to the resuce.
“Isabel came to Joe and I through a conversation I had with Miriam at the Whiskers in Wonderland Event last December. Isabel was coming back to KK after being in a long-term foster, and Miriam was concerned because Isabel does not do well at the adoption center. There was a potential opening at a sanctuary upstate, but first Isabel needed to be “tested” to see if she could live with other cats. Joe and I agreed to take Isabel on a temporary basis, to test her with our two cats. Five months later, we were smitten with her. Yes, she’s moody, and yes she’s not traditionally “cute,” but that just makes her more interesting! There is something incredibly endearing about Isabel that I can’t explain, but I really truly love her. As does Joe. And she seems to have accepted us as her family, letting us cuddle and hold her (on her terms, of course) and is always talking to us. She is such a chatter box! Each day the first thing I do when I get home is go into the bedroom (where Isabel is always lounging on the bed), and give her a big kiss on the head. It makes my day. So one day I said to Joe, “I think we should adopt Isabel.” His response was, “I kinda figured we already had.” And that was that, Isabel found her forever home. And we couldn’t be happier!”
Isabel has truly turned into the luckiest cat ever.  She found a loving home where not only does she live comfortably around her feline siblings and foster dogs, she found parents that understand and respect her for who she is.  Isabel was patiently waiting for them for years and now will get to live out the rest of her life in peace and happiness.

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July 22, 2012

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July 22, 2012

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July 22, 2012