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Ham aka Marlon: “He is sweet and very affectionate…”

April 26, 2014
I wanted to give you an update on Ham, a wonderful orange and white male cat that my husband John and I adopted in October 2013. Our beloved cat Doctor Jeckyl had passed about a year before and we were finally ready for another kitty and were on the hunt. I have a huge soft spot for orange and white males and had been visiting the USQ Petco on and off for a few months. During that time I kept seeing Ham and really liked him…I loved how big and friendly he was and adored his funny beauty mark. Ham was so charming that he always seemed to have an adoption pending but then he would end up back in the pen. After 2 or 3 adoptions I finally asked if we could try Ham in our home. Miriam was very worried because she felt he was a bit traumatized but she gave us a chance and it’s worked out very well. We renamed Ham as Marlon…if he was a girl we would have called him Marilyn due to his beauty mark and Marlon was the closest male name. Marlon is 100 % CAT. He is sweet and very affectionate but on his terms! It wasn’t an easy start and we had to patiently earn his trust. He is totally silly and does a zillion zany things every day. He even likes to stick his head under a running faucet. There isn’t a box or bag that he doesn’t explore and he perpetually knocks everything off the counters. He is very handsome and sleek and weighs 17 lbs of solid muscle. He is good buddies with our other cat, Bowie, who we also adopted from Kitty Kind 8 years ago. While they fight like crazy they also curl up together in my pajama drawer and on our bed each night. Bowie is an entirely new cat now that Marlon has joined our home…so much more extroverted and friendly. So essentially we got 2 new cats for the price of one. Every day Marlon grows more affectionate and sweeter and seems to be really happy in our home. We are very glad that we found him and that he is our wonderful furry friend. Special thanks to Miriam for letting us take him home despite her own love for him!

Best and Many Thanks,
Nikki Shomer and John Buchbinder

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Yoku “the cathlete” is “sweet and likes to cuddle…”

April 26, 2014
He is doing very well & seems to like living with me.  As suspected w/ his kooky personality he has gotten into some minor trouble like knocking down the Christmas tree, learning how to open cabinets to steal bag of treats & even chewed on/damaged a phone charger.  Due to these incidents I have just made some changes in my place to better accommodate him like buying actual childproof locks for anything he could open & get into trouble.  Set playtime is mandatory in my house so we play every morning & night.  Yoku is the most incredible jumper I have ever seen in a cat!  He loves to show off for guests so I have friends that just can’t get enough of Yoku playtime.  We started referring to Yoku as a “cathlete” because of his skills.  When he settles he is very sweet & likes to cuddle up right next to me or anyone visiting.

Overall despite keeping me on my toes Yoku has been a great addition to my place!  He is very well loved not only from me but my family & friends who just fell head over heels for him.  I hope he is as happy as he makes everyone else 😉



Chrystel: “She is the sweetest cat I ever had…”

April 26, 2014
We thank you for suggesting us Chrystel!  She is exactly what we looked for and what we needed. Thank you for reading our wishes so perfectly!   We love her a lot and she is very happy with us!  She is the sweetest cat I ever had, she gives us a lot of cuddles and we have a great time together.  She loves sleeping on the bed with us, sitting next to our bodies and feeling our body heat.  During sunny days, she loves sunbathing next to the window (see a picture below). In the evening she loves playing with a little mouse-toy and she runs so fast to catch it, she is so funny!!  We can send you also a video about that.  She really changed our spare-time which is now dedicated to her and we can’t wait to come back from work to stay with her!
Thank you so so so so much!!!!  Thank you also to you Dawn because we believe that Chrystel is so sweet and good because you raised her so well and with a lot of love! Thank you a bunch!

We are so proud and happy to show you some pictures of her best moments in her new life!

Thanks for your time and great help that you and other volunteers dedicate to these wonderful animals! We deeply appreciate that!


Lisa and Ferdinando

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Boots: “He is really special and so loving and smart!”

April 26, 2014


Things are going swell here!  The boys are getting more and more comfortable with each other and I do believe that they will all be friends down the road. I attached a few pics of Bootsy that I took today for you. I was going to try to get a pic of all the boys together but it was treat time and they have a one-track mind!  The first one shows Bootsy doing this cute thing where he holds his paw to me (always for food but also for attention sometimes). He is a total lap kitty and sometimes will put his paw on my hand if we are relaxing on the couch! He loves to sleep by(on) my head and he has the loudest purr. He is really special and so loving and smart!

I decided that it didn’t seem right to rename him. I tend to call him “Bootsy” but “Boots” has been his name for 8 years so I think that should stay his name.

Thanks for checking in with us. I will be forever grateful for all of your advice and attention during the rough patch in the beginning.

Take care,
Kimberly, Bootsy, Nehi and Sunkist