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Volunteer of the Month-KittyKind

July 31, 2009


Congratulations to Nadine K., our August volunteer of the month! Nadine has showed wonderful devotion to the Friday AM shift and to her crew. Nadine has been with KittyKind since last August and started because she had some free time in her class schedule and wanted to help out because the love she has for cats.  She enjoys spending time with the wonderful volunteers who she says have taught her a lot. Nadine adds, “I enjoy volunteering so much, whenever I spend time with the cats at KittyKind, I feel relaxed and forget about anything that may be stressing me out at the time”.  Nadine has 2 tuxedo cats, a brother and a sister she adopted from Bidawee 2 years ago, they are her first cats and she says they are wonderful companions.

Thank you Nadine for your great devotion and all the hard work you do on the Friday AM shift, you are a great member of the crew well done!!!

This month’s nominations also included: Toni. and Safia H. for the wonderful work they’ve done on the Cat of the Month and Foster Care Favourite, Mariah B. for falling in love with every KittyKind cat and Kiki O. for being an endless joy to the Wednesday AM crew, thank you all.

Broadway Barks 7/11/09

July 25, 2009

On Saturday, July 11th, KittyKind participated in the annual Broadway Barks event hosted by Mary Tyler Moore and Bernadette Peters. Here are a few pictures form the event.

Christine Ebersole and KK Volunteer Josey

Christine Ebersole and KK Volunteer Josey

KittyKind Volunteers Katie and Josey with Hope Davis

KittyKind Volunteers Katie and Josey with Hope Davis

KK Volunteers Janette, Katie and Josey

KK Volunteers Janette, Katie and Josey

Smokey, Loving Cat in New Home

June 11, 2009


Things are going very well with Smokey.  Smokey is friendly, calm, and completely delightful.  The best part of this experience had been watching my partner (who had never been able to have a cat due to allergies) respond to her and basically “discover” his inner animal lover.  It feels great to take care of an animal that has had such a tough life and be rewarded with so much affection and enjoyment.  It’s just amazing to think that after so many bad experiences she just loves people and being around them.  We’re grateful to KittyKind for helping us find her and supporting us the whole way.  Thank you so much again for all your kindness and support.  Thank  you, everyone.

Whit & Dennis

Bud and Tad, Lovin Their New Home

May 26, 2009


Thanks to Miriam, Davy and all the volunteers that took care of Bud and Tad while they were at the shelter; I can tell they received loads of lovin.  I agree, they truly are sweet cats, and their individual personalities are extremely entertaining as we all undergo the transition of living together.  Both are spoiled rotten to the core and have made themselves at home stretching and lounging on the bed, or where ever else they choose to explore.  I’m glad I was able to rescue these two “kittykind” cats, and look forward to providing them a home for a long time to come.

Thank you,

Olivia, a Princess in a Big Castle

March 31, 2009


Olivia is the sweetest most adorable little thing ever, we love her, all my friends love her, she always has someone playing with her, talking to her, giving her attention and she just loves it. Of course by now, as I’m sure you have figured it out already, she took over the whole apartment, she’s a princess in a big castle, jumping from couch to couch, bed to bed, running up and down the corridor. She loves to talk and most definitely expects us to talk back, it’s really funny sometimes it seems we’re having long conversations with her after a long day at work.

She’s been a great addition to my family.


Anna Goes Home, A Happy Ending

March 18, 2009


Anna is just a love!  She is doing very well and seems extremely comfortable and relaxed in my home.  I have attached a few pictures for you…

Keep up the good work with Kitty Kind and thanks for everything.



Frost Finds a New Home and Friend

March 12, 2009


Frost is the biggest sweet heart.  Every day when we get home from work, Frost is running to greet us as soon as he hears the key in the lock.  When we sit on the couch to watch television, he just loves to cuddle up and join the party.  His years living on the streets seem to have left their mark.  Beyond the permanent scratches on his nose that attest to his previous life as a stray, the experience also left him with a street smart cool and a deep sense of appreciation for what he has now.  When he meets our neighbors’ cats, even while their cats are terrified and hissing, Frost stays calm and ignores them as he walks past to inspect the new environment.  Those housecats are nothing compared to what he’s been through in the past.  And after the hard times he’s lived through, he always seems so happy to be able to just sit with us and be loved, he’s not at all aloof like many cats.  Hilariously enough, the only thing that seems to really faze him is our rabbit Dao – I guess Frost never saw anything like that on the streets before!  They usually get along well, but Dao likes to go tearing around the apartment at high speeds, constantly on the verge of losing control while he slides on the hardwood floors with his paws wildly flailing and scrambling, and when Frost sees that coming his way he always turns tail and runs!

Mike and Mei

Valentine’s Day at KittyKind

February 17, 2009

This past Saturday, Valentine’s Day, KittyKind partnered with Petco to have pet portraits taken with Cupid. Thanks to Petco, Josey ( KK volunteer who dressed up as Cupid) and to the Mayors Alliance and Maddie’s Fund for sending over Maddie to help us spread the word about I Love NYC Pets Month.

KittyKind Volunteers Dorothy and Josey (aka Cupid)

KittyKind Volunteers Dorothy and Josey (aka Cupid). Photos by Ann Simkins

Petco Staff, Cupid and Maddie

Petco Staff, Cupid and Maddie


Joan and June Find Loving Home

December 18, 2008


Both mother, June and daughter, Joan are doing wonderfully well and are a welcome and playful addition to our home. Our beloved cat Maude, who we lost to cancer last month, would have been delighted by their playfulness and intelligence. They are special, playful and inquisitive as all kitties – yet very Zen like – we are very happy and they seem to be as well.

We are impressed by and grateful for Kitty Kind regarding the care of the little ones and the professionalism of the volunteers – and of course June & Joan.

Thank you –
Sincerely –
Misa & Kate


Luke- Cat Adoption Story NYC- KittyKind

October 17, 2008

The first night Luke arrived; we were warned that he might have a hard time adjusting. The carrier was opened and out popped Luke, right onto Eric’s lap. He immediately nestled in Eric’s neck and began to purr. Within hours, he was following around our older cat, Porkchop, doing everything she did. And trying to play with her by jumping on her. He’s starting to realize the pouncing method was not the best idea and has switched to chasing her. She seems amused and they are beginning to play together.
He also LOVES to be in the kitchen when we are cooking. We’ve given him the nickname “Chef” because it’s his favorite place in the house (see picture attached).
He greets us every morning with a beautiful meow and purring combo, meets us at the door when we get home from work and snuggles with us at night when he’s not busy trying to get Porkchop to play.
We are so thankful that we were able to bring him into our family – We are forever indebted to Kitty Kind for introducing him to us!
Thank you!
Eric and Natalie