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Nico’s New Home, KittyKind

July 28, 2009


We adopted Oscar (now renamed Nico) from Kittykind a few weeks ago. When we first visited him, he sealed the deal right away by presenting his tummy to be petted. Since we brought him home, he’s continued to show us what an affectionate and playful boy he is. He’s also been working hard at winning over our other cat, and is making good progress. It’s hard to believe that such a sweet, friendly cat was ever a stray! We’re so grateful to everyone at Kittykind for bringing Nico into our lives.

Jack and Anna

P.S. In this photo, Nico is engaged in his favorite morning activity–sitting in the window, and meowing at the world going by.

Babis, the Perfect Lady, KittyKind

June 10, 2009


Cinnamon has a new name now.  We call her Babis.  (Like Babies, but Babis).  She is the perfect lady.  Nino and Babis are old friends now, and live happily together, playing, napping, and getting into twice as much trouble when they’re together.  She also gets along with Snappy the turtle and Smidgen the rat.  She was adjustable and flexible from the day I brought her home.  Babis knows exactly what she wants and when she wants it, but she also knows how to show her appreciation for her new home.  She is so thankful to be loved and home safe, and we are so happy to have her.  Thank you for taking her in and giving me the chance to bring her into my life.
Colleen (Babis and Nino)


KittyKind at West Village Street Fair

May 27, 2009

On Saturday May 16th, KittyKind participated in two West Village Street Fairs. The Christopher Street Block Association Annual Fair and the Bedford, Barrow Commerce Street “Ye Olde Village” street fair. By late afternoon the sun was shining. There were a lot of people out on the streets and KK raised money from all the generous donations from people walking by.

We sold donated items such as jewelry (thank you Bev and Miriam), a hand-made stuffed animal and apron from Colorado Comfort (thank you Janette’s mom), high quality design products for the home (thank you Nancy), make-up (thank you Kiri), an artist’s print (thank you Coralie) and a handful of other items.

Daisy Dog Studio donated water bowls for us to sell to raise money- THANK YOU.

Many volunteers came out to help. Nancy, Safia, Lori, Coralie, Jessica, Billie, Claire, Cathy, Miriam, Janette and Ann.

One added benefit/delight was all the people who came over (there were probably nearly a dozen) who said, “Oh, I adopted my cat(s) from Kitty Kind” — some as long as 10 years ago — and every one reported how happy they were.





Joey, Happy in His New Home

May 6, 2009


After a brief surveillance of his new quarters, Joey settled in like he’s lived here forever.  He’s a wonderful cat.  Very playful and affectionate, and incredibly well behaved.  He sleeps with me and is very interactive.  As you can see from the photo, he’s made himself at home.  He appears very happy and healthy.  He is really a sweetheart.



Mady (aka Ms Diane) Goes Home, KittyKind

March 10, 2009

max_and_madyMs. Diane is doing wonderfully! We changed her name to Mady and she acts like she’s been here since she was born! She eats well and sleeps a lot!

She gets along great with our dog, Max. For the most part they use each other as snuggle buddies, not a lot for playing buddies but they are adorable.

She’s healthy (as per our recent trip to the vet) and has been a wonderful addition to our household! She loves to cuddle and is always looking for a place to curl up next to us!

Shalini, Chetan, Max and Mady

Fandango- Cat of the Month

March 6, 2009


Meet Shimmer and Dale at KittyKind

January 30, 2009




For more information on Shimmer and Dale, please email Emily at


January 15, 2009


New York City is getting ready to kick off, I LOVE NYC PETS month this February 2009.

Read about last years month of love for our cities pets.

P.S KittyKind was mentioned 🙂

Stay Tuned for this year’s events!

Tamarind and Little Tiger Find a Home

December 29, 2008
Tamarind (Originally known as Scilla)

Tamarind (Originally known as Scilla)

Little Tiger

Little Tiger

On October 2, 2008, we adopted Little Tiger (10 months old) and Scilla (aka Tamarind, 6 months old) from Kitty Kind at Petco. We visited a couple of times before deciding to adopt Little Tiger, and possibly her cage mate Valentine….until Leisa met Scilla (aka Tamarind). Leisa was so excited after meeting Tamarind that we HAD to go back ASAP and adopt the two. While we were filling out the paperwork, several people saw Tamarind and REALLY wanted her. We are very thankful that we were the lucky ones and got Tamarind AND Little Tiger.

They didn’t like the taxi ride home all that much, and kept to themselves and their separate rooms for the first day, but ever since they are best friends; sleeping and playing together, as well as bathing each other more than any cats that either of us have owned.

Tiger immediately took to the window perch and loves to watch the outside world. She absolutely loves her fuzzy balls that I got her at Petco and now plays fetch with them. She will play fetch with us and use the balls alone for hours on end without tiring. She also loves to sit on clothes after they come out of the dryer and has been known to sleep on my towels, after pulling them down from the towel rack. Keeps me doing my laundry a little more frequently :p

Tamarind had a little mouse toy when we adopted her, and she really loved it. We have bought her more and she will play with them for hours! She is a very affectionate little kitty and has become quite the little lap cat, as well as computer cat; although her typing skills haven’t improved, no matter how much practice she gets ;p. She also likes to sleep with us, as demonstrated when she lies on TOP of Leisa and I when we sleep. I have never met a cat who likes water as much as she does either…although she has been a little more timid around water after falling into the shower.

We are very thankful for the rescuers and volunteers who made this all possible and whole-heartedly recommend Kitty Kind to everyone.


Todd and Leisa

Update on Jackson, KittyKind Cat Rescue

November 16, 2008

Update on Jackson, KittyKind Cat Rescue: Unbelievable transformation from cat to polecat

What is the difference between a black cat and a skunk? A white strip down the back! In fact, did you know that a skunk is also called a polecat?


If you are not convinced, take a look once again at Jackson, the orphaned black kitten KittyKind volunteer Susan saved from certain death. When we last saw Jackson, he was a completely black cat. In the past couple of weeks, however, he has been developing a white stripe down his back. He looks more like skunk than a cat.

Jackson’s veterinarian declared that he has never witnessed this kind of phenomenon before.

Skunk, cat, polecat, or whatever, Action Jackson, aka Pepé Le Pew, is wonderfully well.